Seaweed Lounge (next to Beach club)

Soon to be famous

Photo of Seaweed Lounge (next to Beach club)

What we say: 3.5 stars

Crammed into the eastern corner of Sunset Bay right beside Beach Club this new spot (as of July 2011) does mostly Western meals and snacks.

While the menu claims that they're "Soon to be famous", we wouldn't be holding our breath on a quick resolution on that particular claim, though the prices are right and the food is pretty decent for beachside snacks. Offers a free pick up (and delivery) service, which is well worth availing yourself of.

With a boat for a bar in the middle of the restaurant and a few hammocks strung around, this is a good spot to park yourself for a few quiet hours.

Contact details
Next door to Beach Club, Sandy Bay
T: (0828) 9700 6027

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