Pizza in Phnom Penh

What we say: 3.5 stars

If you’ve had your fill of Khmer food (and Japanese and Vietnamese) maybe it’s time to grab a pizza. As luck would have it, Phnom Penh has quite a few decent pies on offer.

Muoy pizza, pram bucks at Pizza Five.

When I first travelled around Asia, I’ll admit that I vowed to not be one of those backpackers that can always be found hiding in Western restaurants avoiding local food. But now that I’ve called Phnom Penh home for more than a while, I’m finally coming to terms with a universal truth — in order to survive, one requires pizza occasionally.

Recently I took part in a pizza delivery challenge conducted by Phnom Penh food blog Nyam Penh. “With such a large expatriate community, it’s not surprising that there are tons of choices for pizza,” Nyam Penh blogger Vinh Dao told me. “Overall, pizza is great in Phnom Penh. They certainly know how to bake.”

Here are a few of my favourites from the tasting, as well as another that I’ve discovered recently.

Pizza Five

Pizza Five is my new favourite pizza joint in Phnom Penh, boasting 23 different pizza combinations including traditional pies like margarita and neapolitana as well as Khmer-inspired toppings such as the amok chicken pie and the Kampuchea, a pizza featuring zucchini and minced pork. All pies are 30cm and cost $5, which includes free delivery in under 25 minutes. If you’d like to eat there, they have a convenient near-riverside location.
81 Street 130, Phnom Penh
T: (089) 895 555; (067) 890 005

Luna D’ Autumno

I’ll admit to being less than impressed by Luna’s pasta offerings the one time I ate there, but their pizza was the popular favourite with the group of 12 Nyam Penh tasters who liked the thin crust and ample cheese. 30cm pizzas cost $8 and our sample delivery took a lean 22 minutes. If you’re looking to eat at the restaurant, Luna D’ Autumno offers posh indoor and lovely outdoor seating.
6c Street 29, Phnom Penh
T: (023) 220 895

The Deli

This was one of my top picks for pizzas in Phnom Penh, although I was much maligned by my fellow tasters who didn’t agree with me. Luckily I’m the one who writes this column, so their opinions don’t matter. I thought the Deli pizza had one of the strongest tomato sauces of the bunch, and I liked their thin, chewy crust and fresh basil topping. A 30cm pizza costs $7.50 and delivery takes around 30 minutes.
13 Street 178, Phnom Penh
T: (023) 222 234

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