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Lovely Lao cultural experience

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What we say: 4 stars

Their theatre, rather than having seats, is set up with tables and cushions on the floor. The $13 price tag includes a Lao dinner with an ample selection of traditional dishes and a performance showcasing dances and songs from various regions of Laos, and scenes from the Ramayana. A delightful old Lao man completes the show with some impressive bird calls.

The whole show lasts a bit over an hour. The performance/dinner usually starts at 19:00, but check and book ahead.

Contact details
Chao Anou Rd, before Rue Hengboun
T: (020) 2246 2461
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Born in Aarhus Denmark, Ivana got her first passport at 6 months old and moved to Southeast Asia in 2009 to work as an English teacher and find new cultural windows in which to peep.
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