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What we say: 3.5 stars

Utopia has staked out the choice corner where Serendipity Beach Rd meets Mithona/Ochheuteal St. Their terrific location and drink specials have helped them build a loyal following. The bar, a dark-but-not-too-dark venue, starts pumping drum and bass and electro by 21:00 and doesn't stop until the wee hours. Utopia is a popular hangout for backpackers, sex tourists and prostitutes; the former seem to hang out until midnight and then head to JJ's, while the latter are the bulk of Utopia's late night business. They've just opened an enclosed nightclub on the premises, which may change the atmosphere by keeping the main area slightly less hectic and bringing the volume-obsessed DJs inside.

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Serendipity Beach Rd
T: (034) 934 319

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