Huen Jao Nang

Good food, great view

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What we say: 4 stars

The restaurant might almost be overlooked, as the entrance is nearly overgrown with bamboo, and it shares its lot with a very rundown park/playground. However, the inside and riverside deck of Huen Jao Nang is lovely, with a great deal of seating and pleasant décor and lighting.

We were directed here for the best Northern-style food in town, and its location was just an added bonus. The prices are what you might expect from a midrange riverside joint, though the English menu leaves a bit to be desired. However, adventurous eaters or those with a bit of experience in ordering Thai food will find plenty to satisfy their hunger here, and all will enjoy the friendly service.

Be sure to arrive before sunset, as the view from the deck is the best in town.

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Riverside, opposite the city, north of the bridge
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