Organic Vegetable

Otherwise known as O-Veg

What we say: 4 stars

Organic Vegetables may not boast luscious gardens, or a lake, or an exquisite wine menu, but you will find some of the tastiest, most reliable street food Chiang Mai has to offer. And while it will satisfy vegetarians, meat eaters will find dishes here to happily devour as well.

Simple. And good.

Simple. And good. (And not always vegetarian!)

Tucked away across the 7-Eleven on Nimman soi 13 ( the restaurant is on the same soi as Anchan), the only thing that distinguishes it from the other hole-in-the-wall haunts along the road is a big white and green sign advertising – you guessed it – “organic vegetables”. In taste, however, no comparison is possible; “O-veg” as its local farang base calls it, imbues every dish with flavours so satisfying that they easily outshine those at more luxurious establishments.

O-veg is the Thai food equivalent of ordering in pizza; and while they don’t deliver, one of their main draws is speedy service.

We’ll be honest on the ambience front: the neon lighting and plastic chairs are not exactly what you’d consider alluring, but trust us that this meal will be good. With menus both in English and in Thai, Organic Vegetables sticks to the classics in Thai cuisine; curries, fried noodle dishes and an array of stir-fries make up most of the menu. Everything is done exquisitely and served alongside a generous portion of brown rice and the optional khai dao or fried egg.

The sign to look out for.

The sign to look out for.

Highlights include the potato heavy and just-sweet-enough massaman curry (often hailed as the best in town), the tender stir-fried chunks of pumpkin, as well as our favourite, the stir-fried veggies and cashew nuts. Organic Vegetables is one of those rare establishments where you can dine every day of the week and order something different every time without ever feeling disappointed, and at 30-45 baht a plate, you won’t even miss wine menus or exposed bricks one bit. What’s more, though a vegetarian restaurant in spirit, if you really want some chicken with your pad ka praow, they’ll be more than happy to indulge, as evidenced by the picture at the top of this post.

There is one caveat; while the restaurant advertises organic vegetarian food, it’s not 100% clear to us where the restaurant sources their produce. And while it would certainly be nice if all of the morning glory were pesticide free, the bottom line is that you’ll find more vegetables on your plate here than at most roadside stalls in town, where an order of “mixed stir-fried veggies” translates into a heap of cabbage with some choice bits of cauliflower and carrots. So for the sake of taste and comfort, it might just be worth shrugging a Thai mai pen rai and digging into your steaming plate of pad si ew.

To get here, make your way to soi 13 on Nimmanhaemin Road. Opposite Salad Concept, you’ll find a 7-eleven. Walk into the little soi on the right of the 7-Eleven and look for the sign below.

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Nimmanhaemin Soi 13 (then just down the alley to the right of 7-eleven)
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Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Claudia went to New York in search of a life purpose then fled the winters and moved to Chiang Mai where she's happy to announce that she's found the love of her life: mangosteens.
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