Khao Na Ped Ba Mee Roast Duck

Bangkok's best roast duck?

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What we say: 4 stars

Tucked in a nondescript corner of Larai Sap Market off Silom Road, this no-frills local joint serves up some of the best roast duck in town.

The menu is small -- choose between roast duck with egg noodles (ba mee ped) in broth (nam) or dry (heng) or roast duck with rice (khao na ped), both of which cost 40 baht or 45 for extra large (phisaet).

You can't go wrong with the latter, which features divine hunks of roast duck with crackling skin atop a mound of Chinese white rice and pickled ginger on the side, but we're partial to the soup thanks to its perfectly balanced mild broth and homemade egg noodles that melt in the mouth.

To get here, take exit #4 out of Chong Nonsi BTS station, walk straight at the end of the stairs then hang a right down the side street just before Top Charoen Optical. Walk a few more paces and you'll enter Larai Sap Market, after which you'll need to go left down the first tiny sub-alley on the left. The restaurant is at the end of that alley on the right, just past a few noodle shops. There's no English sign, but the whole roasted ducks hanging in a glass display are just as good.

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Larai Sap Market off Silom Road
Open: 08:00 to around 14:00
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