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What we say: 4 stars

There are only a few places in Bandung that feel like a Western cafe, and Hummingbird is one of them.

The interior design of the cafe is eye-catching featuring an abundance of wood, huge paintings of hummingbirds on each of the walls and perfect lighting to give a warm feel. Mixed in with the paintings of birds are cute walls featuring assorted knick-knacks which add to the overall “designer” feel of the establishment -- definitely overseen by someone with an eye for detail.

Turning to food, the menu consists of pasta, crepes and an assortment of tapas among other things such as drinks in glasses the size of your forearm.

Hummingbird does a really good job of this Western food and is worth a visit if you're not into eating at warungs or local food courts.

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Jalan Progo, Bandung

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