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Updated on 25th January, 2013. First published 22nd November, 2008

With warm turquoise waves and coconut palm lined beaches, Vietnam's Phu Quoc is easily one of the most idyllic islands in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, not every hotel takes advantage of the island's beauty and tranquillity -- too many resorts offer lacklustre rooms and crowded beachfronts. While it isn't advisable to show up in peak season without having booked a room, getting around the island is tricky, and dragging your luggage around muddy roads would be an awful start to your vacation. So how do you avoid booking a mildewed room at an unfriendly resort? To help you out, we've complied a list of our favourite hotels and guesthouses on Phu Quoc Island.

Long Beach, which trails down the length of the island's west coast, is Phu Quoc's most popular stretch of real estate, and offers a good range of guesthouses and resorts. Despite being generously sized (as its name suggests) most of the accommodation shares a relatively small stretch of sand. The downside to this is that the guesthouses and resorts are all packed close together, and it can feel a little cramped. On the other hand, the proximity of the hotels can be a bonus, as it gives the beach a social atmosphere. You'll have a wide choice of where to eat or drink, and you'll likely meet loads of other travellers.

The ever-popular Beach Club is the first choice for many visitors. The spot has earned a solid reputation, not only for its comfortable and budget-priced bungalows, but also for the warm welcome and laid-back atmosphere provided by the staff. It's the kind of guesthouse where you can easily lose track of what day it is as you drift between your room and the beach. And despite the low room rates, their pale yellow bungalows are surprisingly stylish.

Phu Quoc Island's Long Beach

If the Beach Club is full, don't despair -- there are other decent budget options nearby. The brick cabins at Nhat Lanh are pretty basic, but the easygoing staff and ample hammocks make it a good spot for chilling out. If you're willing to stay off the beach, Lam Ha offers comfortable rooms in a lush jungle-like setting, and their rooms come with far more conveniences than you'd expect at this price.

For a little more comfort, consider Mai House. Set under coconut palms in a spacious lawn, their airy thatched bungalows have plush beds and spotless bathrooms. Additionally, they're well styled, with local Vietnamese textiles used in the decor. The friendly management have taken efforts to ensure the comfort of their guests, from serving a delicious buffet breakfast, to providing ample beachfront lounge chairs.

For something a little more unique, check out the boutique accommodation at Nha San Cottage. Rooms are set in a traditional wooden home and are decorated in ethnic fabrics and traditional decor, and come with stunning stone bathrooms. And as a bonus, they offer Thai massage at their spa downstairs.

Phu Quoc's Bai Sao Beach

If cash is no concern (but luxury is), then Veranda (book online with Agoda) is your best choice. Where most of Phu Quoc's resorts skew generic, the Veranda offers a tropical getaway with definite style. Rooms are well-appointed, with antique style furnishings, and plush beds. Their pool is undoubtedly one of the island's most alluring, decorated in blue tile and surrounded by white canvas lounge chairs.

There is one thing that Long Beach can't offer, and it may be the most important draw to Phu Quoc. While islands in Thailand and Malaysia may have similarly gorgeous beaches, few can match the lack of crowds. And while Long Beach offers some incredible options, it can feel rather crowded. For real isolation, consider escaping to one of the island's two less visited beaches.

The surf on Ong Lang is a little rockier than on Long Beach, but it's blessed with a rough, natural landscape perfect for indulging in desert island fantasies. The perfect setting for that is Mango Bay (book online with Agoda) , an eco-minded resort that offers excellent mid-range luxury. Rooms are spaced in a naturalistically landscaped plantation -- an alluring alternative to the manicured resorts on Long Beach. The rooms are also rather interesting, their simple wood furniture and white linen creating the feel of a rustic farmhouse. And while it can be difficult to get from here to any other properties, you may not find much need -- they have an excellent restaurant, serving fresh seafood, spicy local dishes, and decadent desserts.

If you're after isolation on a tighter budget, then head to Bai Sao, on the opposite side of the island. My Lan is the sole accommodation on this stunning white shore, and thankfully it isn't a bad choice. With bare wooden rooms and slightly worn outdoor showers, you'll have to be willing to rough it -- but considering the beauty of the beach here, you likely won't want to spend too much time in your room anyway.

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  • Thank you for the great write up on Phu Quoc! I am planning to visit there within the next several months and I will certainly use this guide to find a place to stay. Happy travels.

    Posted by AmericanVietnamese on 25th June, 2010

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