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What we say: 3.5 stars

Bon Chon has a history of making a splash when this Korean fried chicken restaurant first opens in a new city — but how would it fare in Bangkok, a city with a pretty amazing fried chicken tradition of its own?

Whether its roaring popularity has to do with young Thai's fascination with all things Korean or if it really is the crispy, juicy fried chicken remains to be seen, but either way, it's successful. And delicious.

The restaurant is a stylish glass booth on the second floor of a shopping complex about 100 metres down Thong Lor Soi 13 — prepared to wait half an hour or so if you come Fri or Sat night.

Pick your set size (150/230/380 baht), your flavor (soy garlic or hot), and your sides (rice/sticky rice/kimchi/coleslaw) and get down to eating.

Other dishes like dumplings, salmon steaks, or rice bowls available, but really, the chicken is the main event. Extra sides 40 baht, other entrees from 120-320 baht.

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2nd Fl Seenspace 13, Thong Lor Soi 13, Thong Lor (Sukhumvit Soi 55)
T: (02) 185.2361
Open: 11:00 - 23:00, until 0:00 Fri and Sat

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