Naughty Nuri's

Ribs and martinis in a shack

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What we say: 4.5 stars

The rollicking Naughty Nuri's has been serving ribs and deadly martinis for years in a shack on the way out of town.

It's famous for its casual atmosphere, the communal seating, the tasty ribs which are barbequed out the front and the wickedly intoxicating martinis and cosmopolitans.

A shirt that can be purchased bears the slogan One, two, three, floor, but most people won't make it past two without speech being impaired and vision blurred.

It's all part of the fun at Naughty Nuri's where it's fine to eat the ribs with your fingers, talk rubbish with some friends and get smashed on martinis.

Contact details
Jalan Raya Sanggingan
T: (0361) 977 547

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