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Updated on 22nd January, 2013. First published 29th June, 2006

The Bangkok to Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao route is one of the most common paths taken by travellers and tourists on their holidays in Thailand. Here's a blow by blow summary of the ins and outs of getting to and from Bangkok to the Gulf of Thailand islands.


While the distance are substantial, Thailand's rail, bus and ferry networks are well developed, pretty reliable and in the scheme of things, inexpensive. In all cases you can get from Bangkok to any of the Gulf of Thailand islands via a straightforward combination of land and water transport.

Heading from Bangkok southwards, it is 460km to Chumphon and Ko Tao is 75km offshore from Chumphon. Staying among the islands, it is another 50km from Ko Tao to Ko Pha Ngan and a further 12km on to Ko Samui. From Ko Samui back to the mainland at Surat Thani it is 75km and from Surat Thani back to Bangkok it is 650km.


Basically, the fastest (and, not suprisingly most expensive) way to get to the islands from Bangkok is to fly from Bangkok to Ko Samui and then take a ferry to the island of your choice. The slowest (and cheapest) is to take a bus from Bangkok to Chumphon or Surat Thani and then take the night boat from there. If you're going to Ko Tao, make your ferry connection at Chumphon. For Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan, go to Surat Thani. Below are some other pointers;

  • Bangkok and Ko Samui have international airports and there are regular flights between the two. Surat Thani has a domestic airport.
  • Bangkok and Chumphon have train stations on the main north-south line and the closest station to Surat Thani is at Phun Phin, seven kilometres from Surat Thani.
  • Bangkok, Chumphon and Surat Thani are all connected by both public and private buses.
  • Ferries to Ko Tao leave from a pier just to the south of Chumphon and ferries to all three islands leave from Surat Thani and three other piers near Surat Thani.
  • Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao are inter-connected by ferries.


If you fly, you have two options -- flying to Ko Samui or flying to Surat Thani and then connecting by bus and ferry to the islands.

Flying to Ko Samui
While flying to Ko Samui is preferable, the island's airport is owned by Bangkok Airways and until quite recently they were the only airline that flys there. Now THAI and Bangkok Airways fly the route but fares remain artificially high and, if you're flying out of Ko Samui, there is a 300B domestic departure tax -- the highest domestic departure tax in Thailand. Bangkok Airways runs almost 20 flights a day between Bangkok and Ko Samui. The cheapest fares are on the first and last flight of the day and go for 2,000B one way, fares through the rest of the day can be as high as 3,480B (all fares above are before the various taxes, fuel surcharges and insurance surcharge which airlines don't deem to include in the fare, along with the 300B departure fee gouge). Flight time is 60 to 90 minutes depending on the aircraft used (prop or jet). The airport is located a 20 minute drive from Chaweng Beach and a five minute drive from Big Buddha Beach. Full fare and timetable information is available on the Bangkok Airways website and the THAI website.

What is a good beach on Ko Pha Ngan?

What is a good beach on Ko Pha Ngan?

With a rapidly developing range of accommodation from ultra-basic thatch bungalows for 80B a night through to totally decadent luxury suites starting at 10,000B a night, Ko Pha Ngan truly offers something for everyone. Accommodation aside, you'll also have to choose the atmosphere you like best for a holiday: there's well over a dozen beaches with characters spanning hedonist-haven to party-animal to secluded strips of sand that no guidebook has ever mentioned. Which is the right beach for you?

Flying to Surat Thani
Surat Thani airport is served by THAI and Thai AirAsia, with the later having more affordable rates (starting at 800B, but watch out for the plethora of "fees" that get added to this base rate). The flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani takes 70 minutes. Surat Thani airport is around 30km north of Surat Thani town, so you'll need to transfer into Surat Thani and then arrange onwards bus and boat connections to the island of your choice. Full fare and timetable information is avaiable on the THAI website and the Thai AirAsia website.


The train system in Thailand is safe, affordable and tends to arrive roughly on time. There are 11 trains a day that leave Bangkok heading south and all of these stop at both Chumphon and Phun Phin (for Surat Thani).

The main dilemma regards taking a night or day train. If you've never done the trip before, try to do at least one way on a day-train as the scenery is pretty, however if you've done the trip before, take the night train -- the sleepers, while certainly not luxurious, are more than adequate.

Bear in mind that if you take the day train to Chumphon or Surat Thani, you will miss the last day ferry and your only option will be the night ferries to Ko Tao and Ko Pha Ngan respectively. The train station in Chumphon is in the centre of town, while at Surat Thani it is at Phun Phin, some 7km from central Surat Thani -- public transport between the two is affordable and frequent.

The Thai train system has three classes -- first, second and third. First and second class have sleepers, third does not. Within first and second class you can choose between fan and air-con (we prefer fan) and also an upper or lower berth. If you opt for fan, we'd recommend going for a lower berth as you're then able to re-open the window behind the shutter, giving you a cooling breeze through the night (the attendant will close it when they make the bed). Lower berths cost more than upper berths. On night trains, bags are stowed in racks near your berth (within arms reach). We'd suggest chaining your bag to this rack and keeping valuables (passport, credit cards and so on) on your person. While theft is nowhere near as common on the trains as it is on the bus, it does happen, so be careful.

There are a range of trains that run this route, from "Rapid" through to "Special Express Diesel Railcars" and the general rule is, the faster it is, the pricier the ticket. Full fare and timetable information is available on the State Railways of Thailand website.

Which night train?
If you're aiming for Ko Tao, the express #85 is an option -- it gets you into Chumphon at around 04:00 (leaving Bangkok at 19:15 the previous night) which leaves you at Chumphon three hours before the Lomprayah ferry leaves for Ko Tao. The later (and far more popular) Express Special Diesel #39 leaves Bangkok at 22:50 and gets into Chumphon at 05:52 the following morning -- this leaves you an hour to get to the ferry, which is more than adequate time, BUT if the train is delayed (not unheard of) you will miss the ferry and will have to take the afternoon boat.

If you're heading to Ko Samui which night train you take doesn't matter so much as there are far more frequent ferry connections out to Ko Samui from around Surat Thani. Despite these frequent ferry departures, the Express Special Diesel #39 from Bangkok remains by far the most popular choice.


There is a very simple rule to be followed if you're planning on heading from Bangkok to Surat Thani or Chumphon by bus. DO NOT and we repeat DO NOT, take one of the private buses that can be organised from Khao San Road as theft on these buses is endemic. Spend the extra money, go out to Sai Tai Mai (the southern bus terminal) and get a ticket on a public bus down to either destination. We are not kidding when we say theft is a major problem on the private buses -- generally a thief gets in the luggage section with your bags and goes through them during the trip, alighting with all your goodies before reaching Chumphon. If you insist on catching one of these buses do not leave anything more valuable than a bag of soiled underwear in your pack.

You have been warned!

The buses are the cheapest way to get down to Chumphon or Surat Thani and while there are departures throughout the day, the night buses are the most popular with travellers. The time taken is comparable to the train.


So you've got to Chumphon or Surat Thani, now what?

To Ko Tao you have the following options, the Lomprayah high-speed catamaran (leaves Chumphon at 07:00 and 13:00) costing 550B and takes 90 minutes, and the Songserm and Seatran boats, both of which leave at 07:00, costing 650B and 450B respectively and take 2.5-3 hours. The Lomprayah service is worth the extra money. The night ferry leaves Chumphon at 23:00 and arrives at 05:00 costing 300B.

To Ko Pha Ngan, you need to go to Surat Thani from where Raja Ferry run five boats a day from Don Sak to Ko Pha Ngan and Songsern run two. There is also the night boat which leaves Surat Thani at 23:00 for Ko Pha Ngan (taking six hours). From Ko Pha Ngan to Surat Thani, though, the boat is an hour earlier, at 22:00. Note if you miss the 07:00 direct Songserm boat to Ko Pha Ngan, you may be able to go to Ko Samui, then grab an afternoon boat from there to Ko Pha Ngan.

To Ko Samui, there are ferries on the hour from Don Sak to Lipa Noi on Ko Samui and seven a day to Nathon -- these are all run by Raja Ferry. Seatran runs three ferries a day from Ban Don to Nathon on Ko Samui and Songserm run one a day (08:00) from Ban Don to Nathon.

The map below summarises the main ferry routes.

Map of the ferry routes in Southern Thailand

Confused yet?
Then there's the inter island ferries:

  • Songserm run two ferries a day between Nathon and Thongsala and one a day between Thongsala and Ko Tao
  • Seatran runs two ferries between Nathon on Ko Samui and Thongsala on Ko Pha Ngan
  • Lomprayah run four ferries a day between Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan, two of which continue to Ko Tao
  • The Haad Rin Queen runs four ferries a day from Big Buddha Beach on Ko Samui to Haad Rin on Ko Pha Ngan

About the author:
Stuart McDonald co-founded with Samantha Brown in 2004. He has lived in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia, where he worked as an under-paid, under-skilled language teacher, an embassy staffer, a newspaper web-site developer, freelancing and various other stuff. His favourite read is The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton.

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  • Hi Liz,

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  • thanks for all the info above, am off to thailand in october and i have not visited the country since i traveled round there for a year in 2002 so great to get updated stuff.

    i actually experienced the bus theft mentioned above in 2002 and wanted to let you guys know that the risks in taking them mentioned above are very real. myself, and about 15 other farangs (all women) were on a "private" bus to bangkok, all was well until we got back on the bus after a rest stop about 5 hours outside the city. 30 mins into the journey i started to feel sleepy and remember nothing until waking up i reached for my bag which was underneath my head for my phone, it was gone, i looked in my purse all money missing but all cards there, camera-gone. i woke my mate in the seat behind exactly the same all gone. we started to wake up the other passengers who we all also very confused that we all fell into such a deep sleep. some of us tried to get down the stairs to the drivers shouting that we had things missing and we knew it was them and we were pushed back up the stairs with force by the 2 thai passengers with the driver. the bus suddenly came to a crashing halt, we were all so confused we got off to confront the driver who had got off. our rucksacks were thrown from the bus during the stand off and within seconds he jumped back in and they were all gone, bus and all.

    we were all left on the roadside until the police arrived. to cut a long story short they think something was put through the air conditioning on the bus to make us sleep on the last part of our journey as nobody felt or heard the people who were obviously crawling among us taking their pick of our belongings. they were obviously hoping their skam would not be discovered until they were long gone at the drop off in bangkok.

    if you haven't been to thailand and are reading this please do NOT be put off traveling to this amazing and beautiful country by my tale. in a year there this was my only negative experience of the country and the people could not be more generous and lovely i just wanted to put it out there that it does happen, and god knows what else and to be careful. take the bus from the station terminal wherever you are, it doesn't just happen onbus's out of Khao San Road, i learnt the hard way what a cheap bus ticket to bangkok costs you.

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  • My wife,my son and myself were also victims of bus theft a year ago, thank god I read this article for I thought we were the only ones to succumb. We were the only ones on this bus from Khao San and should have suspected foul play right in the begining, the driver sarcastically warned us to take care of our belongings. But I wonder how they knew where the money was, I think they used some sedative somehow.
    If bus theft is so rampant on this route how come cops don't take any action against these bus operators?

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    Going back to thailand in november.. and have to say, from being in love with thailand, im now quite scared about going and travelling!!
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  • Agreed, with above post about the thefts, same thing happened to a busload of us going the other way surat thani - bangkok, they were very organised, juststick to public transport whereever posible, travel like the locals do, dont go with private tourist bus's sold from small venders around the streets where possible, on saying that I have booked overnight bus from tour agency around kosanrd from bangkok to changmai and had no problems.

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  • Off to Thailand again!!! I love the place. Hubby and i usually do the all pretty packages but this year is gonna be so different. we are staying in Bangkok for a couple of nights then want to head to samui. I am interested in both modes of transport (fery/ bus)from bangkok to surat Thani, reliability, cost etc...We have done the ferry before so no major issuses there. If anyone could assist with time of journey an costing we would be very grateful.

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  • A few updates based on our recent experience in getting from Bangkok to Ko Tao while traveling during peak season.

    * Bus from Bangkok Bus Terminal (serving southern destinations)
    - Catch public bus from town to terminal (about 20THB, 1 hour)
    - At the terminal go inside the building (avoid the minivan touts) and find ChokeAnan Tours. There are loads of stalls selling bus tickets.
    - There are no timetables online for these guys but we arrived at 8am at the terminal and caught a 9am bus to Chumphon.
    - About 7 hours, 350THB and a safe and quality service including lunch and water.

    * Ferry from Chumphon to Ko Tao
    - You can contact Lompraya Catamaran directly and purchase your ticket.
    - We instead stayed at the nice and simple Suda Guesthouse in Chumphon and she sorted us out with tickets on the 7am ferry the next day for 550THB each.
    - The 7am ferry involves a 5.50am pick-up and a 2 to 2.30 hour journey to Ko Tao (not the 1.30 hr advertised duration).

    Hope this helps.

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  • Done the overnight bus, booked on Khao San tooo many times. The author is very right on the the theft. On an overnight to Chang Mai I couldn't sleep so I went down to the "lounge" where they were using it to store all our luggage, I made myself a spot where I could extend my legs and sure enough, within 15 minutes someone came down and started rifeling through the bags. I sat up and asked him what the hell is was doing...won't bore you with the rest of the hassel, but the Thai buses are nice and cheap and safe.

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  • Hey i just did this trip so got some info that might help !

    I got the 7:30pm night sleeper from Bangkok to Surat Thani which was 3 hours late and got there at 9:30am (not 6:30am) but was fine.(Go first class ! its only about 24 pounds and soo much nicer for a long trip !)

    I then got a bus/boat ticket (there are loads of people selling these tickets as soon as you get off the train) which was 250 Baht and the bus took about an hour then the boat was about 1 and a half hours to Ko Samui.

    I then paid 600 Baht for a taxi to Lamai beach where my hotel was and having known this i would have booked closer to the ferry !

    It was a really long but easy journey and i was travelling on my own and felt safe for the whole trip ! but having said that i might save for a flight next time as it just took sooo long !

    happy travels,

    jessica x

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  • Hiya,
    i went to Thailand in jan 2009, and traveled from a bus outlet on the corner and under the D&D hotel on khao san road, do you mean these guys???, we was fine !, We did however book a bus from the station in chaing mai from the bus station and it was 1st class, really nice bit cold but nice!,

    Going back for round two to do the islands, have had loadsa of help from all you guys, just wanted to no....

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    Have bought train/bus/boat tickets to get to Koh Samui from Bangkok and just wanted to make sure the journey was relatively straight forward.

    Getting the sleeper train and arriving fairly early am at Surat Thani (but as I understand it, it's phun phin and then I have to get a local bus to surat thani?)
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  • I am flying into BKK next Wed. I want to drive from BKK to get a ferry with the rental car. Is that possible? How long a drive and is it easier?

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  • WOW! My prayers have been answered with this! THANK YOU!

    For tickets, go to

    I have seen the government's website, which says that the tickets are only 400-500 Baht, but I am not sure. The website above seems to be a booking agent and they make their money off of it, obviously. They cut the time and make it easier though, making the trip with ferry tix total around 1500-1700 Baht. Your choice of doing it yourself or having someone do it for you.

    I am going next month and can't wait!

    Posted by Kai on 20th October, 2010

  • I liked the details given on your apge above. They are very helpfull for a new traveller to Bangkok. Thanks.

    Posted by Niraj Gupta on 9th November, 2010

  • I am landing at Bangkok airport in the morning at 7 am and i want to proceed to Koh Samui directly from the airport. Can you please suggest some proper ticket booking company for the Train + ferry trip from BKK airport to Koh Samui so that i can book my tickets in advance.

    Posted by Niraj on 9th November, 2010

  • Thailand has pretty good interstate bus structure and rail systems so travelling by both modes will be rather cumbersome free. Taking into the warnings about thefts it is always better to consider a fan room/cabin/berth/seat than an air-conditioned one because the Thais like to blast their a/c up to the max. You will literally freeze.

    Posted by Richard Dillon on 1st December, 2010

  • Thanks..
    very helpful :)

    Posted by indri on 10th December, 2010

  • i've been living in thailand and travelling a lot. i never had anything stolen on private bus rides or know anyone that has. the government buses are better on time but can be more expensive. bkk-paghnang 800b (+100b for taxi from bus station) w government and 500b w private khao san buses.
    always take a sweater w u when taking a bus.

    Posted by niklas on 14th December, 2010

  • Many thanks for the explanation - the break down and images provides a clearer insight to travelling from Bangkok to Koh Tao than most other websites.

    Posted by Sapphira on 2nd January, 2011

  • Very informative material. Many thanks.

    Posted by Giro on 9th January, 2011

  • Hi I'm arriving in BKK late Sunday night so miss the last night train, was planning on taking first express morning train at 8.05am to Chumphon and then need to get to Koh Tao, do any boats go in the afternoon? The only one I can find is Lomlak high speed boat from Tung Ma Kam Noi Pier, which looks like it goes at you know if this still runs or have I just got an out of date website?
    Many thanks

    Posted by Lex on 19th January, 2011

  • Fantastic INfo - THank you@!

    Posted by Graham on 26th January, 2011

  • Really helpful page.... much clearer and acutely explained than the guidebook I had been referring to up to this point. Has allowed to me satisfactorily develop a precise travel-plan, which eases the pre-departure (first time lone-traveller) anxiety.

    Posted by Chris on 10th February, 2011

  • Solar Air flights from Bangkok to Chumphon start 14th February 2011 daily ( except Sunday ) departing Bangkok Don Muang (DMK - this is different from the main Suvarnabhumi BKK Airport ) Airport at 0945 arriving Chumphon 1100. Also offered is connection to Lomprayah across to Koh Tao. Total journey depart Bangkok Airport (DMK)0945 arrive on Koh Tao 1430. Return journey leave Koh Tao 0930 arrive Bangkok ( DMK airport )1515 hrs.

    Posted by Chai Nong on 14th February, 2011

  • You can also book through flight and ferry via Chumphon to Koh tao from Solar Air Thailand own website

    Posted by Nong Chai on 14th February, 2011

  • Wow! You had really exotic tropical tour! If it's not a secret can you tell me how much did you spend for the whole journey (excluding fly tickets)?

    Posted by Vera Samui on 8th April, 2011

  • Hi,
    I will travelling from Phuket on 17th April by bus to Koh Samui and then from Koh Samui to Bangkok by Bus+Ferry on 19th april. Can some one pls tell me how much this would cost(Phuket to Samui and then Samui to Baangkok) and are combo Bus+Ferry options available on the Samui-Bangkok rout. Thanks a lot


    Posted by Pushan on 8th April, 2011

  • Thank you for your valuable information. I would like to phuket and the three islands of koh samui,ko pha ngan and ko tao,what do you suggest we travel by (economically) ?

    Posted by Robinson Jyrwa on 24th May, 2011

  • quick question - does anyone know how late the ko samui to ko pa yang ferries run into the night? thanks.

    Posted by Alice Maltby on 2nd June, 2011

  • Ahhh maybe that's where my headlamp went (on bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai) the top compartment of backpack..

    Posted by k on 14th June, 2011

  • Nice article, I'll tell you my story and hope it helps. I booked a "joint ticket" Bangkok->Koh Samui from Khoasan Road (400b but with a little bit bargaining) so at 18:00 we get together (all backpakers) in front of the agent then a guy come with motobike, made us follow him (by walk :) after a 5 min walk, we waited for half an hour and our bus came. Nice bus with air-con and toilet, our journey started to Surat Tani and after 8 hours we were at Surat Tani and there we took the ferry to Samui, same bus and ferry was taking people to Samui then Phagan, Krabi etc. It was well organized and safe journey (for a backpaker tho). When we arrived Samui there were lots of touts for taking us to our hotels. But basically it's 100b for anywhere by little trucks. Don't the take the taxi tho, they'll charge you a lot.

    Now I'm on samui and here they have ferrys to Phanagan, Tao etc ranging from 200b-450b. It's interesting tho that it's more expensive to get back to Bangkok which it 650b with joint ticket.

    Here in Samui they have an airport as well and Air Asia has flights Bangkok-Samui, it's like 3000-9000b, earlier the cheaper. An early booking would be good as you wont lose a precious day on your journey and it'll be much easier.

    Posted by Sinan on 7th July, 2011

  • Thank you so much for this helpful information. We are travelling on 11 Aug to Bangkok then onto Koh Samui for a few days. I was really stressed with the transport...this article made it so easy!! Thank you for your help! Happy travels everyone!

    Posted by New Thai Traveler on 2nd August, 2011

  • We had a very bad experience of train. First of all if some one says that you can get tickets 2 days in advance for the train of your choice, then that is plain incorrect. We wanted to go to Koh Samui from Bangkok and arrived 3 days in advance to Bangkok. But, all sleeper tickets were already booked. If only Thai train had online ticket booking we would not have run into this situation (of course there are other options but none of them is convenient enough).

    So, we ended up having seating tickets to Chumpon on 10:50 pm train and then 6 hour ferry by Lomprayah catamaran to Koh Samui because as per the ticket counter person there was no connecting ferry that he could book from Surat thani.

    Thai train is one of the most primitive train network in the world still having narrow guage tracks. The AC in the train does not have any control and it becomes very cold in the nights. All they provide are towel like sheet to keep yourself warm.

    On reaching Chumpon we changed to bus and then to ferry via Lomprayah. This part of the trip is strictly for backpackers. If you are traveling with family and have suit cases as luggage, then be ready to pull and lift your luggage for a long distance without much help from Lomprayah.

    Posted by Gnawmad on 8th August, 2011

  • Excellent and clear info; thank you!

    Posted by Guillaume on 11th August, 2011

  • Beware of leaving your backpack or luggage unattended on the ferry. Even if its on deck with every one elses. The low life's that work on this ferry route are really struggling in life and they act out by tossing your bag looking to steal. If you are dumb enough to leave something of value you probably deserve to have it stolen. Most of you are stupid tourists and they think everyone is. They will take control of you and then steal from you blind. Be smart. You don't need locals for anything in any country, period. The know the dumb ones can't say no.

    Posted by JJ on 4th October, 2011

  • I want to add this to my scrapbook but I am not seeing I just missing something or is that option not always available...Thanks!

    Posted by beachybec on 21st November, 2011

  • Please advise Travelling to Koh Tao

    From Phuket we are flying to Koh Samui(USM)Airport

    Flight arrival at Koh Samu(USM)Airport 10:30am
    Return transfer from Koh Samui(USM)Airport to Maenam Pier
    Is this a DIRECT journey without any detours and stops with taxi to Maenam Pier(koh Tao)?

    How long is the journey from Airport to Maenam Pier?

    Will there be enough time to catch the 12:30 highspeed ferry to Koh Tao?

    (Staying at Koh Tao)
    Departing 09:30 from Ko Tao Pier and arrive at 11:30 at Maenam Pier
    Pick-up at 11:30 from Maenam Pier to Airport with taxi.

    Will we be on time for this scheduled flight??
    Departing from Koh Samui(USM)Airport at 15:00 to Bangkok Savurnabhumi.

    20:45 Qatar Airways same day to Cape Town


    Posted by Estelle on 9th February, 2012

  • I need so me assistance i will be traveling to Mumbai & from there would like to get to Ko Samui what will be the easiest route to get there? Please advise?

    Posted by Margot on 22nd March, 2012

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    Posted by Billigflug Berlin London-stansted on 28th March, 2012

  • Can I take a ferry from Bangkok straight to Koh Samui? If so, what pier to I get the ferry from in Bangkok??


    Posted by Vicky Brooks on 14th May, 2012

  • Thank you guys, I had the most awesome trip to Ko Samui. With all your dos and donts things were pretty much easy for me. I took a train from Bangkok to Surat Thani, at Bangkok station I even took a joint ticket from Surat Thani station to Don Sak and from Don Sak to Nathon from Songserm company. The railway and joint ticket costed me close to 550 bhat one way. However later I realised that I should had taken the joint ticket of Lomprayah as they even provide transfer & pick up services from and to hotel in Ko Samui as well. Songserm unfortunately does not provide these services hence I had to hire some private guy and these guys are pretty expensive. From Nathon to Chewang beach where I stayed one way ride costed me 600 bhat. Also Songserm has very few speed boats, other companies have many of them ferrying passengers from Don Sak to Nathon.

    The rest of the journey was pretty peaceful. Thailand railways is one of the safest medium for travel to Surat Thani. I would recommend that if you dont get a first class ticket book yourself AC second class, its worth the travel. The window seat is a bit expensive than the top seat but its worth, since the seat itself is nice & broad compared to the top seat.

    Tip: At Koh Samui any good hotel near Chewang Beach is worth considering, as the night life of Chewang Beach is much busy & popular compared to other beaches. Trip to Solo Bar at Chewang Road and at Green Mango is worth every penny

    Posted by Abhimanyu on 2nd June, 2012

  • Dear sir or Madam;
    i will arrive at Bangkok at 1:00 am and i want leave bangkok to Samui by ferry, could you please let m ehave some information about Dept and Arr and also distance and cost.
    Best regards,

    Posted by Mahsa on 22nd January, 2013

  • Hello,

    I'm planning my first trip to Thailand and wondering if u can help me with a few questions.

    1. Iam travelling from aug 20 to sept 1 then going on to Bali. I know late aug is not ideal weather conditions but from what I read I think popular trip from Bangkok to ko Samui to pha Ngan is the ideal trip during late august based on climate is that right? Will there be a lot of rain in these areas during late August? Is it still worth going?

    2. Iam travelling for only 12 days so want to make best of it by including much needed beach time with cultural sites and experiences. Any suggestions on must sees? More interested in opportunity to experience local cultural life, a few temples, and significant beach and natural beauty. Any suggestions on must sees?

    3. Because of limited time(only 12days) any thing I should consider skipping on Bangkok to ko Samui to pha Ngan trip?

    4. Are there any moon parties on pha Ngan from aug 20-sept 1? If so where can I get more info on them? Do I need to book transportation and accommodations in advance?

    5. Is this route safe for solo female travellers first trip to Thailand? Are moon parties safe?

    6. Suggested itineraries for aug 20 to sept 1 time frame for solo female traveller?

    Thanks for taking time to read question. Any info u can give would be greatly appreciated!!,

    Posted by Jo on 4th August, 2013

  • Very helpful and thank you very much! I like this little map and helped me to understand where we are and how to start it.

    Posted by Helen on 17th November, 2013

  • Are there no flights direct from bangkok to koh tao ?

    Posted by Tasnim on 31st December, 2013

  • So I tried to book the train from Bangkok to Koh Tao this April, but due to Thai holidays they are all booked up already. I then found the bus/ferry combo and booked it. Unfortunately I read this after booking :(.

    I booked with Lomprayah. Have any of you had good/bad experiences with them? Do you have any advice as to how to keep the luggage that I do put on the bus safe?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    Posted by Grifter on 25th March, 2014

  • Advice about train travel. My now ex husband I traveled on the overnight train from Koh Samui to Bangkok back in 2001.We were traveling on to Phuket by bus. At the time neither of us indulged in drug taking as we are happy drinkers. We had slept with our bags on the berth with us. On arrival in Bangkok we took a bus to the Main bus station to take catch our bus to Phuket. We were stopped by police and of our four pieces of luggage the police wanted to search a small pocket on the inside of a small backpack I was carrying(the bag had 6 pockets in all). They were VERY specific about the bag and pocket they wanted to look in. To our shock, they pulled out a small packet with a very small amount of weed inside. We were taken to the upstairs section of the coffee shop in the bus station where they proceeded to question us and in the end wanted money not to arrest us. We gave them all the cash we had in our possession,a total of approx 100stg (pounds and THB). To this day I am convinced that the weed was planted in the bag while we were sleeping on the train and they waited for their opportunity to stop us. Please watch your belongings when traveling in Thailand.
    I have traveled to different parts of Thailand over the years and thankfully have only good things to say about it. I love the land, the people and the culture.

    Posted by Sonia. Please keep my email private. on 25th July, 2014

  • We were also initially confused with what option to choose the first time we visited, so this is a very helpful summary! We ended up going for the Lomprayah bus & ferry ticket combination which was nice and cheap (compared to the flight options) and got us there on time and in a pretty comfortable / smooth way so would recommend this to other travellers too! :)

    Posted by Laura on 9th March, 2015

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