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Moc Chau

Despite it's size, Moc Chau has a few eating options beyond just pho and com. Quang Thang, on the main road towards Hai Yen guesthouse, proved to be a good option. We skipped the hotpot and instead were tempted by some fried fish from the counter display and some freshly stir-fried pumpkin with garlic — served up with rice, soup and cucumber salad for just 40,000.

It's next to what's apparently the only bia hoi joint in town so gets another tick in the box for that. Try the market, opposite the Huong Sen Hotel, for a reasonable morning bun cha and down towards the bus station there's a bakery with a tempting display of cakes and fresh bread.

Quang Thang: Highway 6, Moc Chau. T: (022) 386 7341. Hours: 07:00 to 23:00.
Hong Nhung Bakery: Tieu Khu 4 (Highway 6), Moc Chau. T: (022) 386 8235, (0912) 235 567

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