A good place to eat on Nusa Lembongan: Warung Bambu

Eastern tip by the mangroves

What we say: 3.5 stars

The silence is deafening, up here on the north of Nusa Lembongan. Further around to the east, where the surf thunders on the offshore reef, the constant hum could be drowning out anything. But here it’s just the occasional motorbike zipping past, the crunch of a seaweed farmer’s feet on the sand as she walks out to check on her harvest; the cries of children flying a kite. It’s a world away from Bali in the distance.

Not a bad outlook.

Not a bad outlook.

If that’s not reason enough to jump on a motorbike and head to this stretch of the island for a wander, the view of sacred Mount Agung in the distance should snag it.

But if you’re still not convinced, this is the spot to savour a delicious and affordable barbecue.

Look up from the fire, and there's the mountain.

Look up from the fire, and there's the mountain.

The menu at new, pristine Warung Bambu perched right on the beach is short and sweet: soft drinks or juices, beer or water, grilled fish or fish soup, fried rice or fried noodles. We ordered tuna sate and a barbecued tuna, had a few drinks, rice, sambal and vegetable salad for two adults and two kids. It took a little while, but we scoured the beach for shells and flotsam jetsam while we waited.

What showed up eventually was a scrumptious feast for the princely sum of 150,000 rupiah.

Enjoyed with this view:

Agung and seaweed farmer.

Agung and seaweed farmer.

Hire a motorbike for 50,000 rupiah from your guesthouse and head north from Jungut Batu (ignore the “cooperative” that wants to charge a somewhat outrageous 150,000 rupiah to hire a bike for a few hours). You can’t miss it — there’s a couple of warungs, but we liked the look of Warung Bambu and the family running it is friendly. The kids also loved the giant pig and piglets scoffing their own meal across the road. Recommended.

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