Streetfood: Yaowarat Rd

An Asian food lover's dream

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What we say: 4 stars

Yaowarat: dumplings piled high, sides of roasted pork, roasted ducks, boiled chickens, frying trays of filled pastries, roasting chestnuts, Chinese-style seafood restaurants, dim sum and more line this street.

The street side seafood restaurants set up in the late afternoon, and by the time the sun goes down people are wandering up and down getting ready to choose their favourites.

Don't be shy to grab a table -- many places speak a little bit of English, but everyone is happy to pantomime. Rad na noodles (noodles in a thickened pork sauce) are especially good in this area, as is fish and Chinese-style noodles with roasted pork.

Come for one dinner; be prepared to eat three.

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Yaowarat Rd
Open: Open 24 hours, daily, but best for street eating in the evenings after sunset

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