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Typically, the purpose of a rooftop bar is to experience the cool breeze of the heady heights of the 66th (or another ridiculously high) floor and enjoy incredible cityscapes. Bangkok’s Nest, the rooftop lounge at Le Fenix Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11, doesn’t really offer much fresh breeze, nor views. Okay, so there is definitely a cool breeze, but it more likely comes from the dozens and dozens of fans scattered around the bar than it does the great height of the bar. In fact, Nest is only on the eighth floor, so views are limited too.

Hole yourself up in this comfortable high rise bar.

Despite its failings in rooftop basics, Nest is a really lovely bar if you’re feeling wealthy and extravagant. The fact is Soi 11 is packed with great bars from the budget through to the fancy — say here or here — and almost all are more reasonably priced than Nest.

But, if you are unperturbed by the 300 baht price tags — plus tax — the cocktails are undeniably delicious, except we shall warn you, the classic mojito, which is far too sweet. Our favourite is the Coromandel Sour, a mix of New Zealand feijoa vodka, paraiso lychee liqueur, sour mix and fresh basil, but there’s a huge menu to choose from, which the bar staff muddle together quickly (after all, what’s more annoying than waiting 10 minutes for your drink?) and expertly.

Mojitos are heavy on the syrup.

As you’d expect from a rooftop bar, the atmosphere is relaxed and the decor contemporary. If you want to enjoy it to the fullest, get there early to bag one of the enormous wicker day beds, where you and your friends can booze in comfort without the stress and strain of staying upright in a bar stool. If you don’t make it early enough, and you really can’t bear those stools, you can also sit on sofas or plain old chairs. Be warned (again): you will resent the people in the day beds if you’re stuck with a chair.

As well as having to pay through the nose for a drink there, Nest is well known by its clientele for its live music and DJs. It holds regular Barrio Latino nights, where Latin beats are blared out and the crowd gets up and dances. The night tends to draw some of the city’s most proficient Latino dancers, so if you have two left feet and are easily embarrassed, it may be better to sit this one out. Especially because, at prices like this, you can almost guarantee you’ll stay sober and inhibited all night.

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Rooftop, LeFenix Hotel, 33/33 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok
T: (02) 305 4000
Open: Daily 17:00-02:00
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