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There is an exceptionally good market here with very low prices between Poh Saat Rd and Nivas Rd. The stalls open early and close late. They sell Muslim rotis and pancakes, Chinese rice dishes, and all the usual Thai dishes. Pad Thai goes for 20B and numerous tasty curries and vegetarian dishes start at 30B. Just point to whatever you want. There is a good selection of Chinese restaurants along Pracha Bamrung Rd, but hardly anyone speaks English.

For all your baked needs, swing by Royal Cake Bakery on Ramesuan Rd where the pastries are fresh, the coffee is local and the owners speak some English. For more tasty meals, try Khrua Cook Restaurant on Pracha Bamrung Rd, near the Phattalung Thai Hotel which is a good place to chill and enjoy a hearty Thai meal. The portions are gigantic so make sure to bring your appetite. The seafood is fresh and the fried pork with garlic is outstanding. For western food, Boom Restaurant, next to the train station has an English menu. Even though the prices are expensive, the food is delicious and the location is great.

For nightlife, the road south of and parallel to Pracha Bamrung Rd has several bars, some karaoke joints and others with Thai rock and country music. Lam Pan Beach, seven km to the east of town also is good at night.

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