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  • Luang Prabang for kids

    Luang Prabang for kids

    Luang Prabang is a great holiday for easygoing parents and curious, adaptable children -- but not children who must have access to modern distractions as you won't find cinemas, malls or flashy theme parks here. We’ve seen many families with young kids enjoy a week in the town, finding plenty to do while not having to travel far. Luang Prabang is convenient to explore, with everything close and relatively safe. And Lao people are very family-oriented -- it’s very natural to have children around, and you’ll find that yours will be most welcome everywhere you go.

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  • MyME Yangon

    MyME Yangon

    If you've been to a teashop in Burma (Myanmar), you've probably been served by young kids who work every day of the week for well over 12 hours a day. Many will never attend school, missing out on an opportunity to improve their outlook in life. The myME Project tries to change this by taking the classroom to them.

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  • Ten thoughts on ten years with Travelfish

    Ten thoughts on ten years with Travelfish

    We've told the story many a time: Travelfish was conceptualised over a couple of lazy afternoons on a Ko Maak beach in eastern Thailand. We had a couple of false starts, but when the site finally "officially" launched on July 12, 2004 it was primarily a collection of our favourite places in the region. As is the case now, it was a bit of an eclectic mix, from backpacker stalwarts like Khao San Road and Ko Phi Phi through to more off the beaten track destinations like Phrae, Phayao and Salavan.

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  • Forget time at Lupa Masa

    Forget time at Lupa Masa

    Just 15 metres from the Poring National Park boundary in Sabah, East Malaysia, the forest is alive with birds making their early morning ablutions. Resident-volunteer Graham stares into the forest and gestures to me with two fingers from his eyes outwards. "I don't believe you can count a creature unless you've looked into their eyes," he says. That would make my count the morning after the night before at "eco-jungle camp" Lupa Masa four humans (including Graham) and two birds -- one sleeping.

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  • What to buy in Luang Prabang, Laos

    What to buy in Luang Prabang, Laos

    Long after we've left, the sight of a special souvenir will trigger a fond memory or feeling we experienced during a trip away. This is especially true for those who have ventured to Luang Prabang, where many various handmade items tell a story about the place and the people. From designers putting a chic new spin on traditional motifs to elephant slippers that have reached cult status, here's a rundown of souvenirs you should consider buying if you're shopping in Luang Prabang.

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  • Free the Bears Laos

    Free the Bears Laos

    When five-month old Kobe arrived at the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre, he was traumatised. His mother had been shot and killed by hunters. Kobe had been caught, noosed, bound tightly by all four legs, tied to a length of bamboo and carried through the jungle. He endured being carried around this way for three days as Forest Rangers pursued the hunters. Eventually he was abandoned and found by the Rangers, then saved by Free the Bears.

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  • What are the alternatives to Bangkok?

    What are the alternatives to Bangkok?

    One of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Bangkok is also the centre of Thai society in just about every possible way — including the political demonstrations and military coups of recent years. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of worthwhile alternatives for anyone looking to skip Bangkok without going all the way up north or down south.

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  • Bangkok by skytrain: Siam

    Bangkok by skytrain: Siam

    Anchoring the Siam Square shopping district, Siam BTS station (aka "central station") provides the only interchange between the Skytrain system's Sukhumvit and Silom lines. The station sits over Rama I Road in a central area of the city where real estate is among the priciest in Thailand.

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  • Great places to stay on Langkawi

    Great places to stay on Langkawi

    As Langkawi increases in popularity, accommodation options, from affordable guesthouses through to luxury resorts, have multiplied. Selections are now diverse enough to suit every possible budget as well as personal preference, ranging from a sunny beachside bungalow to a jungle hideaway. Here's a round up of our pick of the bunch, from tiny budget to budget busting and simple through to sophisticated.

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  • Bangkok by skytrain: Asok

    Bangkok by skytrain: Asok

    Number E4 on the Sukhumvit Line, Asok station is the centrepiece of a vibrant area where Sukhumvit, Ratchadiphisek and Asok Montri roads converge. The city's coolest mall -- Terminal 21 -- opened in 2011 right next to Asok station and is a great place to watch a movie at the FX Cinema, grab a bite at any of dozens of Thai and international restaurants, or pick up funky clothes and jewellery crafted by local designers. Apart from Terminal, the Asok area is probably best known -- and notoriously so -- for the go-go bars and "massage" parlours of Soi Cowboy. This is also one of three BTS stations where you can transfer to the MRT subway.

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  • The road to Sangkhom

    The road to Sangkhom

    Laos loomed across the vast Mekong River as our motorbike hummed west. Water buffaloes, straw-hatted farmers and forest monks moved slowly in the heat. We detoured to viewpoints, temples, waterfalls and villages, entranced by the relaxed pace of life. But the best part about motorbiking the riverside road from Nong Khai to Sangkhom was the sense of freedom.

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  • Great Hanoi cafes to chill out in

    Great Hanoi cafes to chill out in

    A visit to Hanoi shouldn't be all go, go, go. Stopping for lots of coffee is crucial, but where to head? Here are our top spots to hang out in for a couple of hours, where an enticing ambiance is offered along with top-notch food and drink.

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