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Tam Dao is well known for its wild game. You can order deer, civet, squirrel, porcupine, forest bird, boar or grouse all over town. Be aware however that while the menu is common, the game is less so.

A good collection of restaurants offering local fare are located in front of the Trung Rang Hotel . Outside of the wild animal selection, another local dish is choko, which can be seen grown virtually everywhere.

Thus Trang Com Pho has good quality food with a selection of game and vegetable dishes. The fried rice here is cooked with sticky rice which is quite delightful and the grilled beef is succulent.

The hotel restaurant at Green World runs over two levels and reflects the size of the hotel. Lots of the same game meat is offered here as elsewhere at roughly the same prices. Wild boar will set you back 80,000-100,000D while squirrel hops on the plate for 70,000-100,000D.

There is also a selection of Vietnamese favourites at standard prices. Breakfast of stir fried noodles, chicken soup or rice gruel is also available. They stock a number of wines both local and international and plenty of rice wine to tip you off your chair.

Bamboo Restaurant is a large western-style restaurant that is part of the Mela Hotel. It over looks the Mela pool and the plains below. It has quite a good selection of European-style dishes. Soups, fish, prawns, pizza, and desserts are all on the menu. An extensive breakfast menu runs from 06:30-10:00 and a 100,000 -180,000 dong buffet or bbq is offered. A good option for a change of pace from bambi and friends.

If the karaoke doesn't get you, the discotheque at the aptly named Tam Dao Disco will. With an outdoor and indoor dancefloor, the discotheque offers some dancing from 19:30 till whenever they feel like closing. By day it looks fairly basic and a peek into the interior will give you a feeling of desperate kicks in a country town but by night this spot comes into its own, with a space to dance under the stars and a laser ball and spotlights thrown in.

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