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What we say: 4 stars

One of the oldest eateries on what's believed to be Bangkok's oldest road, Muslim Restaurant skips the trendy design and catchy name and focuses solely on its outstanding blend of South Indian-Thai Halal food.

Rice, fried roti and stuffed mataba breads are served up with mango lassis and chilli-cucumber salad to balance the richness of slow-cooked chicken curry, garlic fried mutton, hard-boiled egg curry, mutton liver masala and hearty massaman curry, all served slopped onto stainless steel platters. Indian food lovers will feel at home here but it's truly a mix of Thai, Malay and Indian flavours that any self-respecting food lover will go out of their way to experience. With its faded blue walls and shiny steel tables, this is a great spot for a quick, cheap and delicious lunch (dishes run from 30 to 130 baht).

The restaurant is located a short walk north from Saphan Taksin BTS station, just past Soi 42 on the left-hand side of Charoen Krung Road if heading north. Look for the glass case displaying some of the colourful choices and the green sign with Thai and Arabic script.

Contact details
1354-56 New Road (Soi 42), Charoen Krung, Bangkok
T: (022) 341 876
Open: Daily 06:00-17:00, except during Ramadan

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