Green Ginger Noodle House

Oodles of atmosphere

What we say: 3.5 stars

Quite a few little cafes are starting to pop up in the Canggu area around the expat-popular Canggu Club, but all-vegetarian Green Ginger Noodle House, which has been open for quite a while now and is cute beyond cute, is worth seeking out for something a bit different if you’re staying in the area (somewhere like Desa Seni, for instance).

Eat and pick up design tips too.

Eat... and go on, pick up design tips too.

A celebration of fresh produce and vegetarian goodness (many dishes are also vegan or can be made vegan), the menu here is short and sweet but likely to delight with its imagination.

Come for breakfast and tuck into strawberry and banana pancakes with ice cream and honey (30,000 rupiah, but it will also cost you the lie of telling your kids they shouldn’t have treat foods for breakfast) or try a Thai-style omelette with oyster mushrooms, corn, coriander and mung beans (35,000 rupiah, no fibs busted) for something a bit different.

Yum cha!

Yum cha on Saturday, fancy lamps every day.

The lunch and dinner menu is Asian-focused and as it says on the label, noodle heavy, though a good starter is the ginger shiitake tofu wontons or spinach shallot dumplings with dipping sauces (30,000 rupiah — we had both). Follow that up with, for instance, a laksa (baby corn, bok choy and tofu in spicy coconut milk with lime, boiled egg, peanuts, cucumber and chilli, 40,000 rupiah) or Singapore noodles (stir-fried flat rice noodles, tofu and veggies with veggie oyster sauce and sweet soy 40,000 rupiah).

A range of salads are on offer if you’re after something lighter — next time we’re trying their take on Thai tofu larb with lime, shallots, chillies and lemongrass in lettuce cups with mint and toasted ground rice.

We haven’t had a dessert here yet, and again the offerings are limited, but delectable sounding — cardamom coffee cake or cranberry/white chocolate muffins, anyone? Like you’d say no.



Three cheers too for a simple kids’ menu: fried rice with egg, spring onion and a dash of soy, ramen noodles with corn carrot, greens, and sweet soy dressing (30,000 rupiah for each) or for your annoying fussy eater, white bread jam and butter sammies (25,000 rupiah).

Watch the world go by.

Watch the world go by.

Though the food offerings are yummo, this is the sort of spot to take a book and while away an afternoon, or to meet friends for a catch up over a drink — nobody’s going to be elbowing you out of this sleepy but stylish little joint.

Get your fresh juice done as a frappe (20,000 rupiah), or for what sounds like more of a meal, tuck into a papaya, oat and coconut smoothie (25,000 rupiah). We can vouch for the coffee — espresso arrangements from 25,000 rupiah, or go for a pot of chai — slow brewed milk with cinnamon, clove, ginger and cardamom (25,000 rupiah).

It's the little things (this is a tile detail).

It's the little things (this is a tile detail).

There’s no service charge and no tax on the menu prices. Saturdays are yum cha days, but we’ve yet to try this, while Indonesian classes are offered but details were sketchy on our last visit, so pop in to see what’s happening while you’re on holiday if you’re keen. A limited range of homewares and clothes are for sale as well — you’ll be inspired by the way this place has been put together, a sort of festival of Bali meets shabby chic. The kids have a little bit of space to run around and the staff are friendly.

Not a bad brunch-y spread.

Not a bad brunch-y spread.

This isn’t the spot for a fancy meal or breathtaking views (try Om for the latter), but if you’re in the mood for some healthy vegetarian food, relaxed style and friendly service — particularly with kids in tow — Green Ginger Noodle House fits the bill.

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Jalan Pantai Brawa 46
T: (0361) 844 6640
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