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Pricey but great views

What we say: 3 stars

I’ll be honest: I’m a sucker for expensive cocktails, even when I know cheaper places are nearby. So on Nusa Lembongan, after a visit to the spa at Batu Karang, I couldn’t go past a stop at The Deck, its attached gleaming panini and cocktail place. Located right next to the path running along the headland of Jungkut Batu, it makes for a good spot of people-watching.

Breezy Bondi? No, it's lovely Lembongan!

It’s also, however, a fine location for a bit of volcano-spotting. Well, just one. But you only need one, don’t you?

Sunset view

Only one thing could really improve this view ...

The Deck is funky, modern (read: all-terrain rattan furniture-equipped) and perched on, well, a deck with fantastic views over Nusa Lembongan’s seaweed farms and Gunung Agung in the distance.

I ordered the special, a Bloody Lembongan, which was pretty much a Bloody Mary. While it went down smoothly, it was garnished with sadly wilting cucumber and browning lemongrass — though a determinedly bright-looking red chilli was a highlight. I asked what kind of panini they had — panini being, after all, something listed on their blackboard and the menu, with directions to ask your waiter what they had for the day.

“Oh you need to go upstairs for panini, they do lunch there,” the waiter said, referring to the hotel up the steps, even though it was just about sunset. Oh. I asked what the “Fat Boys” on the menu were. Sweet potato chips, with sour cream and sweet chilli, she said. I ordered, of course.

Oh, any WiFi? “Yes, but you have to pay, and you’ll have to go upstairs to reception to ask about it.” Hmm, I think that’s where I would have just preferred a simple no, so I settled in to wait for the extra inch on my hips. I still had this to entertain me:

... Oh look! Here it is!

... Oh look! Here it is!

Other people ordering drinks around me got a little bowl of Balinese krupuk or crisps; I didn’t. My drink level plunged to almost empty before the Fat Boys turned up — with unfortunately slightly curdled mayonnaise and tomato sauce. I asked for the sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. It was brought, and I asked about the fries, which I had since discovered were just plain old potato fries. Apparently they were the Fat Boys, though now offered with apology.

They were fine; they just weren’t what I ordered, and came a little late.

So I have mixed feelings about this spot. All in all, it makes a very scenic stop for a drink, but a better time to come might be lunch when the staff are probably more on the ball and not crossing over shifts, which may have been the case for me — though of course, then it’ll be stinking hot. You’ll pay for the privilege of a view you can enjoy elsewhere on Nusa Lembongan, too, but if you’re after a taste of Bondi in Sydney rather than Jungkut Batu on Nusa Lembongan, this is for you.

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Outside Batu Karang, Jungut Batu headland
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