Warung Bangkalan Ende

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What we say: 3.5 stars

This pleasant and airy lunch spot serves up excellent chicken and goat (better than it sounds) sate, drenched in a rich, dark peanut sauce.

Flores locals enjoy eating goat -- a reality you may have guessed at by the profusion of the beasts browsing on seemingly every patch of available land in Ende. You can also try a tasty coconut milk and goat meat soup here, as well as the usual soto ayam, nasi goreng and nasi campur, plus fried fish.

Vegetarians and those not interested in sampling the cute beasties can try spicy fried tempeh cubes and stir-fried mixed vegetables. There's chilled iced tea in glass bottles in the fridge. They're only open early mornings and for lunch, but there's another venue in the east of town that serves the same menu items.

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Jl Ahmad Yani, Ende
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