Clubbing on Street 51 in Phnom Penh

What we say: 3.5 stars

When you’re ready for a big night out in Phnom Penh, where should you go?

Phnom Penh has no end of nightlife and clubbing opportunities, so if you’re heading this way, be sure to pack a pair of dancing shoes. The area around Street 51 (Rue Pasteur) is the most happening spot in town, with many of the bars and clubs centered in the area.

The bar at Pontoon is always bumpin'.


The most popular club on Street 51 since they opened in January, Pontoon keeps the music pumping until 5am with a mix of local and international DJs, with big name DJs occasionally making an appearance. At $3, the drinks are cheap and effective, and they’re open seven nights a week.

80 St 172 near St 51, Phnom Penh.
T: (010) 030 0400; (016) 779 966.

Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness is the club in town that everyone’s heard about, possibly because of the excellent name, taken from a Joseph Conrad novel. Popular with sex workers, backpackers and the men who want to chat up either of the former, Heart of Darkness boasts two floors of nightclubbing and head-splitting remixes of Top 40 tunes.

DJ Club: For when you feel like slow-dancing at a nightclub.

DJ Club

DJ Club is a Khmer club a block off of Street 51 that is always crowded with freshie boys in skinny jeans. Plays pop, hip hop and Top 40 and the drinks are reasonably priced, so if you want to check out a bit of Khmer young adult culture and see teenage boys dancing with each other while the girls ignore them, head into DJ club.

Corner of St 174 and St 63, Phnom Penh
T: (012) 586 884

Do It All

During the week Do It All is a West African restaurant and mostly-empty nightclub, but on Friday nights the place is packed with African expats who love to dance. Easily one of the most spirited dance floors in town on a Friday between midnight and two.

61 Street 174, Phnom Penh
T: (023) 220 904

Saint Tropez

Popular with the Khmer elite and expats, Saint Tropez prides itself on keeping out the riff raff. I haven’t written about Saint Tropez before, because their door policies once left my friend outside because of his skin color. If you can get past that (and I can’t), they’re known for being “classier” which translates into more expensive drinks and fewer backpackers.

31 Street 174, Phnom Penh
T: (097) 900 0401

(If clubbing’s not your thing, we’ve covered Phnom Penh’s rock bars, gay-friendly bars and ladies’ nights already.)

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