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Specialising in food from Tamil Nadu

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What we say: 3.5 stars

One of two similar (and similarly named) Indian joints which specialise in food from the Chettinad area of Tamil Nadu state.

Chettinad cuisine tends to be relatively meaty and fishy, but Vishalatchi does have vegetarain options too. It's a convenient place to get a filling banana leaf curry meal (rice with a selection of vegetable dishes served on banana leaf), close to the most important Hindu temple in Brickfields, Sri Kandaswamy Kovil.

Vishalatchi's most unusual feature is its seating, where diners eat side by side in long rows. Apart from that, it's nearby rival, Vishal offers much the same food and pricing.

Both of these places are about a ten minute walk from Tun Sambanthan Monorail.

You'll find Vishal Food and Catering a few doors down at 22 Jalan Scott. T: (03) 2274 0995

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18 Jalan Scott, off Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields
T: (03) 2274 4755

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