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Updated on 25th January, 2013. First published 20th September, 2011

A lot of mediocre guesthouses and hotels are available on Ko Phi Phi, despite its popularity (or perhaps because of it). Booking in advance, sight unseen, can often yield unpleasant surprises. But the alternatives aren't much more promising: tramping around the island on your first day trying to find a decent spot, or trusting one of the touts who greets you at the pier. But never fear — we've done the tramping for you.

Before you read on, please note that Ko Phi Phi is one of the few places that gets extremely full in peak season (over Christmas and New Year), especially for mid- to upper-range hotels and resorts. If you're set on a specific place, booking online can save you the effort of tramping up and down the beach, and, in some cases, save you money. If you want to check online availability, please browse Ko Phi Phi accommodation at Agoda along with the Travelfish.org reviews linked to below.

At the budget end of the scale, you're best to stick to Ton Sai village and especially the pathway that loops around behind the water treatment centre. The cheapest beds are the dorms (starting at 200 baht), of which Mr Local's in the centre of the village are the best. If you're happier in your own thatch hut and have industrial strength earplugs, then consider Flower Bungalow (starts at 400 baht) or The Rock Inn (dorm 200 baht, rooms from 300 baht).

The view from your balcony at Tohko Beach Resort

Away from the village, budget shacks can still be found on Ao Poh Resort (high season only, 800 baht) and at PP Sunset Pavillion (from 600 baht) on the eastern end of Lo Dalam. Rantee Beach used to be good for budget rooms, but the place was in a very mediocre state when we last visited in September 2011. Likewise the budget beachside spots on Long Beach are all gone, but Phi Phi Hill is still there (from 400 baht, high season only).

Ko Phi Phi attracts a wide variety of customers. Sign at Phi Phi Dream check-in

If you're willing to spend more though, the options improve considerably. Tropical Garden Bungalows (from 700 baht) offers a jungle vibe with a pool and is worth the money, while Ivory (from 1,000 baht) down in the village provides very smart rooms for a central village location. Chunut House (from 700 baht) and JJ Bungalow (from 1,000 baht) are also village standouts, but there are lots of stairs involved. While expensive for the standard, Tohko Beach Resort (from 1,300 baht) compensates for the steep price with a beautiful, though very isolated, location.

Arrival at Relax Beach Resort - I feel relaxed already!

Up a notch again and the very isolated Phi Phi Relax Beach (from 1,400 baht) is our favourite for the entire island. Baia Baia (deluxe rooms from 1,400 baht) has lovely bungalows but the location, immediately behind the loudest of the beach bars, is a major issue. The rambling Viking Nature Resort (standards from 1,500 baht) is also a good jungle option, with a wide range of tasteful bungalows, but don't forget the mosquito repellant — they're savage around here. On Long Beach itself, Paradise Resort (from 1,400 baht) stands out.

The new office. Viking Nature Beach

If you're after more a hotel-style place, then P.P. Palmtree Resort (from 2,300 baht) is the best value deal, while the rather charmless Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel (from 3,500 baht), fits the bill. If you're after a younger more freewheeling crowd, P.P. Casita (from 1,800 baht) is ridiculously popular year-round. Amazing views and the verandas to enjoy them from are the highlight at Phi Phi The Beach Resort (from 3,500 baht) on Long Beach.

Ko Phi Phi is just plain ugly ;-)

If the boss is paying, three places stand out. Two on Laem Thong, Zeavola (from 8,000 baht) or the southern section of the Holiday Inn (from 5,400 baht) are excellent, while a couple of beaches south, the long-running Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort (from 5,700 baht) rebranded as Outrigger Phi Phi Island Resort & Spa in 2012 and continues to delight — if you are the boss, check out their private pool villas.

Bear in mind that if you're heading to Ko Phi Phi in peak season, reservations will be close to essential to get anything even half reasonable. Unless otherwise noted, the rates indicated above are low season rates. Many of these can be booked online, so be sure to shop around for a discounted rate.

Have fun!

About the author:
Stuart McDonald co-founded Travelfish.org with Samantha Brown in 2004. He has lived in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia, where he worked as an under-paid, under-skilled language teacher, an embassy staffer, a newspaper web-site developer, freelancing and various other stuff. His favourite read is The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton.

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  • What can you tell me about the Pi Pi Princes hotel?, quality, price and availability in mid January

    Posted by herb A on 4th November, 2012

  • for the backpacker on the cheap paradise resort on long beach has 3 cheap basic fan bungalows with cold water in the back at 500 bht a night ( october )
    the room is clean and fairly big, ask for towel at the reception.

    room numbers are D2, D3 and D4

    Posted by jacob on 21st November, 2012

  • hi there,
    i wonder if you can help. We stayed on Long beach in 2011 in the most awesome chalets/bungalows ever. . I cant remember the name and its the first chalets on long beach closest to the TonSai harbour. they are like a bali style with a beach infront and a small restaurant? not sure if you might help or know?

    Posted by Ross on 25th March, 2013

  • Wow! That was a beautiful place. it was perfect for this coming Summer Vacation.

    Posted by patriciajoyB on 26th February, 2014

  • If you are on a budget and looking for a hostel. I recommend Alena Dorm Room is about 400 bath per bed but its air conditioned, clean, comes with shower towel and a 5 minute walk to the beach but still far away where you dont hear the music playing at night.

    Posted by bryant on 2nd November, 2014

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