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Surin Beach

There are some great places to eat in Surin and they're mostly clustered around the accommodation. It's easy to find both international cuisine served on the sea-side and a cheap Thai meal served under a tin roof.

The most scenic place to eat in Surin is, of course, on the gorgeous beach. There's a lot of small restaurants along the beach path that are nearly indistinguishable from each other in both appearance and menu -- try Nok Seafood. Prices are very reasonable (mains from 100B) and they serve all sorts of Thai and Western dishes day and night. You'll want to run back to your hotel if nature calls -- some have really grungy bathrooms.

The chichi new Catch Beach Club offers much more luxurious beach dining. At dinner, select from Phuket lobster, sea bass, blue crab, or sample everything at the Friday night bonfire barbecues. The lunch menu is priced from 150B for noodle soup all the way to 450B for tiger prawns.

The restaurants on the beach road cater to resort guests searching for a cheaper meal. Just south of the entrance to the Surin (previously the Chedi), Carmen Restaurant does tourist-friendly Thai and Italian food from 150B, but we prefer the wood-oven pizzas at the Pensione.

The Surin Bay Inn Restaurant has a kid's menu, hearty breakfasts, and popular Sunday roast dinners.

There are some great places for a drink in Surin, but it's not a budget activity. Responsible for the spectacular wine lists at many of Surin's resorts, enVision has a chic bar where you can sample their products by the glass or by the bottle. They also serve tapas In the evening, the terrazzo bar at the Catch Beach Club features a DJ or live musicians and the atmosphere is enchanting.

Carmen Restaurant 14/1 Moo 3, Surin Beach. T: (076) 325 713.
enVision 106/16 Moo 3, Surin Beach. T/F: (076) 279 790.
Nok Seafood Surin Beach. T: (084) 844 4954.

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