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What we say: 4.5 stars

Come once the sun sets, dig your feet in the sand, and enjoy a very special meal prepared by an imported French chef.

The staff here can be a bit snooty (try using the free WiFi they tout if you're only eating here) but come of an evening, and the food is outstanding (and the staff then instead seem a little nervous).

We had a scrumptious Marseille-Lembongan cocktail, Hokkaido scallops with gnocchi and parmesan crisps, then chocolate fondant with ice cream. It was pricey, but out of this world. And the French chef came and said a genuinely warm hello, too. Views over the traditional boats lit by spotlight are just as lovely at night as day.

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Jungut Batu Beach 56
T: (0819) 36 043 335

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