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What we say: 3.5 stars

Silk Garden is a quietly seductive outdoor bar with a relaxed vibe. The owner/DJ does gigs here as do other bands, and these are always nights to watch out for.

The bar only opens in the evenings, and has a bit of a smooth vibe. It's really pleasant early on when it's quiet and you can take a glass of wine or flavoured rum and a breather from the crowd and the heat.

It really kicks off though on nights when there is live music and a festive air reigns.

There is a covered terrace above the bar which is a good hang-out if you're just looking to chill-out. In a nod to its French origins, buckwheat crepes are a speciality.

Contact details
The Lane
T: (092) 964 790
Open: Open daily 17:00-late

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