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If you want something a little more authentic than the watered down and overpriced Westernised Thai food sold by so many Khao San eateries -- head here.

Wander to Khao San's western end, take a right on Chakrabongse Road and walk past the T-shirt and trinket vendors that line the footpath near Soi Rambutri. After about 200 metres you'll come upon a host of footpath vendors who hawk cheap Thai street food everyday from early morning until late afternoon. The vendors here offer real deal Thai foods like spicy southern Thai curries, including gaeng som for take-away, stinky salted mackerel (bla tuu) from steaming cauldrons, tart northeastern Thai style sausages (sai krog), coconut sticky rice with banana or taro wrapped in banana husks (khao niew bing) and a classic Thai hors d'ouvre known as mieng kam, which takes peanut, ginger, chilli, red onion, dried shrimp, dried coconut meat and sweet shrimp paste and wraps it all up burrito style in wild pepper leaves.

Everything here costs around 10 to 50 baht so it's a fun place to try a range of different foods, even if you have no idea what you're eating.

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