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Con Dao's range of places to eat and drink is limited. ATC has a large bamboo style restaurant, with a threadbare menu. The open air restaurant at Saigon Con Dao Resort is the liveliest place to go in the evening due to the Vietnamese tourists, who gather to drink and sing folk songs. The enclosed restaurant at Con Dao Resort has shiny white floor tiles, limited decor and very little atmosphere, although the opportunity to eat outside on the patio may swing it. In all three restaurants ordering seafood is a guaranteed hit as everything is fresh -- and most likely far fresher than the meat that may be on offer. These eateries are not shy with their portions either: you'll be served enough rice and vegetables to last the week. There are also a smattering of local Vietnamese coffee shops which serve a very basic and cheap lunch -- you'll find them grouped on the main roads of Nugyen Hue and Tran Phu.

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