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What we say: 3.5 stars

Familiar with Cantonese cuisine? It’s more than just dim sum, with roast duck being an institution all of its own. In London, the Four Seasons’ roast duck restaurant has become famous, particularly in Cantonese circles, for being the best outside of Hong Kong. Now two siblings who worked for eight years in the London Bayswater establishment along with other ex-London based relatives have opened an outlet in Kuala Lumpur at Bangsar. Although it falls short of its sifu, it does offer one of the best Cantonese-style roast duck rice dishes in the city.

What's all the quack about?

Located in Bangsar Village 1, the Village Roast Duck is simple, clean and delivers what it promises. The signature dish — roast duck of course — comes either on or off the bone, with the meat tender, moist and at a texture that few other restaurants manage to achieve. The sweet and tangy sauce complements the meat and is accompanied by a bed of napa cabbage, and a serving of rice. Try dipping your forkful (just a little!) in the chilli oil for a spicy touch.

A wide variety of other dishes are also served, including clay pots and deep-fried soft shell crab, and these too are worth a try. The claypot eggplant with ham yu (salted fish) makes a great accompaniment to any Cantonese rice dish and the steamed pork with ginger, scallions and egg is another specialty you won’t want to miss. If you want to try duck in another style, go for the crispy aromatic duck. The well-marinated meat is placed in accompanying pancakes with hoisin sauce and cucumber slices for a meaty roll.

More duck.

Village Roast Duck is a small eatery, and during peak hours you may need to wait for a table. Even at its busiest though, you can expect prompt service. Soup is almost immediately at your table once your order has been taken, followed by drinks so you never feel like you’re waiting on an empty stomach for long.

Even though many of the restaurants in Bangsar tend to charge higher prices than other locations, dining at Village Roast Duck is affordable at around 15 to 20 ringgit a meal, which includes a refillable soup bowl. Even if you’re staying in the city, it shouldn’t take much effort to get here as it’s a short 15 minutes away by cab and duck coinnoisseurs will be glad they made the journey. If you do have a craving for duck but would rather not go the distance, Chen Chen Hong Kong Roast Goose and Duck in Pudu on Jalan Seladang is an alternative worth testing out in KL.

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Lot F8, 1st floor Bangsar Village Shopping Centre 1 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
T: (03) 2287 4128
Open: Daily 11:00-22:00
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