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What we say: 4 stars

Sky Train Jazz is our favourite bar in the vibrant, young and non-touristy Victory Monument area.

Despite the name, it's not a live music venue (nearby Saxophone is the place to go for that), and more often than not the music being played over the bar's sound-system isn't even jazz. This is a quirky, if not gritty hangout spot that feels more like a university student's dishevelled digs than a nightclub. To get inside, you'll enter a grimy little passage before climbing a calf-punishing few flights of heavily graffiti-ed stairs before stumbling into what feels like a living room. Random books and CDs are scattered on the floor, the furniture is mismatched and the place looks like it needs a good tidy.

Although the indoor space has an odd charm to it, an outdoor garden terrace that looks straight onto Victory Monument sky train station is a lot more inviting. Expect to mix it up with the area's young Thai hipster crowd decked out in their unmistakable cool kid uniforms.

Grab a beer or cocktail (in the 100 baht neighourbhood), or get it done Thai style with a cheap bottle of Sangsom rum or 100 Pipers scotch, a bucket of ice and bottles of soda as a mixer. Some excellent snacks are also available from an all-Thai menu with pictures for helping you choose.

It can be tough to get a table on weekends.

Contact details
Soi Rangnam (near Victory Monument), Bangkok
T: (089) 895 4299
Open: Daily 17:00-01:00

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