Tawandang German Brewery

A brewery only as Thailand could imagine it

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What we say: 4 stars

Tawandang is a brewery only as Thailand could imagine it.

Bit copper pots? Check. Towers of beer? Check. Beer drinking contests on stage? You know it. Thai pop acts? At jet-engine volume. It's actually really fun.

The beer is pretty good too- if you've just arrived in Asia you probably aren't tired of watery SE Asian brews, but Tawandang does a great job pumping out some lager, hefeweizen, and Munich-style beers.

The food at Tawandang is good as well, chosen to go along with massive amounts of beer. Just imagine a German beer hall, taken over by the fun loving Thais.

Get a bit sloppy, and everyone is going to want to be your friend. Three-litre towers of beer, 650 - 750 baht. Plates of food 100 - 250 baht.

Contact details
462/61 Rama 3 Rd
T: (02) 678 1114 ‎

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