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Dai Lanh

There's the usual supply of cheap local food in Dai Lanh, but despite the availability of fresh sea food, no great seafood restaurants. Dai Lanh Tourist is the ringmaster of tourism in town, but their restaurant, Co Ma (named after the beach it sits on) is over-priced and mediocre. It does, however, offer beach-side dining in a beautiful spot next to a 'fairy stream' that makes it worth considering. Other than that, we recommend checking out Con Minh Restaurant, to the north of town along the main road, which is a popular place in the evenings for its seafood hotpots: muc (squid), ca (fish), and tom (shrimp). An interesting spot for a beverage is Du Bi Cafe, on the hill to the north as you're leaving town. There are sort of views of the bay in seating among the trees, but the effect is lessened a bit by the chain-link fence preventing patrons from tumbling down the hillside.

Co Ma Restaurant: Highway 1A, Dai Lanh. T: (058) 842 127, F: (058) 842 101. Open daily: 06:00 to 20:00.
Com Minh Restaurant: Highway 1A, Dai Lanh. T: (058) 842 119. Open daily: 06:00 to 22:00.
Du Bi Cafe: Highway 1A, Dai Lanh. T: (058) 842 303

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