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What we say: 4 stars

Bali is famous for its glitzy bars with menus awash in martinis and umbrella-festooned drinks, but one of our favourite local spots is Pantai Indah Seafood (we just call it “the shack”). It’s little more than a few planks of wood and long roughly-hewn tables right on the sands of Sanur Beach.

The menu is bereft of martinis, though they could probably rustle up a gin and tonic if you asked nicely. The wine is, well, best avoided, but the Bintang (no other brands) are gloriously frosty, cheap and served with a smile.

Kite flying in front of

Kite flying in front of "the shack"

Food is cheap and cheerful, to usual Balinese standards (pretty much any meat you want with bumbu bali). The few token nods to foreign food include fish and chips, which keeps the kids happy but isn’t any kind of culinary revelation.

This is a relaxing spot to go for a couple of quiet drinks with some beach music (they do play Bob Marley a lot, but you’re welcome to bring your own CDs and they’ll plonk them on for you). It’s an ideal spot to bring kids, especially on a waning tide as the beach yawns far and wide, so they can go mad and stay within eyeshot — the water is also shallow and calm as the offshore reef keeps the waves away, and when the wind is up, it’s good for kite flying.

Get to Pantai Indah by walking along the beach promenade to the north of the Bali Hyatt, or from Jalan Danau Tamblingan, cross the road near Spike’s Cafe and go through the big bamboo gates and walk (or drive) through the banana plantation to the beach (watch out for the cows). Or take the laneway that runs to the Parigata Hotel and keep going till you reach the beach, then turn right.

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