Buying a touring motorbike in Vietnam

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First published 10th August, 2007

By far, the best way to experience Vietnam is by motorbike. As with elsewhere in southeast Asia, here, the motorbike is king. They are cheap to buy, easy to repair, and they can take you places the tour bus would never dare to go. What's more, there are no restrictions on foreigners buying motorbikes. All you need is a passport and valid visa, and you'll receive a title of ownership and a deed of transfer. Rentals will suffice for most, but if you plan on serious bike time, buying is more economical -- you can even sell the bike before you leave and recoup most of the expense.

We know the traffic seems crazy. But once you get the hang of it, you'll learn there is a method to the madness. Travel by motorbike has its dangers, to be sure, and should be undertaken conscientiously. But the vast majority of foreigners come away from their motorbike trek with nothing but great experiences to talk about back home (and maybe a few tail-pipe burns to remember them by).

Buying a motorbike in Vietnam

You can buy a bike almost anywhere, but bigger cities will have a better selection and be more comfortable selling to foreigners. Naturally, it's best to shop around. When you settle on a bike, insist on taking it for a spin -- and to a mechanic for a once over.

Your two main considerations are whether to buy new or used, and how powerful a bike you need. New Japanese and Chinese models can be purchased for as little as US$400. They should be more reliable, but then again, you may be the one stuck working out all the kinks. And you'll take a bath on the resale value.

We recommend a used bike. This may seem a bit daunting, and it's a good idea to make friends with a trustworthy mechanic if you can swing it. When you buy a bike, all you're really looking at is the engine, the shocks, the wheels, and the frame. If nothing's leaking or broken, and it kicks up a throaty hum when it runs, you're off to a good start. Everything else on a bike can be fixed cheaply and easily -- though be sure to factor such repairs into the price you plan to pay.

In terms of power, a 100 cc bike is fine throughout most of the country, depending on the weight you intend to carry. By the time you stack two people and two full packs on it, you'll struggle up the hills even in Da Lat. Northern Vietnam is notoriously hilly and requires at least a 115 cc bike. Check out the bikes used by the guys who do the Easy Rider tours, and look for something similar. If you've never driven a clutch, consider learning -- it quickly becomes second nature.

Buying a motorbike in Vietnam

Even if you buy a bike that's been restored, be sure to take it to a mechanic anyway and put some more money into it. New tires, break drums, batteries, starters and the like are all cheap and will give you that much more peace of mind. Finally, think about where you're going to put your stuff. We got a custom-made back-rack for US$6.25.

When it comes to plotting a route, we suggest planning to see more of the country by seeing less of it. You can't see everything from Sapa to Vung Tau by motorbike in a month. Pick a region -— north, central, or south, and focus on that. Alternately, many buses and trains will take on a motorbike as freight for the price of an extra ticket, so you can split a trip between two regions. Don't plan an overly-aggressive route. The whole point is to take in the scenery, to stop and explore along the way. We find more than 120 kilometres in any given day starts to feel rushed. Fortunately, in thin, compact Vietnam, there is always a good option for your next stop within that distance.

Buying a motorbike in Vietnam

It's also worth mention that, while the 'open road' in Vietnam can be breathtakingly beautiful and provide an utterly authentic experience of the country, this is Vietnam, and not all roads are open. Ask around if you plan to go into remote regions of the country, especially near the borders, but there's really no harm in just trying your luck. The worst that can happen is that the police will ask you to turn around.

Final note: wear a helmet, bring rain gear, and memorize the lyrics to Born to be Wild before you leave. You'll be needing them.

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  • This is a terrific post. I did trips up through the 'notoriously hilly' north. You're right about 120 km/day getting long. I organized a small group, we rented bikes from Hanoi and did 1700km in 10 days. Crazy! We could hardly walk...but it was so very worth it.
    Highly recommended!!!
    I wrote some notes, mostly for friends and family, and put some pictures on my blog from 2007 if anyone is interested. :)

    Posted by Zank on 3rd December, 2008

  • Hi, very interesting post. Been looking to ride across Vietnam by motorbike, though after some research have found that it is apparently illegal for a foreigner to own a motorbike in Vietnam, particularly dodgy in the northern parts. And one way rental is hard to come by. Did you or anyone else reading have any troubles with Vietnamese officials.

    Posted by Steven Krall on 2nd January, 2009

  • how much time would you recommend to get from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Noi?

    Posted by daniel on 4th January, 2009

  • HI,
    i'm reading the same stories; it is illegal to buy and own a motorbike in VN. Does anybody know the law has changed on this topic? And what will happen if you ride into some roadblock?! :)

    Posted by Vincent on 11th January, 2009

  • A friend and I did the Hanoi to Saigon trip by motorcycle about a year ago. We bought bikes in Hanoi for $200 USD each and rode them all the way down. The bikes were shit and broke down almost every day but we had no problems with the cops. We did the 2000km trip mostly on the Ho Chi Minh trail (RT 15 south of Hanoi) in about 14 days - it was a bit rushed but its all the time we had. My advice - just find some westerner with bikes, buy them and ride - oh, and watch out for the buses.

    Posted by matt on 20th February, 2009

  • hi,

    me and a few friends are planning to do the motorbike round vietnam thing in october. ive been looking online for bikes before i go and they are averaging about 1000 us$. is this only becuase i am looking online. can i get motorbikes easily whilst i am there and what correspondence can i look in to find one.


    Posted by tom on 31st March, 2009

  • If you're heading into Cambodia first, bikes are available from a couple of hundred dollars. For 400 you'll be sure to get something no more than 12 months old.

    Wont have any problems at the border as long as you show proof of ownership, just don't buy anything bigger than 125cc.

    A couple of places here in Sihanoukville offer a 'buy back' service too, return the bike in good condition and they'll give you back what you paid less the equivalent rental.

    Posted by Casper on 9th April, 2009

  • Hello, i am currently in Changmai and am heading to Loas next for a few weeks but then im going to Hannoi to see a friend! I am travelling with my girlfriend and we vry much want to tour Vietnam by bike! I am thinking of buying one in Hannoi and have been insructed by my girlfriend(who is slightly scared of bikes) to get an easy rider or something similar as it would be more passenger friendly!! Do you have any idea on prices etc for something like that?? I have good biking experience and am also interested which you would say would be the best route to take! Cheers


    Posted by Jonny Cade on 9th April, 2009

  • Hired 2 easy riders for the day 7/4/09 and they are so friendly and knowledgable. Ranges from $US15 to $US20 for the day. they speak great English and really make the tour worthwhile. Thye will fit in with what you would like to do and stop if you need a break. We toured from Dalat and saw places that tour buses would not have known about.
    They are everywhere in Dalat. Just speak to them and be confident of the person you are speaking to and you will have no troubles.

    Posted by WBJS on 13th April, 2009

  • I am planning to travel through vietnam by bike and am starting in hannoi i was wondering how much a second hand used bike about 115-125 cc is going to cost. Also do you need an international driving license or will my english one be fine?

    Posted by Louie Kirkman on 7th May, 2009

  • I am looking to go from ho chi minh to ha noi and was interested to know when the best time of year to go would be? also what essentials would I need to take as I have read that it is very cheap to buy things out there?

    Posted by Matthew Smith on 8th June, 2009

  • My two cents worth -
    I'd only had a grand total of like 10mins on motorcycle pillion before i got to ho chi minh city but when i saw an ad of a manual 100cc honda for sale i thought there was no better time to do it than now about to travel alone through vietnam.
    I learnt how to ride it in a day n have just made it to hanoi in one piece without a single accident in 12 days (did cheat though took a train up from danang to hanoi cus i stayed too long in hoian and nha trang) and it has been an experience i wouldnt have swapped for anything.

    I had no troubles with any cops along the way even though i had no license whatsoever. Just make sure you're wearing a helmet, driving decently and just try not to make eye contact with the cops as u pass them and you'll be fine. In any case if u have a run in with them, do let them know you're a foreigner as police are apparently told to leave tourists alone due to the burgeoning tourism industry. Speak English if things arent going well, they cant harass you that way and are more likely to give up.

    Try to cover up, u dont realise how annoying it is until u actually get sunburnt. So long sleeves, pants, a covered helmet and shoes are advisable.
    For the bike, u'll need a bag rack, straps (you can go to a repair shop and ask to cut up spoilt tyres for use as huge rubber bands)

    Times i had the most trouble was when i was trying to take the train from one place to another along with my bike.
    IMPT TO NOTE for taking train w bike:
    -DO buy your ticket at least a day in advance
    (I turned up 6hrs earlier than when the train would leave thinking that i'd surely be able to get SOME seat on the 4 trains that ply the route but i couldnt so i was stuck in Danang for an additional night)
    -DO send your bike to the station at least 4 hrs in advance
    -DO know that only certain trains take 'luggage' so u dont end up on another train with your bike. the faster ones (like SE4) usually dont. (TN trains do i think) (your bike is considered luggage. The ticket counters are not helpful at all when it comes to this. I was told everything would be OK "Yes yes buy this ticket yes" but it turnd out my bike had to be put on another train arriving 10hrs later)
    -DO make sure you keep your luggage receipt safe
    -DO know that you have to pay when sending your bike on the train, and also a handful of dong when u are collecting it (maybe another foreigner ripoff move i'm not sure)
    -DO check your motorcycle luggage ticket (the people really rush u off after charging you exorbitant foreigner fees, and i didnt realise that i didnt get what i paid for because the ticket was for the train FOLLOWIng the one i was told it was gona be on)

    Just to add on what i think's useful
    Couple of tweaks and screw tightenings - Free to 5k d
    Putting in a new screw that fell out - 5k to 10k d
    Fixing a flat - 10k d
    Changing your engine oil - 60k d
    Replacing new pins in caburator - 150k d
    Replacing a new clutch mechanism - 250k d

    Hope the info's good

    Posted by Zach on 17th June, 2009

  • My Viet friend got new rear wheel brakes yesterday for 25k!! It took 1/2 hour.

    I was hoping for some tips on brands, as I see new bikes starting at 5 million ($280). I know Chinese are usually crap.

    Posted by teacher on 28th June, 2009

  • I'm coming to Hanoi in mid-july to buy a bike for the tour down to Saigon. I want to buy a bike if anyone is selling one? Post your details.
    -Where can I buy a crash helmet in Hanoi?
    -Where are good places to pick up a bike?
    Any help appreciated!

    Posted by steve on 29th June, 2009

  • im confused it is legal or not to ride in vietnam, me and hubby want to ride from vietnam to cambodia...

    Posted by jacqui on 24th July, 2009

  • Just been to Vietnam, loved it, and want to go back on a bike. What did people do for insurance? I rented in Hoi An and didn't even give the guy my name and wouldn't have been insured...what have other people done when actually buying a bike?

    Posted by Thomas on 26th July, 2009

  • Yeah, I'm a bit vague on the border crossing side of things. If I were to buy a scoot in Cambodia, would it be viable to ride it through Laos, and into Nam?? I'm not TOO bothered about getting busted without a license, I just wonder if the border crossing guards would see dollars with me coming on a bike?? Obviously, I don't want lots of grief, but I could handle minimal aggro in return for such joy! Any words of wisdom would be g-reeaaattt!

    Posted by Richard on 29th July, 2009

  • I am coming to HCMC in November and i am thinking bout buying a minsk and riding it north to Hanoi and then into Laos before selling it. Any1 no of any Minsks that will be up for sale around the beginning of november in HCMC or does any1 have any adivse about where to go what to do whilst i am out there.
    Thanks Tom

    Posted by Tom Yorke on 3rd August, 2009

  • Hi wante to see if anyone had any advice. I want to fly into Vietnam and ride to Cambodia to meet up with my family next summer. Family will be flying into Siemreap. What will I be lookming forward to at the borders?

    Posted by Sam Buck on 11th August, 2009

  • How it is possible to communicate with people in Vietnam ? Do they know English or any other language.

    P.S. Tom - do not buy minsk. They are ultimate crap of motorbikes. They were looked upon as a crap even in USSR.

    Posted by saken on 13th August, 2009

  • $350 for that older bike pictured - I wouldn't go for that. Bought a much newer Suzuki Smash for $300 in Thailand but true ownership is not that easy. The nice Thai lady had to go with me to the nearest official dealer. She had the green book. She had to show her birth certificate to prove her identity. I had to bring a residence lease agreement (which you wouldn't have on a vacation in a hotel)to immigration 1 day - pick up a proof of residence document the next day ( specifically for foreigner motorbike purchase)take it back to the dealer the next day(All of course with passport)Then wait 1 full month to go back to the dealer and pick up the green book with my (foreigner) name added to the list of pre-current owners.
    How could Vietnam be all that different than Thailand? (Now - today! the date of this posting is Aug 2009) All this stuff here must be years old, Thank You - Those days are gone in case you're really thinking of just popping into a south east Asian country and buy a motorbike to tour around on briefly

    Posted by jb5 on 16th August, 2009

  • jb5 - Stoey was written based on travel experiences in mid 2008. Vietnam is very different to Thailand when it comes to buying a used motorbike.

    Posted by somtam2000 on 17th August, 2009

  • hey this is a great story - im currently riding up through vietnam on a minsk. with 3 friends. also on minsk bikes.
    when i get to hanoi i hope to sell this bike to another traveller who has the same good intentions for her as i do!! ill be getting to hanoi between the 10th and the 14th of september. so if anybody would like they can email me with interest. thanks

    Posted by ryan parker on 19th August, 2009

  • I'm looking to go to vietnam next march april time riding from HCMC to hanoi. I was hoping for some advice and good routes to take over 19 days. This is an open ticket to anyone who would like to come


    Posted by SMITHY on 24th August, 2009

  • OK, I live in North Vietnam (Hai Phong, actually), and here's my experience....

    I went into a shop and bought a 2006 Yamaha Ultimo Mio (tiny-ass bike) for 11 million Dong. GOOD bike, but I found out later, is worth, on a good day, about 7 million Dong.

    Rode it all over Northern Vietnam, no worries. Battery died once, but my Viet girlfriend has an EXCELLENT, trustworthy mechanic who hit me 200,000 Dong for a new battery.

    Legally, got pulled over once (doing 60Km/H in a 40) and threw them my passport, "blue Card" (ownership paper for the bike that has somebody else's name on it), insurance card AND my bill of sale/receipt. Didn't even show them my U.S. license (which actually IS a Class M motorcycle license).

    I was told to pay a fine of 200,000VND and I signed nothing and got no paperwork in return (well, hopefully, my insurance premiums won't go up now). Was told by Viet friends that this was a very nice penalty, as, for the Vietnamese, this usually hits them 500,000 Dong-plus.....and MAYBE confiscation of their bike for a month.

    What do I KNOW and what do I *THINK* is correct??

    - NEVER, but NEVER, go to buy a motorbike WITHOUT a Vietnamese friend. All Viet motorbike shops/dealers on the streets see a TAY (foreigner) alone walk into their shop and they drool! ALL two-year-old and three-year-old Honda Waves REALISTICALLY (i.e. - being sold to a VIETNAMESE customer) go for around 8 million Dong. I went to TEN DIFFERENT SHOPS and it was like literally they were almost colluding with each other on their cell phones or something, as EVERY SINGLE SHOP said to me 15 million for their Honda Waves. GO WITH A VIETNAMESE FRIEND!! (THIS I KNOW....I made this mistake).

    - DO NOT BELIEVE your TAY friends when they tell you: "Oh, it's OK...naw worries....the police never pull over a Tay on a motorbike. Naw, they wouldn't dare mess with you......" (THIS I KNOW from experience [see story above])

    - You CAN ACTUALLY BUY a motorbike as a foreigner (THIS I KNOW)

    - BUT, I had been told by several people that, if it is a USED bike, that OWNERSHIP CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO YOU...and if it is a NEW bike, then legally, YOU CAN be registered as the official owner....but it is a METRIC TON of red tape. (THIS I *THINK* I KNOW)

    - You MUST have insurance on the bike. You can get it easily (just ask at a major Petromex gas station or a larger sporting goods store). It is SUPPOSED to cover your medical expenses up to, like, 30,000,000 Dong or some shit like that, but, as with U.S. insurance......don't hold your breath on them actually covering your claim! (THIS I KNOW....except the part about them failing to actually cover your claim - THAT is what I *THINK* I know from what I had been told, soooo......).

    REALLY hope this helps!


    Posted by ESL ExPat on 24th August, 2009

  • 2 Motorbikes for Sale - Saigon / Mekong Delta region

    2 x Ferroli 110cc motorbikes(with clutch, similiar to Honda Win)
    2 months old
    Done just over 2,000 kms each
    Full registration & insurance papers
    $400 each

    Very comfortable bikes - good for long distances & powerful on mountain roads.

    Email us if you are interested and we can send photo etc.

    Bikes can be picked up in Saigon or anywhere in the Mekong Delta (if you are coming in from Cambodia).


    Posted by Liz on 31st August, 2009

  • Hey Smithy, I'd be interested in joining you through Vietnam next year. Email me at
    I'm pretty clueless on this stuff so far, just got the idea in my head and thought it would be good fun once i'm done in oz

    Posted by Matt on 4th September, 2009

  • hey all. just about a week out of hanoi. my bike has rocked the whole way through vietnam.
    if anybody knows someone or if you would really like a bike thats reliable and clean. i have taken good care of it and hope to sell it in hanoi before this sunday!!! its a 2000 minsk. blue. looking to get 300 including a big bag of spares, tool and a full face helmet. but ill see how i go.
    send me an email or just comment this page if you are interested !!

    Posted by ryan parker on 6th September, 2009

  • We are two English guys coming to Saigon on 3rd October. Looking for 2 decent bikes to ride north, we plan to drive as far as Hue and then either dispose of them there or bring back to Saigon on the train to sell. Any sellers or possible buyers at the end of the trip please contact me with details on


    Tony and Harry

    Posted by Tony Harrison on 6th September, 2009

  • Hello there guys....

    all of these stories seem to me to be so much fun and I truly think that riding on a motorbike thru South East Asia is the best that one can do.
    Providing of course that one is physically not handicapped, which is a sad thing.

    Anyway, we are doing a great mototour of Thailand in early 2010 and if anyone wants to know more about it or even join us, everyone is welcomee.

    This is a small take of the test-ride we did a few months ago, this year:

    What's the bike you can use?
    There is a great variety of them on the Thai market but we love this one and we'll be riding on a Tiger Boxer 250cc manufactured by Tiger Motors CO. Ltd (Thailand)

    If you want to know more, do not hesitate and contact us.

    Frank V. & Nicky

    Posted by Frank V. & Nicky on 8th September, 2009

  • Nice plan.
    Hope I can join you there.


    Posted by John on 9th September, 2009

  • Can I know which documents one needs for entering Vietname or Thailand with an own motorbike?

    Mary jane

    Posted by Mary Jane on 10th September, 2009

  • Hi all,

    in Hanoi today (10th) looking for two minsks or vespas etc to ride south on.

    If anyone has any for sale please email me asap


    Posted by Vincent on 11th September, 2009

  • I know where to get a motorbike in Thailand, but not in Vietnam (Hanoi).
    Should you ever make it southern than Hoi Chi Min City then get back to me.

    Best regards Vincent and good luck.

    Frank V. & Nicky

    Posted by Frank V. & Nicky on 11th September, 2009

  • This is a great forum!

    We have 12 days motorbike time in Vietnam and fly in and out of Hanoi.

    Ideally we'd manage the whole HMC trail, though it seems ambitious (nigh impossible) to do there and back in the timescales.

    We were looking to hire bikes, but it seems better value buying a bike in Hanoi, selling it in HCMC and getting the train back to Hanoi.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? / know where we could buy (in Hanoi) / sell bikes (in HCMC)?



    Posted by Chris and Scott on 16th September, 2009

  • I am looking to buy two motorbikes in Vietnam. Right now I am living in Can Tho in the Mekong Delta. Anyone selling? My email is

    Posted by Jen on 17th September, 2009

  • My wife and I will be in Hanoi on the 2nd October. We are looking for a scooter 250cc for about 10 days. Either to buy and sell again, or rent. Any suggestions?

    Posted by Gary on 20th September, 2009

  • going to vietnam on the 1 feb 2010 for 3 weeks and i am going to travel form HMC to
    hanoi by motorbike can anyone tell me do they know of a good motorbike shop in HMC where i can find a good selection of bikes to pick from and what type (name and cc) of bike should i be looking for


    Posted by johnr on 20th September, 2009

  • Hi every one
    I supply minsks to ride from HCMC
    I mainly supply minsks which are fully overhauled by the local minsk mech and som are resprayed as well I have been doing this for a year and i know a good one from a bad one call me before you come ove and if you are on a round trip i will buy back as well . please beware of buing a cheap one as it may not bee mech sound which will void any insurance in an accident and you do not want to be a guest of the police here i can assure you . Also it may breack down a lot which will spoil your trip and if it is too bad it will be cofiscated and they will leave you where you stand . My prices are around 350 to 600 usd

    kevin raven +841654797017

    Posted by Kevinraven on 20th September, 2009

  • This post is greeat.

    Me and my friend will be trying to purchase bikes to do a trek from HCMC to Hanoi around March 2010. Anyone know if it would be cheaper/better to buy the bikes in Cambodia and bring them over to Vietnam?

    Also, is it illegal for foreigners to purchase and own motorcylces in Vietnam?

    Thanks in advance

    Posted by Amaru on 5th October, 2009

  • Dont get involved in personal importing in viet nam its a night mare and you could lose a bike .YOU can buy a very good bike for 500 usd if you know what you are doing but you can get ripped off if you dont
    A recent customere of mine paid 500 usd to me and has made it to sapa with out a single breakdown but some one else opted to buy a wreck off a vietnamese for 250 and did not make it even 150 km and came back on the train to hcm and bought another bike from me .YOU can own a bike in vietnam but there is a lot of red tape if you buy a new one but other wise a seond hand is very simple

    Posted by kevinraven on 6th October, 2009

  • we did a 12 day ride with a tour operator in Vietnam, Vietnam motorbike tours , all we had to do was make our own way to HCMC , everything else was sorted for us , great guides and motorbikes clean and safe hotels. away from the busy traffic of hcmc and into the Cental highlands , would be happy to recommend them to anyone.
    scott and Jane Aust ..

    Posted by scott on 7th October, 2009

  • I think the organised tours do a great job here and if you are not a confident person and need to be babysitted during your holiday adventure then that is for you . however the best holiday i ever had in my young years was a road trip through europe in an old american car . four of us put 250 ponds each in a pot for gas and fliped a coin for left or right at dieppe we packed tents and the usual stuf and kept going till we burnt up 500 pound then turned in the direction of home we met wonder ful people and had many adventures we were on the road four three weeks
    I live now in viet nam and i can tell you ho chi minh is a very safe city , far more so then any uk or european city the people are wonderful and most young people have a basic english vocaband are eager to help you so take a chance if you want a real adventure buy a bike thats ok for rough roads and ride out on to the adventure high way on your own bike then you can go where you like for as much time as you like

    Posted by kevinraven on 7th October, 2009

  • Hiya,

    Currently in Mui Ne on a 125cc Minsk and riding North up highway 1 to Hanoi. Should be there in around a week. Bought the bike for $375 in HCMC and looking to sell it in Hanoi once Im finished, anyone after a bike around the time let me know!

    Also anyone riding north near Mui Ne let me know and we could head up together.



    Posted by Henry Franklin on 24th October, 2009

  • Hi all. Thanks for this great post and for the really useful comments! i'm arriving in hcmc on 30 december and would love to buy a used bike to ride for five weeks. could return to seller or try to find a friendly rider in hanoi. many thanks to all that have posted useful info on this stream - really insightful.

    if you have a bike and want to unload it around the time i arrive, please drop a note chrismichael {at} gmail .com

    wishing everyone great travels!

    Posted by chris on 24th October, 2009

  • Hi all.

    I am a teacher/motorbike seller in Hanoi. Riding around Vietnam by bike is a FANTASTIC experience. One that you would remember for the rest of your life. I am based in Hanoi and have got a buying/ selling company with Minsks. All bikes will come with repair manuals and a full service.

    My e-mail address is

    Posted by AnthonyK on 29th October, 2009

  • Just arrived in Hanoi from HO Chi Minh; 9 days on a Honda Super Dream. Amazing experience, did the coast the HCM trail, mountains, the lot.

    Amazing experience. no guide, no language skills, no problems.

    2 bikes now for sale in Hanoi. 1*Honda Dream and 1*Honda Future Neo

    10,000,000 ONO for the pair ($550)


    +44 7838 138 044

    need quick sale.

    Posted by Chris on 2nd November, 2009

  • Hey all I'm arriving in HCMC tomorrow night (12/11), staying for a few days, then ride up to hanoi. if anyone has a used bike they're looking to get rid of (or a good place to buy one), please email me at thanks alot

    Posted by George Rogers on 11th November, 2009

  • Calling all HCMC based dealers, and "Just done the trip and need to offload the metal luggage" sellers!
    Myself, along with a good friend I have just met working here in the Cambodian wilderness, will be arriving in HCMC between 18/11, and 26/11 (Sorry can't be a bit more specific ATM) We will be looking to pick up 2 2nd hand bikes, between 100-125cc. We have got a few days to really have a good look at, and get a more accurate feel for the bikes. We are genuine buyers, level headed, and have got a good mix of respect for the rules, and the fun to be had bending them. We are, ideally, looking to part with $300-350 each. Please know that the bikes we buy WILL be lovingly cared for, maintained, and journied. Please leave details on here, E-mail, or ring Chris on +447872646422. Many, many thanks indeed. Rich.

    Posted by Richard A. Price on 14th November, 2009

  • Hi guys!

    I am arriving to Ha Noi with a friend somewhere around the first week of february, and would like to buy two motorbikes and ride them to HCMC and sell them there.
    Any offers from sellers/renters in Ha Noi, or potential buyers are appreciated. Tips and ideas are also welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

    Posted by Attila on 16th November, 2009

  • Hi, I will have 2 minsks available for you around that time. 350-400$ each. Need to arrive before the 3rd if possible.

    Keep in contact

    Posted by kobrowisky on 16th November, 2009

  • We have 5 second hand bikes available to buy from Halong City (21st Nov '09 and 22nd Nov '09) or from Hanoi (23rd Nov, 24th Nov) if anyone is interested.

    We bought the bikes in Ho Chi Minh city around 10 days ago and are just about to complete the trip up north. The bikes have all successfully made it without major hiccups and would be ideal for the reverse trip or even somethng shorter.

    The bikes range from between $250 and $350 and all include owenership card, insurance, helmet, full waterproofs and straps to attach your rucksack/suitcase and a comprehensive road map of Vietnam.

    If you are interested you can email or telephone/sms 00447590434768.


    Posted by atkaye on 20th November, 2009

  • Hello,

    Wow. What a great forum! Wonderful advice.

    We are arriving in HCMC on Dec 15, with one whole month to explore Vietnam on motorbikes. We want to buy ourselves 2 touring bikes, ok for city and country riding. Looking to spend about $400 US each, and ideally have a buy back option at the end.

    Also wondering if we can cross into Laos and Canmodia briefly with our bikes? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Ben and Helen.

    Posted by Ben and Helen on 22nd November, 2009

  • Your posts have all been very helpful :) I'm thinkning about coming to HCMC & doing some English teaching next semester- arount late January & really looking into getting a bike. Any advice on taking it across borders? (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, etc.?) What about tips for learning safely in the madness of HCMC if I've never ridden before?

    Posted by Trey on 22nd November, 2009

  • Thanks so much, Jason, this is extremely helpful :)

    Posted by Trey on 23rd November, 2009

  • Greetings all. I am a British national, currently working my way around Viet-Nam on a Viet-Namese registered 125 Minsk. ( I have the ownership card, and insurance, also). I have searched all over the place, and am getting very mixed responses to a very simple question- "Can I take this bike across the border with me to Laos, Cambodia, and, then,Thailand?" Please, if anyone knows the ACTUAL sketch, would they be so kind as to inform me. Thank you very much, indeed! Richard A. Price

    Posted by Richard on 25th November, 2009

  • I'll be in Hanoi in the 23rd of December.

    Never rode a motorbike before but am pretty confident I'll pick it up quickly. (i'm a great driver, perceptive, adventurous, common sense, etc)

    Are all those bikes clutch? No "Automatics?"?

    Also, i'd have my girlfriend and two packs on the bike .. can anyone recommend something?

    How bout theft? When making stops etc. can't someone just throw the bike in a van and pull away? (They do it here in NYC with sport bikes)

    If someone can help me out and answer .. and if these conditions don't sound too foreboding, I'd be in the market for a bike, in northern vietnam (Hanoi, HaLong city, Hue, etc)

    Posted by toxic8 on 29th November, 2009

  • Sorry forgot to add my email, if anyone wants to get in touch for whatever reason, a bike for sale, advice, companionship:

    I'll be going from Hanoi to HCMC December 23rd onwards have plenty time

    Thank you

    Posted by toxic8 on 29th November, 2009

  • Hiya Anthony,

    We will be arriving on the 15th of Dec, in HCMC. We want to buy ourselves 2 minsks as soon as possible, and get out to the country. Will you have some bikes and saddle bags ready for us to go? Are you in HCMC?


    Posted by Ben and Helen on 30th November, 2009

  • Hello all ! i'm from the UK but will be going off with a friend next june (2010) the plan is to buy a motorbike each and travel round, unsure to as where is the best place to purchase one i.e. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam etc... as we'll fly directley into the best place and purchase a bike each, want to travel round Thailand, Mynmar (if possible) Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia etc... Basically just going to keep on going and see where we end up ? Have no timescale as it dosnt matter really, going to be quitting our jobs and seeing where we end up, i.e. dont want to just go for 6/12 months and go back to England, want to move away. Probably sounds very ambitious idea but 100% serious ! Any tips what so ever please either post on here or e-mail me at Many many thanks in advance,thanks Dale.

    Posted by Dale on 30th November, 2009

  • Hi, I see what looks like some good options here (e.g. Kevin), but wanted to ask I'm flying into HCMC in mid december and out of Hanoi about 3 weeks later.
    It'd be great to rent a bike and then return it up north, but looks like that's not really an option.
    So I plan on buying a used bike ($300-$500) and then selling it in Hanoi in early January...does Kevin only deal with Minsks? I'd be more comfortable with a Honda, but I guess I'm open...sounds like Japanese bikes are more plentiful down south anyway?
    Thanks for the advice!

    Posted by Michael on 30th November, 2009

  • i should be arriving in hanoi in the next 2 or 3 days on a 2003 honda dream. rode up from HCMC with only a flat tire and an oil change for problems. did the coast and a sidetrip to dalat solo, cops never even looked twice at me. i hugely recommend doing vietnam on a motorbike. i know my bike has done the saigon-hanoi trip at least 3 times. not the prettiest thing, but very reliable. have the ownership card (insurance? what the hell is that?). bought it for $325 in saigon (with a full service), looking to offload it in hanoi for $300 or so. contact me at cheers

    Posted by george rogers on 1st December, 2009

  • We are arriving in Danang early feb and want to rent 2 bikes for about a week to go over the Hai Van pass to Hue then to the Vinh Moc tunnels and Phong Nha cave and back to Danang (or Hoi An). Will bikes rented from hotels be insured and do I need anything else apart from my passpoer and visa? Or is there better places to rent from, and which is better, Danang or Hoi An.
    Do you need maps?

    Posted by roynolan on 2nd December, 2009

  • Hi again,

    This message is really for Kevin Raven himself. It sounds like he is the best option. I can't find an email address for him though.

    I want to make sure he has a couple of good bikes ready to go for us, on about 15th Dec.

    My email is


    Posted by Ben and Helen on 3rd December, 2009

  • If you read through these posts, Kevin has posted his phone number on here.

    Posted by Amaru on 3rd December, 2009

  • Hi all, well agree with all the posts- a great forum. I am looking for four bikes from Jan 15 2010- flying into HCMC then heading to Hanoi.

    Any help sourcing bikes in HCMC will be appreciated. Is kevin the man to speak to? What is his email?

    Thanks guys, feel free to contact me @


    Posted by James on 3rd December, 2009

  • If you are starting your bike trip in HCMC, I would highly recommend going to see Kevin. He is a very nice guy, and he spends all the time you need with him, going over things, and his mechanics give the bike a once over before you go. To say that getting my bike was effortless would be something of an understatement. It was the simplist, and most joyous thing I have ever done. If you are reading this, and you ARE thinking about doing 'Nam o2 2 wheels, then IGNORE all of the negative things that are being put up here by people who haven't done it, and THINK they know what it's like. I have been on the road for 2 weeks now and EVERY second has been completely amazing. You will not crash, you will not die in a ditch. Fucking hell! You will spend days not seeing a SINGLE traveller, or English word, trust me. ALL Viet-nasmese people are VERY friendly, and will help you with anything. Just trust me, and if you are thinking about it..DO IT. I haven't even finsihed this trip, and I am already arranging my next one!

    Posted by Richard A. Price on 4th December, 2009

  • Hello Ben & Helen.

    I am actually in HCMC/Saigon now, looking for a bike and mabye some company, i will probably leave HCMC around the 15th. so if you dont mind some company please contact me at:


    Posted by Mikal on 6th December, 2009

  • sorry about doubble post
    but if anyone else wants to have some company for the trip, or parts of it. Dont hesitate to mail me
    Sounds like i`m giving this kevin guy i call today :D
    Thaks for a GREAT forum!!

    Posted by Mikal on 6th December, 2009

  • Great read, very helpfull.
    i will be in Vietnam early next year, arriving in HCMC. i was wondering if anyone know's of any good districts of the city for buying a good second hand bike. or even better if anyone knows of a particular shop worth visiting.

    thanks all.

    Posted by Simon on 7th December, 2009

  • theres a guy who owns this company called saigon minsk. its not really a company.. its just him. he put the mirrors on the vesper for top gear. haha
    his number is 01225656508
    email is

    should be able to get a good solid bike for abouit 3 - 350. i got a blue minsk from him, rode it 4000 km around vietnam for a month, and was able to sell it in hanoi for what i paid for it.. when you chat to him tell him you know me and remind him im the guy that bought him a drawing with another guy phillipos, himself and me in it..
    best reguards too!

    youtube 'ryan parker motorbike vietnam' if your interested in getting excited for crazy happenings on the road... hehe what a great trip that was..

    take care and DONT ride at night when your in shittsville. (middle of nowhere)

    Posted by ryan on 7th December, 2009

  • has this kevin guy got an email or just the above ph number?
    me and a mate will be arriving 1 march 2010 in ho chi minh and making our way to hanio or even to the chinese border. (on our way to HK). over 15-16 days.
    how'd ppl navigate round?
    helmets cheap? if anyone is planning the same


    Posted by paul on 7th December, 2009

  • I've been living for the past 4 months in Vietnam, Saigon specifically. I have a Vietnamese driving licence. On a tourist Visa, you will not be able to get one. You will be riding illegally not that the people selling bikes or hiring them give a rats rear end about that. $ is king.

    A friend of ours died 2 weeks after arriving in Saigon on his scooter. 28 years old. He did not have a licence and as a consequence, his health insurance was invalid. Family lost a son a ended up with a big fat medical bill too. Came off at night on loose gravel and hit a tree. Road conditions are appalling compared to western standards.

    If you do get stopped by the Police, they know enough English to deal with you. If you don't get the 'instant fine, your bike will be confiscated on the spot.

    Helmets are sold every 20 metres or so on virtually every street in Saigon and Hanoi. 25,000d. Quality is equivalent to something you would wear on a skateboard or Horse. The same CE test standard. They are little more than ornaments.

    The standard of driving is terrible here and it will take you a good 3 or 4 hours of riding to even start to understand the finer points of what little etiquette there is. Golden rule. If it is bigger than you, it has priority and get out the way. If it is in front of you and you hit it (even someone riding at you the wrong way down a 1 way street), it will be your fault. You are a foreigner without a licence.

    Enjoy your Top Gear trips but do so knowing the risks.

    I ride every day and love it. Vietnam is an amazing country with some of the most hospitable and friendly people that you are likely to meet.

    Posted by Scott on 9th December, 2009

  • Shit Scott!
    How negative is it possible to be?
    I bought a Minsk from Kevin the other day. he spent about 2 TWO days with me telling me everything i need to know and went with me all around and told me where to get what i need and want. This is the best service i`ve ever experienced!! And ofcourse, it CAN be dangerous to drive in Vietnam and what you say scott about "If it is bigger than you, it has priority and get out the way" OFCOURSE YOU DO!!! it`s common sense!
    If you are going to buy a bike in HCMC/Saigon, BUY IT FROM Kevin (01654797017) i personally vouch for him.

    ps. Dont ride in the dark here!

    pps. Kevin, if you are reading this: The bike`s working PERFECT, i am in Mui Ne now, of to Dalat in the morning (it took a while to get here, went the wrong way again and ended up in Xuyen Moc)

    Posted by Mikal on 10th December, 2009

  • what is the legal position for a tourist renting a bike from a hotel, I have heard so many conflicting reports from 'it's ok under 175cc', 'the police aren't bothered' are these bikes insured?

    Posted by roynolan on 10th December, 2009

  • good advice.
    can you buy insurance for a bike that has been rented?

    Posted by roynolan on 12th December, 2009

  • My flights are book (half anyway), now I need to get some wheels. I'm flying to Bk on the 4th Jan and then on Vietnam on the 5th (not booked), I'm think of riding/going Hanoi -> Saigon, due to the fact the north and central V* seems more interesting. but might do it the other way round.

    I'm looking at doing this Trip over 3/4weeks!

    If anyone has a bike for sale around the 5th Jan Or interest in joining me email me
    'bean_panther at hotmail. com'

    p.s found some good info the the Minsk owners club, if your thinking of riding traditional

    I've also noted Kevins post ALREADY thankx

    Posted by Panther on 13th December, 2009

  • Dear all potential Russian Minsk buyers in Hanoi. I am currently in Cat ba, and, due to unforseen circumstances, have to cut my trip short, and be in Hanoi on December 16th, from about Midday, until, roughly, 1700 the next day (December 17th). I am the owner of a 20 year old Minsk. I have, thus far, ridden just under 2,000 KM, across, and around the country on her, and I have not had ONE single problem with her. be it, zooming down The Ho Chi Minh Highway, up the highest mountains in The Central Highlands, or offroad trails in The North of the country. This is a hesitant sell, as I have no option but to sell it. I am offering this bike to SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY, for a reduced price of $300.00 (Three Hundred Dollars). This bike includes a custom paint job, customised luggage holders, military green saddle bags, Ownership papers, current In-Date insurance, and ratchet strap for your luggage. I guarentee you will have nothing but fun, and good times on this bike. I am truely gutted to be selling her. If interestd in owning this beautiful bike, please E-mail me on, or RING me on +44 787 264 64 22. Thankyou very much, Chris.

    Posted by Chris Ray on 15th December, 2009

  • I am based in Hanoi. I buy bikes, give them a full service, then re sell them to travellers. I am based in Hanoi if you wish to buy a bike up north. I have a connection down south(HCMC) who buys bikes which makes things a bit easier for you to re sell.

    If you have any quesitons, please dont hesitate to ask.

    e-mail me on if you wish to see the bikes.

    Posted by Anthony kobrowisky on 15th December, 2009

  • I too have a Minsk that I will be selling sometime around the 25-28th of December (give or take a day or two) when I arrive in Hanoi. I have owned it for a month and a half now, and after a few early repairs/replacements (electrical system, clutch plates) in the first week, it has been running perfectly the last month.

    I started in HCMC and am currently exploring the north before ending in Hanoi. It has with a doubt been one of the best experiences of my travels. I bought it for $400 from Kevin and am asking $375 or the best offer.

    The bike has improved front and back suspensions (it loves going offroad), an extremely comfortable seat, bagracks on both sides. It comes with two waterproof saddle bags (which fit everything I've been traveling with), helmet/goggles, English-Vietnam phrasebook, laminated repair manual, and complete tool kit.


    Posted by Greg Santanna on 16th December, 2009

  • It looks like Kevin is the way to go for a bike in Vietnam. I'll be buying one for a one way ride up the coast later this winter.

    Where is his shop located? Does he have an email? I'd like to get in touch with him.


    Posted by Waveland on 17th December, 2009

    Late 80's model, Black.
    Features- Improved rear suspension, and built in rear baggage racks.
    Sale includes military green double saddle bags (Approx 80 ltrs in total)Worth Aprrox $100.
    I have been riding this bike for 1 month, starting in the South, through the Delta region, along the coast to Mui Ne, through the Central Highlands, around the coastal north, and over the Northern regions/ Chinese border. So far, I have clocked up about 2,5000 km on her. I have had no problems with reliability, or running. Bike will be available, end of January in either Vang Vieng (Laos), or Luang Prabang (Laos). This is a reluctant sale, but, British customs won't let me take her home, otherwise I would take her home! For more information, and list of exras included, along with tips on biking across Viet-Nam, please E-Mail. Rich.

    Posted by Richard on 17th December, 2009

  • johnysac
    Posted on 10th December, 2009
    WOOOOWWW scott in country for for months and you know everything . your nothing but a green horn some of us have been here for five years and yes ho chi minh city can be bad for the in experianced biker or the only can ride automatics brigade but if you have a liscense for a bike that is translated from your embassy and stamped you are legal

    Hate to be a kill joy but actually you aren't legal at all. Which means any travel insurance you have is also null and void.

    The only way you can get a Vn licence is to get your application form stamped by the embassy/Vn employer etc etc (British Embassy charge nearly £30 for the stamp alone - takes one day) and take it, complete with 2 notorised translated copies of your home country's driving licence, 3 photos (smaller than passport size) + passport and most importantly a 3month visa! Without that minimum length of stay on your visa you do not even start to qualify for a Vn licence. Pay the fee (+ disbursments!!) and then wait a week while they process it and it then becomes available to be picked up. One guy I met there had been back 3 times and always they found problems with his paperwork. The licence itself costs 30000VND(about £1).

    IDP cards are not valid in Vn and if you don't have a motorbike qualification you have to take a Vn test etc. And if you need to do that they will also require a medical well from you.

    Sure you can have a whale of a time crossing Vn, I have. However I have seen a fair number of smashes and dead bodies along the way too. Certainly HCMC in the rush hour isn't for the novice or those fools who think they can just go off riding into the sunset with no previous experience.

    The main rules in Vietnam are, if my vehicle is bigger than yours, you had better be getting out of my way. If my wheel is in front of yours I have right of way. I will sound my horn and I will ride on what side of the road/pavement I feel like. I will also jump red lights - if there are timers displayed, the traffic will flow for at least 5secs either side of the red light coming on or off from both sides of the crossing. Total mayhem. Unless of course the Police are on duty there. Then you'll find the Vn people do actually know how to stop.

    Also be aware that most roadworks are not lit nor have barriers around them. You might find a tree with some leaves on it to signify that the road has been dug up or a metal pole stuck down a hole ...if you are lucky. As someone mentioned, best not ride around at night. Crash helmets are a joke but wear one anyway, unless you like to get stopped.

    Oh, and don't forget to try and practise priorité à droite. The Vietnamese live by it as well. They will think nothing of just driving out in front of you even on a major road. And on dual carriageway, nothing unusual to see motobikes coming the other way, on your side of the road, going flat out.

    Of course, if there is an accident the approach is the larger vehicle pays for the damage. If you haven't got a licence and a foreigner expect to be walloped with a bloody big bill even if you aren't at fault. Kill someone and well, I've heard Vietnam's jails aren't the best but you had better make the best of it as you will be there for a very long time.

    Currently the police down south are looking out for foreigners on bikes and pulling them. Mui Ne seems to be a hot bed at the moment.

    Theft isn't really an issue as most places have the 'security' guys who will look after your bike during the day while you eat etc. Night time, best locked away in the hotel parking area - hallway, basement etc. otherwise you might find it gone forever.

    Keep your wits about you and you'll be fine, lapse and you might be lucky. My Vn g/f has a metal plate + pins in her leg plus a very big scar running down it. She considers herself very lucky.

    Posted by Graham on 18th December, 2009

  • I'm selling a really good-running Minsk in Hanoi soon. Bought it from Kevin in Saigon and will be arriving in Hanoi in a few days after an amazing trip through Vietnam.
    Honestly a GREAT-running bike - always starts right away and runs strong all day, no problem. Orange with black wheels and luggage racks on both sides.
    I have the blue owner's card in hand.
    A great, great bike - asking $325.
    email mike0702300 yahoo dot com. Will be available Jan 3-4 in Hanoi. Thanks!

    Posted by Mike on 28th December, 2009

  • I will be arriving in Hanoi on the 23rd of january. I'm looking to buy 2 decent bikes for a one way trip down the coast to HCMC. Does anybody know if this Kevin Raven guy has a website or email address? I'd prefer arranging things in advance if at all possible...


    Posted by Pieter on 31st December, 2009

  • Can some one tell me Kevin Raven's email address??

    Or email me at:

    Posted by Andrew on 5th January, 2010

  • I am really interested in picking up a used bike. Right now I am in laos, but I would come back to cambodia if necassary.

    I am looking for a minsk but am flexible.

    would anyone with a bike to let go shoot me an email and hopefully we can work something out?



    Posted by Max on 11th January, 2010

  • Sorry,

    meant to say I would come back to vietnam without delay


    Posted by Max on 11th January, 2010

  • I will be in Ho Chi Minh at the begining of april and would like some advice?

    Where is it best to buy a bike in Siagon?

    Is it better to buy in $ or VND?

    What bikes are best to buy for reliabilty for riding across the country?


    Posted by SMITHY on 12th January, 2010

  • I bought from that company in Hanoi and all that bike was, was HELL!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! There is another western guy in Hanoi who works along side Kevin from Hanoi who does up Minsks decently. O yeah, if anyone has heard of the guy name Cuong in hanoi who is supposed to be an amazing mechanic, he doesnt work at his shop anymore and has these 2 other arrogant mechanics working instead that do half hearted jobs. Been living in Hanoi for 2 years now and all i got to say is that Minsk shop is bad news.

    Posted by docmartin on 16th January, 2010

  • docmartin
    could you tell more clearly about the shop you are saying ?
    Thank you !

    Posted by hitravel on 16th January, 2010

  • HI
    Looking for a good minsk in hanoi as of now for the next week or so. Any one with one or any advice? Thanks for the help!
    you can email me at

    Posted by odlove55 on 17th January, 2010

  • Yeah the shop is call adventure bikes. DO NOT GO THERE, I REPEAT DO NOT GO THERE!! The service suz abnd the customer service is terrible. With regards to buying the bikes in and around Hanoi, stick to the local westerners that are selling them. You might have to pay a bit more BUT the bikes would of been fully serviced and the customer service is there too + if you have a small problem on your travels, they wont hesitate to try and help out over the phone even though most the mechanics are okay on the Route. I know that Kevin and Anthony buy and sell and they got a half way mark in Hoi an that services bikes.

    Posted by docmartin on 17th January, 2010

  • I have a Minsk for sale in Hanoi.
    Want 150dollar for it, You will need to repair it for around 30-50dollar...
    It served well, looks like crap and goes like hell...=)
    If you are interested my email is

    Posted by Niclas Andersson on 17th January, 2010

  • Haven't heard of your company yet however, I dealt with Anthony in Hanoi, he was really good and helpful. I still stay in touch as i am now living in Hanoi. He does all my stuff and organises all the bikes for friends etc.

    Think he is on the forum.

    You can e-mail him on or his number is 0932566003.

    His bikes are in good nic. Just be careful when you buy and make sure that you get a bike that will do the job as Minsks are HELL otherwise.

    Does anyone know info on going over the border. thinking of doing a trip for TET and want to hit Laos and Cambodia.

    Posted by docmartin on 17th January, 2010

  • Thanks for all the advice.
    I will be getting in touch shortly! I want to head to the Sapa area soon and not in sheep fashion.

    Posted by odlove55 on 17th January, 2010

  • Hi there, Well we just got home from our travels - one whole month of pure adventure in Vietnam - certainly the best I've ever had. Just magic.

    We bought two good old Minkies from Kevin himself in HCMC. Great bikes, with great service. Kevin IS a good man.

    We sold the minkies when we were finished, up in hanoi, to Anthony himself. Also a good man.

    Both of these guys gave us a good honest deal. We were happy, and they were happy. No BS.

    I guess some of you lucky travellers will be buyng our bikes soon - good luck, and have yourselves the trip of a lifetime!

    ps. i miss my minsky.

    Take care. Happy travels.
    xxx Helen and Ben.

    Posted by Helen and Ben on 18th January, 2010

  • Looking to buy a minsk when I get into Saigon in a couple days. Does anyone know where Kevin is located? How much should I expect to pay for one in decent condition? I plan spend 3 weeks traveling to Hanoi, is this enough? Should I be concerned about issues with the police as I don't have a VN license (although I do have a valid US motorcycle endorsment)? Should it be relatively easy to sell it in Hanoi? Would really appreciate some advice.


    Posted by berrya22 on 20th January, 2010

  • I bought a bike from Anthony in Hanoi 2 weeks ago. I am now in Hoi an and the bike ha ben going really well. He spent over 4 hours with me and the bike, brought me into his house for a beer and a general chat and gave me excellent valuable info that has been really helpful. He also organised a place for me to stay in Hanoi. Forgot the name of the hostel but it was rate 2009 best hostel and had awsome rooms and facilities. THink it was called the Drift Backpackers.

    Thanks again mate! Will send you the pics when i get down to HCMC! Chris

    Posted by Chris on 22nd January, 2010

  • Thanks Anthony for the great sports edition Minsk! She is running great even with all the weight from the two of us and the constant rain. Trying to figure out where to go next from Halong Bay to avoid the weather. Perhaps I will see you again in Hanoi.
    All the best.
    Tommy and Kirsten

    Posted by odlove55 on 22nd January, 2010

  • Thanks Anthony for the great sports edition Minsk! She is running great even with all the weight from the two of us and the constant rain. Trying to figure out where to go next from Halong Bay to avoid the weather. Perhaps I will see you again in Hanoi.
    All the best.
    Tommy and Kirsten

    Posted by odlove55 on 22nd January, 2010

  • No worries guys, Yea the weather is terrible at present. Should improve in the next few days i think. Ride safe and any questions, give me a buzz....0932566003

    Posted by Chris on 22nd January, 2010

  • hey Anthony,
    the bike is still running well and we are hanging out in Ha Long Bay at the moment. We are trying to dodge the weather while hitting route 6 and heading north. It is hard to find a decent weather website and so we are not sure what we will be riding into. It was a good idea for us to buy the full waterproof pants and jackets as well as a tarp for our bags, so at least we are dry!
    We are not sure if we are going to head south with the bike yet, simply because of time restraints. So, if you hear of anyone interested in buying the sports minks back,(in the north around Hanoi) let us know, okay?
    We LOVE the bike and want to take it with us everywhere, but our visas are running up and we have to fly out of a major city to India. I am not sure how fast we can make it down to Ho Chi Min, without wearing out our asses! Also, the north seems like the nicest place to ride around. Any suggestions? We want to see some national parks and stay off the tourist route without disapearing from any civilation.
    I know this is a super long comment, so sorry! Again, thanks to anthony for taking care of us. We were able to get our bike really quickly after contacting him and he is a good business man. We have not talked to the guy who wanted a riding partner. Tell him to give us a call.
    01643548593. we should be heading towards hanoi again tomorrow morning at like 6AM, depending on the rain...

    Posted by Kirsodlove55 on 22nd January, 2010

  • Hi.
    I`m at the moment in Hoi An after driving a Minsk bought from Kevin in HCMC.
    I`ve had no problems what so ever except changing a sparkplug (doesn`t qualify at a problem does it) I have taken this route:
    Phan Thiet, Mui Nè, Dalat, Nha Trang, Buon Ma Thout, Pleiku and now Hoi An.
    Driving across the central highlands is a beautiful trip and i had a great guide in Buon Ma Thout 2 entire days for 30USD he showed me everything. recomended.
    But, here`s the question: does anyone have any tips on which route to take from here and up to Ha Long Bay. i`ve heard the Hai Van pass is best tu Huè but from there..?
    BTW, the guy in Hoi An that was suposed to fix/service Minsks doesn`t do that any longer.
    Does anyone know of any others who fixes Minsks around here?
    and, it`s IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of some 2stroke oil here!!!!

    Posted by Bugs on 22nd January, 2010

  • ANYONE THINKING ABOUT BIKING ACROSS VIET-NAM?? I have just biked across Viet-Nam, and then biked across it again. If you need any advice about anything, just drop me on I have just had the most blinding 2 months of my life, and very happy to help anyone thinking of doing it. Cheers.

    Posted by Richard A. Price on 22nd January, 2010

  • Thanks for the tips Anthony.
    You got an E-mail Adress?

    Posted by Bugs on 23rd January, 2010

  • LMAO at Jonny Sac! I love you guys who have 'been here for years' who seem to think that newcomers to Vietnam have their brain removed upon arrival! I've been riding proper bikes for a long time clocking up on average 30k miles per year. I'm sure you could show a green horn like me a thing or two though.

    So sorry to point out that reality of the law riding here and the experiences I have had so far. These were said so that people do not come here with rose tinted glasses and then suddenly find themselves completely out of their depth. Yesterday, I saw two dead bodies covered in a tarpaulin on Nguyen Van Linh, one bike under a bus (Not sure if the rider was dead) and then 1 dead body this morning 1km from where the other 2 guys had died.

    I can only think that with your ever so detailed updates on Kevin Raven's contact information, what currency he accepts, what phone calls he receives and precise expertise on Minsks, that you are somehow connected??? Notice that you didn't reply to Graham's post which pointed out your completely misleading statement about,

    "...if you have a liscense for a bike that is translated from your embassy and stamped you are legal."

    Compare that to this taken from the link below:

    "If you are caught without documentation, it is possible that you have your motorbike hauled away for an entire month. And according to the Australian Embassy website, penalties for driving unlicensed and causing an accident, whether you’re at fault or not, can be up to ten years imprisonment and if that accident is fatal, twenty years. Actual penalties are determined by the police and courts."

    So, here is an article written recently about the law. But should you not trust that, then trust the guy who makes his living from selling bikes to people with no VN licence and a few hours riding a rev and go in Magaluff.

    Stay safe people.

    Posted by Scott on 25th January, 2010

  • Actually Scott when I contacted Kevin about this he told me about the legalities and warned me of driving in Vietnam without a liscense so I do not believe people are being mislead here. But make no mistake, it's not legel to drive in vietnam without a VIETNAMESE liscense. I have defiantely heard mixed responses on what happens when police stop you, from a fine to nothing at all - but defiantely there are more people saying its not something to stress to much over, just to be cautious of (and maybe take a couple houndred USD with you just in case) Thanks for those vivid images though Scott, keeps everyone aware at least ha! I'll be doing this trip in March - April from HCMC to Hanoi, without a liscense, hopefully I don't end up in one of your posts!
    Safe Travels!

    Posted by Amarusol on 26th January, 2010

  • Yeah, ofcourse youre going to see accidents. i saw one lifeless body in the middle of the road in my way to Huè the other day.
    There are MILLIONS of motorbikes here. it seems like at least 30 prosent of them are in baaad condition with poor brakes etc. so i`m actually suprised i havent seen more. (saw one aroud Dalat as well)
    And, for the people wondering. i can only tell MY experience, but the times i have gotten pulled over (south of the DMZ) without a licence. nothing has happend.. not even a ficket/fine.
    but i guess, different people = different stories ofcourse.

    Posted by Mike on 26th January, 2010

  • 3 dead bodies in less than 12 hours is 3 more than I saw in 15 years of riding on UK roads. You can't dismiss it simply as some natural law.

    I'm not an anti-biking Nazi trying to put people off because from what I have seen so far of this country, it is an amazing place. I ride a classic Vespa here every day and cover about 30km's a day in Saigon. That's with my 2 sons on the same bike. It's a calculated risk. BUT I do have a VN licence. Yes, if you have enough dong/dollars in your wallet you can pretty much buy your way out of any situation. Riding a Minsk certainly in Saigon will put a big sign on your head saying "Foreigner with no licence." I've seen one on the roads in 5 months here. It was parked up.

    Another piece of advice from the green horn. Try not to ride alone. I know of two people who were just dragged to the side of the road after an accident and were laid flat on their backs by the locals. One nearly choked on his own blood. They were both fortunate to have been saved by a friend who was following a few minutes behind and spotted him in trouble and the other was spotted by another foreigner passing by.

    Johnny's advice about speed is crucial. I very rarely ride above 60kph on a relatively good road. 40kph maximum in the city. You are much less likely to seriously injure or kill someone else at these speeds too. Which is where the bit about not having a VN licence could seriously affect your liberty.

    I was stopped a week ago by the police and the officer spoke excellent English. Relieved me of 200,000d still even though I have a licence! No mirrors ( I rely on life saver checks over my shoulder than mirrors and the bike wasn't made with them) and my blue card for the bike says that it is silver (The bike is blue!).

    I'm not a Harly fan Jonny but your bike collection is very nice. I've ridden a Hayabusa and they are just unbelievable. I've seen 190mph (on the clocks of a Blackbird I owned) and so many other big bikes I won't bore you with the details. I'm not into arguing, least of all online. I only ever wanted people to come here with their eyes wide open and if some of what I have said sticks then great.

    By the way, I don't know JR. From the reports on here he sounds like he looks after people. I'll take your word for it that he points out the reality of not having a VN licence to his customers. You are either legal or you aren't. There are no half-way measures like a stamped translation from your embassy or an International drivers licence.

    Posted by Scott on 26th January, 2010

  • Scott, people arnt dragged from bikes for no reason and held on the ground, the locals in saigon are used to foreigners getting drunk, causing accidents and then driving off to avoid paying medical bills. Fair enough they want to not pay for their medical expenses when its not their fault... Motorbiking obviously does have its risks but take it sensibly and ull enjoy it.

    Posted by Chris on 29th January, 2010

  • I am riding a 1993 70cc Honda cub from Saigon to Hanoi. Will spend about 16 days getting there. If anyone is heading to Hanoi around the 20th of February 2010 and intends on travelling via motorbike back the other way I need to sell the bike and gear after.

    4,500,000 vnd (about $345NZ dollars)will buy you the bike with some papers, a new helmet (I am the 1st owner), rainproof poncho, a spanner and screwdriver plus some bungee cords for your pack. I am not making a profit off this sale, simply recouping some expense.

    My email is:


    Posted by TomNumber1 on 30th January, 2010

  • Well, We just got back from a beautiful drive around the center highlands and it was wonderful. We did see one serious accident along the way, but we drove slow and steady and hope that everything will turn out okay. The bike is still in good condition and we are glad that we have the extra size and strength to carry two people. No police have stopped us yet, so we are not sure about that but the few people we've run into that have been have said that the police are understanding and have let them go without valid VN DL. It probably does not apply to everyone all the time.....
    We are considering riding the bike to Cambodia. We have heard the it is possible but very difficult and involves bribeing/rice whiskey etc. We don't want to have to dump the bike at the border because of some hassle from border partrol. Anyone with any stories on border crossing? Also, any good Mink mechanics in hanoi? We stapped a clutch cable and now it needs some professional adjusting. take care and travel safe...

    Posted by Kirstodlove55 on 1st February, 2010

  • Just got back to Hanoi after a small tour by Minsk and Honda Wave of the north of vietnam (Hanoi, Mai Chau, Phong Ly, HaiPhong, Halong bay, hanoi) and sold the Minsk back to Anthony. The Wave was sold to a local on a train ;). Decided the long trip down south isn't for us, especially with just 2 more weeks to see the rest of the country.

    Anthony is a fantastic fellow, always willing to offer a helping hand or some good advice.

    Anthony told me he had already sold the Minsk to two Scottish guys. Good luck guys, whoever you are...

    Posted by Wiebe on 2nd February, 2010

  • Hi!
    I have found a very good mechanic in Hanoi. His name is Felix a French Canadian.
    His number is: 01287031065
    A perfect trip with a perfect bike in Ha Giang - Langson - Cao Gang- Hanoi.

    Thanks so much Felix!

    Posted by Robert on 2nd February, 2010

  • Hi Guys!
    I have a sports edition Minsk for sale in Saigon area. It is in great condition and I have had zero troubles with it. It will be available around Chinese New Years. Anyone interested in picking up a solid Minsk just call me at, 01643548593

    Posted by dmore88 on 5th February, 2010

  • He Guys,
    I'll be in ho chi minh on the 10th of March and looking to buy a reliable bike to take north! If anyones looking to sell around that time send me an email (robinmeijer[at]

    Posted by Robin on 8th February, 2010

  • Hi All,

    We are looking to sell two minsks purchased in Hanoi off Anthony. We have had great fun with these bikes travelling in an "S" shaped loop starting from Hanoi and now ending in Ho Chi Minh City all with no major hassles.

    We are looking to sell them for about $250 USD each negotiable (negotiate better for both together).

    If interested contact us on Tuan on 01254658111 or Greg on 01279110780 or reply on this post.


    Posted by Tuan & Greg on 8th February, 2010

  • Sorry, forgot to add we got two open face helmets w/ vizor we purchased in Australia and brought over here specifically for our trip. We are willing to part with them also (negotiable).

    Posted by Tuan & Greg on 8th February, 2010

  • OK, have sold one minsk, just one left now if anyone is interested, let me or Greg know.


    Posted by Tuan & Greg on 12th February, 2010

  • Bought my Minsk from Kevin in HCMC drove the HCM Trail up to Hanoi and sold it.. (unfortunatly) The bike har been working GREAT and it`s been a really good trip.. i`ll come back for more in a coupple of years :)

    Ps. Kevin, the bike should be on its way back to you in saigon :) Thanks for all the help.

    Posted by Mike on 13th February, 2010

  • OK, both bikes are now sold, the last one back to Kevin.

    Thanks to Anthony (for selling us the bikes) and Kevin (for buying them back), we has great experiences travelling through Vietnam North to South with them......anyone who is looking to do a similar experience, go to either of them (Kevin in HCMC or Anthony in Hanoi), they definitely take care of their customers!

    Posted by Tuan on 13th February, 2010

  • Hello, all potential motorbike travellers of Vietnam and beyond!
    We will be arriving in HCMC Saigon on our trusty beloved Minsk around the 27-28th of feb. The bike has taken us through northern vietnam, the entirety of Loas and we're currently in Cambodia.
    With the bike we will include saddle bags, safe helmets, water proofs, spare parts, vital tools and of course all the Priceless knowledge we have picked up along the way. All that you could possibly need for your trip. we have spent a fair bit of cash on the bike bringing it up to date.
    Anyone whose dates coincide with ours and maybe interested in seeing the bike, kit, and possibly making an offer send an e-mail to JES_J@HOTMAIL.COM
    I will post some information about our experiances, adventures, border crossings, advice about the bike ECT. once i have some more time.
    Hope to here from you!

    Posted by JesseJames on 14th February, 2010

  • Hi! I'm around February 25th in Saigon and want to buy an Minsk motorbike. If anyone wants to sell their bike, please let me know.


    Sietse (

    Posted by Sietse on 17th February, 2010

  • Hi! I'm around February 25th in Saigon and want to buy an Minsk motorbike. If anyone wants to sell their bike, please let me know.


    Sietse (

    Posted by Sietse on 17th February, 2010

  • Hey all, great forum and it is where i found Kevin Raven in HCMC. We bought the bikes off him today and start our voyage up to Hanoi tomorrow. The guy is really good, tells you how it is and what to expect from the bikes. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with him if you are thinking of doing the bike up to Hanoi from HCMC.

    1 of the Minsk bikes will be FOR SALE on the 5th/6th March 2010. If any one is interested let me know. Because we are on the bikes from tomorrow I may not be able to reply for a couple of days.


    Posted by Nsarge84 on 19th February, 2010

  • Correction! Both of the Minsk's are FOR SALE and available from the 6th March in Hanoi.

    The bikes (Boris and Natalia) are currently touring from HCMC to Hanoi. If you are interested in doing the reverse tour, get in touch with Nick on


    Posted by Nsarge84 on 21st February, 2010

  • Correction! Both of the Minsk's are FOR SALE and available from the 6th March in Hanoi. $350 ono per bike

    The bikes (Boris and Natalia) are currently touring from HCMC to Hanoi. If you are interested in doing the reverse tour, get in touch with Nick on


    Posted by Nsarge84 on 21st February, 2010

  • I have a Honda Cub 70cc bike available immediatly in Hanoi if anyone is looking.
    Has had work done and comes with a new helmet (i'm the 1st owner) and a few extras.

    Contact me, Tom, on:

    Posted by Tom Markham-Short on 21st February, 2010

  • hello
    I'm looking for a motorbike like the old one on the picture (wich looks very destroyed) do you have some like this for sell?

    Posted by diezzia on 23rd February, 2010

  • hi, we will arrive in saigon in 3, 4 days and want to sell our minsk there...interessted? you can write me an email> ...minsk costs around 300 us$ plus 2 helmets, tools and a very good roadmap of vietnam...ciao ciao

    Posted by eva on 23rd February, 2010

  • hi all,

    im booking my ticket to saigon for the 15th april and on arrival will be looking to buy 2 bikes to take me and a mate to hanio over a 3 week period. tips and advice welcome.

    really excited....!

    Posted by zac on 25th February, 2010

  • I have been riding my bike for the past month now. I am currently in Vang Vieng( Laos) . I have had the best trip ever so far. I really feel that every person should do a long journey on a Minsk. Best experience ever.

    Bought my bike from a guy who seems to advertise on this forum named Anthony. He helped me out a lot before my departure, showed me the ins and outs and was really accomidating. I would recommend him.

    If anyone wants to buy a bike in HCMC in the next 4 weeks as i am arriving around the 27 March, contact me.

    Posted by Donovan on 25th February, 2010

  • So far most of the dulich I've met have been nothing but a bunch of winginging c*nts. Stay at home if you are going to be rude foreigner wankers. I care not for my motorbike sales or your crude wanker behaviour. Kiwis included...

    Posted by Tom on 26th February, 2010

  • Hi, will be arriving in HCMC tomorrow - Monday 1st March, looking for 2 bikes to take up to Hanoi - if can offer any assistance please email or call 0916070983.
    Many thanks

    Posted by Alan on 28th February, 2010

  • hi all
    I arrive in HCMC 7 march and want to tour around vietnam on a bike. Im on my own but fancy giving it a go, probably want a bit of a on / off road bike bike as would like to do some dirt trails along the way.
    Does any one have any advise on where best to head to buy a bike in HCMC.

    Posted by Simon on 2nd March, 2010

  • Just finished the motorbike trip in Saigon today and we are going to leave Vietnam tomorrow! But before we leave we would like to say thank you very much to the people on this forum about your experiences!

    YEAH,we had a wonderful time on bike with 2 Minsks bought from Felix in Hanoi. We met him at hanoi youth hostel and bought those bikes there. Both worked perfect and no any broken-down at all.
    And Felix! Thank you very much for your time to show us about the Minsk and making a good plan for us and always ready to help us on the way when we needed your help! Thank you very very much for every thing you did!

    Veronica & Robert

    Here is the number i used to call him: 0932346745
    add: 56 Nho huyen str

    Posted by Veronica on 4th March, 2010

  • I've just finished a two month motorbike trip with my girlfriend, traveling from Hanoi to HCMC, going through Laos and Cambodia.
    I thought it was important to share some of the useful knowledge we picked up along the way as we used this forum as a source of information before arriving in Vietnam.
    Upon arrival in Hanoi we started looking out for Minsk's. We had a look at a few bikes for sale for around $300 from mechanics around the old quarter, all of which needed a considerable amount of work before being suitable for our trip. We then visited Anthony who advertises on this forum, he was very friendly and informative, so keen to get on the road, we bought the bike he had for $450.
    The bike had a couple of minor problems that appeared on the road to Cat Baa island, where we had them fixed.
    When we arrived back in Hanoi to pick up our Laos visa's, we started meeting various Minsk enthusiasts who gave us some really useful information:
    I'm astonished that no one has put this unbelievably useful website up on here: (as the slogan says!) "has everything you need to know about the Minsk in Vietnam" and anyone planning a bike trip, this site should be your first port of call.
    The Minsk's these people were riding were beautiful, all their bikes had cost considerably less than ours and and they all came from a mechanic reffered to as "The Minsk Doctor" his name is Cuong and here are his details i ripped of another website:
    The best and most reliable Minsk in Hanoi is Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure. They are conveniently located at 1 Pho luong Ngoc Quyen in the old quarter
    Their contact numbers are 04.9261534 (shop) and 0913518772 (mobile). Alternatively, you can reach them at their email address
    If I was to arrive in Hannoi at the beginning of a long trip again i would contact Cuong, Anthony and anyone else's details that you can find, have a look at as many bikes as possible and then you can be sure you will have got the best possible deal on the best bike for your trip.
    We then had an eventful month and half traveling through Laos and Cambodia where the bike almost constantly broke down with mainly electrical problems! It was very, very difficult to find mechanics who were willing to even look at the bike! so if you plan to travel through these countries make sure you are well stocked up with spare parts from Hanoi, plenty of optimism and the enthusiasm to have a go at fixing the bike yourself.
    But don't let this put you off as we had the greatest adventures we've ever had (and i've done a few big motor bike trips in other parts of the world)
    and with out all the breakdowns, spells of uncertainty and crazy situations, we would not have had the same trip and met all the wonderful people we met along the way. but saying that if you've done your research you'll most likely have a better bike than us!
    The last piece of useful information is regarding Minsk's in HCMC.
    Easily the best Minsk's we saw on our whole trip came from a lovely local mechanic who works out of his house in district 1. He had just sold 4 bikes to a group of guys from Belgium, (they did not know how lucky they were) i rode all the bikes every one of them was perfect and they were all bought for $300, with spares and helmets!!
    I can't imagine anyone could do you a better deal on a Minsk so if i was starting out from HCMC i'd certainly contact;
    Danh (pronounced Yan) on 01225656508 or
    he'll also repair your Minsk or buy your it for very reasonable rates.
    we ended up selling our bike to Danh for $200 which we thought fair, also he was such a nice guy (he let us keep the bike untill the day we left) and we were happy to think that it'd be at its best and back on the road to Hanoi again soon.
    i'd also stress how dangerous the roads can be in these countries (especially Vietnam) i feel its very important to be a competent and confident rider before taking on a similar trip. please be careful for yourself and considerate for the locals!
    Last of all i'd like to say again how fantastic our trip was and we can imagine no better way of seeing these amazing countries...
    Best of luck,
    Jesse and Eloise

    Posted by Jesse James on 5th March, 2010

  • hi,

    we are just on the way down to HCMC after 2 1/2 months motorbiking through vietnam and laos.

    we bougth the bikes in hanoi, made a roundtrip through the mountains down to laos over dien bien phu border crossing, way through to laos back to vietnam over nam kham border crossing then down south via ho chi minh highway and will arrive HCMC by sunday 7-th.

    the trip was again amazing, same like my former 5 Minsk-motorbike trips through Vietnam between 1994 and 2000.

    the bikes come along with original papers (ticket to border crossings to Laos and Cambodia...),helmets,tools,spare parts,roadmaps and both have luggage-racks.

    the bikes will be 300 USD each.

    you can give us a call under 01289120413 ore 01289120412.

    Cheers,Laeton & Winnie

    Posted by flauder on 5th March, 2010

  • Hey Anthony,

    You are a great guy, and we really liked you. The only thing that let you down was that price, for a far from perfect bike.

    We met SO many other Minsk riders and people who knew about the Minsk and this is how a typical conversation would go;
    "you payed $450 for that!?"-
    "well at least those saddle bags, helmets, spare parts and water proofs were included in the price??"
    i would reply,
    "well no, actually i got them myself....."
    the majority of these people had much better bikes than ours and the most anyone had payed was $350.

    it was embarrassing. So much so, we actually started started telling people we bought the bike for $400! this was still deemed far too much for far too little.

    Most of these people had bought their Minsk's from Cuong and recommended him highly.

    The story was the same with people coming from HCMC, except generally they had bought their bikes from other Tourists. We also met someone on a particularly good Minsk which had been bought for $300 from Danh who i can not recommend enough.
    (i have written his details on my last post)

    We actually bumped into Cuong himself at the spare parts market in Hanoi and he said,
    "where did you get that bike? have you not heard of me?
    i have around 30 Minsk for sale at the minute"
    he then looked at the bike and said bluntly,
    "I would have sold you a better bike than that for $300"

    So you can imagine our frustration.

    We don't mean to rain on your parade-
    We just want to share as much useful information as possible, based upon honest opinions from people who have no personal gain from advertising on this forum,
    In the hope that people in the same situation can make a fair, informed decision for themselves.

    i would also urge again, for people to check out WWW.MINSKCLUBVIETNAM.COM before embarking on your journey.

    Best Of Luck,

    Jesse and Eloise

    Posted by Jesse James on 5th March, 2010

  • I have got a Minsk business in Hanoi. I have got loads of Minsks for sale.

    Pros: All are fully serviced. free lesson on how to ride. free Minsk manual. Free helmet. A few free spare parts. Service station in Hoi An and a service/buy back option on HCMC. Also help out with accomidation in Hanoi and HCMC. Help out any ways possible and I will change anything you want not happy with.

    Contact me on

    Posted by theminskman on 7th March, 2010

  • Hi all, we just arrived in Ho chi minh city today and are looking for 2 scooters to buy.

    We intend to travel up the coast of vitnam and eventually make it to Hanoi...

    Was wondering what a good price for a Scooter is and whether it is easier to buy a new one, as we are hoping to set of in the next 2 days.

    any info welcome.

    Thanxs Trish

    Posted by Trish on 7th March, 2010

  • AVAILABLE 3/16 - 3/17

    Two Minsk motos that have been running the roads from HCMC to Hanoi, zig zagging from the coast to the HCM Trail, finding dead end roads and remote fishing villages. Solid engines. We've had no substantial troubles, just a few maintenance issues on old bikes which have been repaired. They are old bikes though and the leaking and the repairs are part of the fun(?), as well as arriving in every town covered in diesel fumes and two-stroke oil.

    It may be different in the North, but South and Central--NO LOCALS RIDE THESE BIKES. However, they do get a kick out of seeing you on them, we even had a group of elderly gentleman place bets on the makes of the bikes! That said, road side breakdowns and just pulling out a map or two will attract plenty of people willing to help you--usually atleast 5 or more :-)

    -- Large Map of Vietnam that shows small towns and roads not listed in Altas
    -- Atlas that shows small towns and roads not listed in the Large Map
    -- Beaten Lonely Planet guide for those days you have ridden for 8-10 hrs and dont want to hunt down a place to stay, and has reasonable blow up maps of larger cities
    -- Set of tools
    -- Whatever two-stoke oil we have left
    -- Two locks (not that we ever needed to use them)
    -- Spare electrical parts and cables

    Other things we've found:
    -- Its important to stock up on two stroke oil (2T) when you can, in South/Central it was easier to find in small village petrol stations and misc hardware shops where more people run farming equipment versus the big petrol stations along HWY1 and in the big towns.
    -- Buy spares in the big towns before leaving if you can...we couldn't since it was Tet and everything was shut. Sounds like Hanoi really is the easiest place to get it all via the Minsk manual.
    -- If you are coming from overseas, do yourself a favor and bring your own nylon cord, tube of lock tight, and duct tape.
    -- Most supplies can be found along the way but you'll be surprised by those one or two simple items you can't find.
    -- Petrol is easy to find, full on stations in the middle of the mountains right when all the bottle sellers almost had you fooled into thinking you've reached the end and have you coasting in neutral
    -- I have contacts and wished I'd had a pair of motoX goggles to keep the dust/grime/oil out of my eyes in addition to sunglasses
    -- If you are a woman rider you can inspire near hero worship in the young village girls, and everyone will enjoy waiting around to see if you can actually kick start your bike which usually earns a round of cheers and enthusiastic thumbs up signs

    $350 each o.b.o, willing to sell separately.
    contact:, please use subject line MINSK

    Can send photos and more details, and please feel free to ask more questions.

    Thanks and happy planning and adventuring!

    Posted by Two Minsk for sale, available 3/16-3/17 in Hanoi on 9th March, 2010

  • Hey Jesse, did you guys take your bikes on the boats to Cat Ba? If so, which company and what did it run you?


    Posted by Roaming Red on 9th March, 2010

  • Just finished my trip from Hanoi to HCMC. What a great trip. Went from Hanoi to Mai Chau up to Sapa, back down the beautiful HCM trail all the way to Hue, down to Hoi an then Nha Trang, Dalat and ended up in HCMC.

    Best thing i have ever done. I cannot believe how wonderful the people are in the country side and how beautiful it is.

    Couldnt find 2T petrol on the HCM trail but had enough stock so remember to take extra with you.

    Bought my bike from Anthony(who I couldnt recommend more) in Hanoi off this forum. Really helpful guy that is to the point and pritty much gives you the option to do whatever you not comfortable with on your bike before you depart. Took me to his mechanic and told him what I wanted changed.

    Trip had no serious issues. Just a spark plug and a puncture.Had some parts stolen off the bike in HCMC which sucked.

    If you wanting to hit this route, please feel free to contact me.

    Posted by Errol on 9th March, 2010

  • Yo,

    Looking for a couple of bikes in Ha Noi around 16th June 2010 if any one is selling then e mail me on


    Posted by Seth on 10th March, 2010

  • Heyy,

    We just bought two Minsk bikes from Anthony in Hanoi. Contacted him a while ago and he had two bikes for us. Contact with him was good, real quick. He provided us with some extra parts and some last few adjustments were made at a shop, real good service here!! He helped out real good, if it was about the bike or to find some other things we needed for our trip. We really appreciate what you did for us Ant, thanks a lot and we'll recommend you to anybody! See you around,

    Marc & Jasper

    Posted by Marc & Jasper on 10th March, 2010

  • Hi, I'll be in HCMC on about the 15/16 of March, am looking to buy a second hand bike, preferably a Minsk. I'll email Jason as advised above but if anyone is selling privately then let me know - I'll need all th gear aswel.
    Also, if anyone is thinking of heading to Hanoi around that time and would like someone to ride with then give me a shout, I'd prefer to ride with someone than on my own.

    Posted by Julie on 11th March, 2010

  • Hi, I'll be in HCMC on about the 15/16 of March, am looking to buy a second hand bike, preferably a Minsk. I'll email Jason as advised above but if anyone is selling privately then let me know - I'll need all th gear aswel.
    Also, if anyone is thinking of heading to Hanoi around that time and would like someone to ride with then give me a shout, I'd prefer to ride with someone than on my own.

    Posted by Julie on 11th March, 2010

  • Don't buy a Minsk. Do you see any Vietnamese driving a Minsk, only the foreigner who just arrived. Probably because Lonely Planet recommends this so all tourist wants to buy one. That was 10years ago when the Honda's were very expensive. Just buy or rent a Honda Future II or Dream. The Future has a front disk. I rented the Future for 800.000 a month, you can buy one for 12.000.000VND. The dream goes for 8.000.000VND.

    The law that a foreigner can buy a bike changed a couple years ago. Quite easy to register on your name, at every motorbike shop they have someone who do the license registration.

    Posted by Peter on 13th March, 2010

  • Hey Everyone!
    A friend and I are planning to do a trip from HCMC up to Hanoi just wondering if anyone who has done this can give us a ballpark figure on what we are looking to spend total for the trip? Anything would be appreciated. We are goign to be looking for bikes in HCMC around the end of March so if anyone has any for sale email me at, thanks!

    Posted by Kris on 13th March, 2010

  • Hi everyone,

    Myself and my boyfriend are looking to buy some bikes in Hanoi and ride around the North - any suggestions on an itinerary would be great - we have about 2 weeks max. If we need more than 2 weeks we can extend our visa.

    We met Kevin Raven in HCMC and he was really nice - took the time to tell us about the bikes, routes to take, and answered all of our questions. We ended up not buying from him only because we didnt think we'd have the time to make it from HCMC to Hanoi and also do the north. He did reccommend Anthony up in Hanoi to buy bikes from - we should be in Hanoi on the 22nd March, so let us know if you have a couple of bikes for then and what prices we are looking at.

    Thanks and happy travels everyone!


    Posted by suz on 14th March, 2010

  • Hi everyone,

    Myself and my boyfriend are looking to buy some bikes in Hanoi and ride around the North - any suggestions on an itinerary would be great - we have about 2 weeks. If it is suggested we need more than 2 weeks we could maybe extend our visa.

    We met Kevin Raven in HCMC and he was really nice - took the time to tell us about the bikes, routes to take, and answered all of our questions. We ended up not buying from him only because we didn't think we'd have the time to make it from HCMC to Hanoi and also do the north. He did recommend Anthony up in Hanoi to buy bikes from - we should be in Hanoi on the 22nd March, so please let us know if you have a couple of bikes for then and what prices we are looking at.

    Thanks and happy travels everyone!

    Suz and Ro - +84 1294402093

    Posted by suz on 14th March, 2010

  • Hellow!

    We will arrive in Hanoi around the 22th this month. We've got two Orange Minsk's for sale. This trip was surely the best experience in South East Asia! It's such a nice feelig to ride your bike through Vietnam. We've had no real problems with the bikes (only some small: flat tire, dirty sparkplug). The bikes are in a good condition.. Straps, helmets, lock, repairmanual included.

    Please let me know if someone is interested. both for sale for around $400 US.

    Contact me on:

    Posted by Sietse on 19th March, 2010

  • Hi Peter,

    We are currently in Hanoi, do you know where we could by a Honda in a trusted shop? We are thinking of driving to Kuala Lumpur. Anyone with tips & trics (on bordercrossing e.g.) or good ideas email me at

    Cheers Paul

    Posted by Paul on 20th March, 2010

  • i will be arriving in vietnam this Friday and was after some advice on where to go in Ho chi Minh on friday and Saturday evening. I will also be buying some bikes riding up the cost to Ha Long bay and was after some tips on stuff to see and do and not to miss. All opinions welcome on what is good to see and do.

    Also there will be 4 of us trecking the country over 3 weeks anyone welcome to join this weekend.

    Our journey will be ending in Hanoi on the 19th of April so if you are after some bikes we will be selling 4x Minsks

    My contact address is


    Posted by Smithy on 30th March, 2010

  • I just did my trip round Vietnam for Hanoi. Rode from Hanoi to Mai Chau, then up to Sapa. Roads are quite rough but do-able. Caught the train down and stuck my bike on the train back to Hanoi to save some time. Then rode the Hoi Chi Minh trail down to Hue and the coast line to Hoi An, Nah trang. Ended up in HCMC.Bouht my bike from Anthony in Hanoi. Told me how it was and sorted me out for the trip.Only problem that i had with the bike was 2 punctures and a spark plug. The trip took me 3 and a half weeks. Was amazing. Words of advice, carry a lot of 2T oil with you and a spares kit.Inner tube, electric box, spark plug and the tool to remove the spark plug,brake, clutch and accelerator cable and the coil that generates electricity inside the motor. If you have a problem with your bike, stop at the nearest mechanic and get it sorted, dont keep riding as it will only get worse, DONT RIDE AT NIGHT! I rode with some other guys that learnt the hard way.....

    Posted by Matt on 2nd April, 2010

  • Haha! RIde a Super Cub around Vietnam. I would rather walk. It may be reliable(if it has its original parts and not the chinese ones which is 100% likely to be) but the motor size is 70CC. I could run faster than that, with my rug sack on my back.

    You make me laugh. Yeah stick to Minsks and Honda wins(more expensive and not as strong on the hills but reliable). Had a guy buy one off a guy in Hanoi. Had no problems except the indicators giving way.

    Posted by Matt on 5th April, 2010

  • 4 minsks for sale in nah trang. 3 working well 1 needs new clutch. They have come up travelling round the south. We have run out ou time so why we are selling. Please contact me through this website, email or by phone +841202511413


    Posted by Smithy on 8th April, 2010

  • Hi guys. My girlfriend and I just bought 2 great Honda Win motorbikes from Anthony in Hanoi (we are going to ride the northwest loop for a couple of weeks). We would highly recommend buying a motorbike off Anthony because he went out of his way to help us. He got us the exact bikes we wanted and made sure they were in great condition. He sorted us out with spare parts, etc and even spent a couple of hours teaching us how to ride them. Thanks Anthony!

    If we have time we are thinking of extending the trip to the north east towards Halong Bay. Does anyone know what the roads are like in the north east? Are there any 'must see' places we should go?

    By the way, we will be arriving back in Hanoi around the last week of April - if anyone is interested in buying our Honda Win bikes let us know - / +841294402093.
    We would also consider selling them in Sapa.

    Ro & Suz.

    Posted by mushyp on 9th April, 2010

  • Hi mushyp (Ro & Suz),

    Just wondering what price you paid for your Honda Win motorbikes?

    Also, did you have any troubles with them whilst on your trip? If so, what was the major issues?

    Can you also give some insight into any difficulties etc associated with ownership papers, insurance and licences.

    Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Posted by Jonjish on 11th April, 2010

  • There are some awesome tips on here!

    I'm a 19 yr old student from New Zealand and will be travelling to Vietnam on the 21 June this year. I'll have 6 days or so where I want to travel from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi by motorbike. If anyone's keen on joining me, I'd love the company! Just email me at and we can talk some more :)

    Posted by Matt Campbell on 12th April, 2010

  • Hi,

    I've just deleted a bunch of messages off this thread by businesses buying and selling bikes.

    If you run a motorcycle business in Vietnam, see the FAQ thread on the motorcycle forum ( for more information on how you can get listed.


    Posted by somtam2000 on 13th April, 2010

  • So we just had a days ride with the easy riders, fell in love with it and want to travel Vietnam, Laos and maybe even thailand with it.

    We figured getting a Honda would be safe and plan to go to Ho chi Minh city in 2 days to start our shopping spree.
    If you have any experience with shops in HCMC we wold love to hear about it. This thread has given us so much info already...
    planning to get a vietnamese to go with us , getting it checked mechanically and getting some things changed/ filled. BBuying good helmets and stuff like that.
    If by any chance you arrive in HCMC in the next days and have bikes for sale, let us know.
    Any other reccomandations are welcome anyways. (i read somethings about insurance, but it's still fuzzy... so is crossing the border (Lao Bao) with motorcycles... any suggestions are welcome.

    Posted by judy on 13th April, 2010

  • Hi Jonjish,

    We are currently in Dien Bien Phu and have had no problems with the bikes. We bought Honda's instead of Minsks because we had heard they are much more reliable (all the locals are riding them here) - you can pick one up for around $400US. As for ownership papers, we got these when we bought the bike. Neither of us have a motorbike licence or insurance, but this does not seem to be an issue in Vietnam - we have passed a couple of check points on out trip, but we were not stopped by the cops and they gave us a smile and a wave.

    Hope this helps!
    Ro and Suz

    For anyone interested in buying, we will be in Sapa on the 17th, and back in Hanoi around the 23rd - we will consider selling in either place - / +841294402093

    Posted by mushyp on 14th April, 2010

  • Hi Guys,

    So glad I found this blog, some really useful info on here.

    I'll be in HCMC around 19th-22nd April 2010 and will be making the trip up to Hanoi by bike. If anyone fancies joining me for part or all of the trip, I would very much welcome the company. You can get me on



    Posted by Dunc on 14th April, 2010

  • Today we want searching for two bikes in HCMC and we actually (by pure coincidence) stumbled into a small company called C&J bikes on 114 Bui Vien, District 1. The company is run by a Canadian (Jason) and a Vietnamese guy (Chuong) that really gained our trust and helped us out.

    For 450 USD each we ordered two Honda-frame bikes that are currently being revised and repainted. The bikes come with some spare parts and 'trip-long guarantee'. Really nice folks. I suppose the price is not all that good, it's not bad either and it certainly gives us some peace of mind. Tonight we're having drinks with the guys. They're building a website, so I might post the URL later.

    Posted by juda on 16th April, 2010

  • A trip long guarantee!? So when you stuck in the middle of bumbleFUC with a broken down bike they going to post you your cash back i presume? or do they pay for your transport back to HCMC and then give you your money? Sounds a bit weird.... I trust guys more who tell me that I might have a few problems than a guy that says, have a guarantee from non registered company, you going to rock on these 1980 bikes all the way to Hanoi but if not, we will give you your (450$!!!!!!) back.

    Enjoy the drink...

    Posted by matt on 16th April, 2010

  • Anyone know what kind of clutch oil to put in the minsk?

    Posted by amarusol on 17th April, 2010

  • I've just finished riding my Honda Win from Saigon to Hanoi and unfortunately am now needing to sell it to move on.

    The bike is awesome, I did the whole trip, covered over 2000kms, including a lot of the Ho Chi Minh trail, without having a single problem, apart from a flat tyre (there's not a lot of Minsk drivers who can say that!)

    It comes with papers, insurance, bungee cords, helmet and you can have my Lonely Planet and some maps aswel if you like.

    It's had new rear brakes and inner tube recently and it runs beautifully. It's cool as hell and I'm sad to sell it.

    So, if anyone in Hanoi wants a Honda Win, get in touch, I'll be here for about a week.
    or email

    Posted by Julie on 17th April, 2010

  • @johny sac

    Hi Johny. Actually, we didn't get Honda bikes. Too expensive, they said. Instead we got refurbished Korean bikes. They did a nice job on it, changing about all the parts you can think of (including the engine, which is like new, the tires, etc.). So basically, we got really nice quality price bikes for a fair price, considering. We collected the bikes and they look really nice, sounded really nice and were just generally ok.

    Actually, we didn't get guarantee like that, that's quite impossible. It was more like the guy promised us (and we really trust him) to help us out in whatever way he can. Actually, he did predicted the bikes would probably break down on our trip, but offered us to speak to the mechanics (by phone) and tell them to be nice to us and give us advice on how to fix things. He provided us will all the major spare parts (i.e. a spark plug, ignition coil and an electric box) and tools to fix things. All not really expensive stuff, but nice service anyway. Furthermore, having somebody really reliable that actually knows about bikes and does not like to fool with tourists is really nice. And his Canadian partner added some more trust, by the way.

    Posted by Judy on 17th April, 2010

  • minsks are the best! just did the trip from Hanoi, now looking for buyers in Saigon for the beasts...$330 per bike - any takers?

    Posted by Katy on 18th April, 2010

  • 2 Honda Wins for sale in Hanoi, $350 each. We have just completed an amazing 10 day trip riding the Northwest Loop with absolutely no problems from the bikes. Come take a look outside the Youth Hostel, just down from Hanoi Backpackers in the Old Quater. Recently fully serviced and comes with spares, registration, helmets, locks, maps, phrasebook, bundgy cords, rain gear etc included

    email / +841294402093 / or ask for Ro and Suz at the Youth Hostel, room 202.

    Posted by mushyp on 20th April, 2010

  • Hi,
    This is a message mainly for Kevin Raven. I will be in HCMC 22nd April and am looking for a Minsk to do a 2 Month trip in Vietnam. Hoping to buy a good reliable bike from you for this trip. Do you have one? I have been going through this forum and you are obviousl the guy to buy off in HCMC. I have your phone number and will be in touch over the next couple of days. Oh, I will also be looking at getting some racks made for the bike.

    Cheers and see you soon.

    P.S. Anyone out there offering positive advice I would be more than happy to meet in HCMC or over this forum.

    Posted by frankief on 21st April, 2010

  • Frank

    Touring Vietnam on a bike is the best form of travel,
    if your buying a old bike be sure to get plenty of spares, in the country areas your be pressed to find replacement parts. everyone seems to have $300-$400. price on buying a bike, shop around lve seen some of these bikes and l wouldnt pay $20.00 for them, thats not to say there arent good ones out there, tour the Central Highlands and Hcm Trail road much better than the coast, good maps are hard to find, Dalat seems to have good maps to buy,carry plenty of small money in Dong, make sure your bike has mirrors and wear a helmet, thats the main things the law will stop you for,pleny of sunblock ,
    aprt from local city , dont ride at night, the cows,pigs,goats,dogs and chickens dont have headlights
    also the locals like to save power by not using there headlights, the food is great and bottled water can be bought anywhere, eat at the busy places, oh make sure your horn works on the bike your need it,
    have a great time, safe riding
    Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Posted by jason on 22nd April, 2010

  • oh for anyone keeping in contact with friends etc, Vietnam has face book blocked, there are some internet cafes that seem to find there way around it.
    We run private tours all year long , using quality bikes and great guides,we use good family owned Hotels,
    our tours are designed for riders wanting to see the real Vietnam, away form the busy tourist areas, riding the Central Highlands and Hcm Trail Road , which offers the best road touring in Vietnam, beautiful country side, lush green jungle, lots of small villages, and no tourists.
    we take advanced bookings, we also take travelers not wanting to ride, that go as pillions, relax on the back of a good bike let our guides show you the very best of Vietnam, its a truly amazing country ,
    we are western owned and part profits go the help local poor children and families
    we are located in Nha Trang and provide custom tours
    Vietnam motorbike Tours .com

    Posted by jason on 22nd April, 2010

  • Katy,

    Is it possible to view the minsks? I am afer one of them? I am in HCMC.


    If you have bikes available can you please call me.

    My no. is: 01222730133

    Cheers, Frank

    Posted by frankief on 22nd April, 2010

  • Hi there all,

    I have been trying to contact Kevin Raven HCMC on 01654797017 but it is not his number. Some one else keeps responding. Can any one out there pass on a number for kevin Raven. I have also tried to contact Anthony in Hanoi and could not get through to him.

    Please help.


    Posted by frankief on 22nd April, 2010

  • Cheers Anthony,
    I've been to see Kevin and have bought a Minsk off him.

    Posted by frankief on 24th April, 2010

  • Hi frankief, are you still in HCMC or somewhere else in Vietnam. I'm leaving HCMC tomorrow and some advice about bikes would be very useful!

    Let me know,


    Posted by Dunc on 25th April, 2010

  • Hi everyone. This forum is absolutely brilliant! I am landing in Hanoi on the 4th June and am considering buying a bike and riding to HCMC then somehow getting back up to Hanoi (train, bus, plane, even riding if I have the time!). Does anyone care to join me? Email me at

    Posted by travelhungryboy on 2nd May, 2010

  • Hello,

    My wife and I have just arrived in Saigon after completing our ride from Hanoi.

    We have a Minsck for sale. It has been a great bike for us and we have not had any problems. We bought this bike from Cuong's in Hanoi. It has two new tyres and inner tubes plus normal spares and kit. Two full face helmets and a litre of 2 stroke oil thrown in!

    Please contact Edd or Mel on 01889 152847.

    Any sensible offer taken.

    Posted by Edward Perry on 4th May, 2010

  • HELLO!
    We have just arrived in Hanoi, after completing the journey from Saigon. We have 5 minsks for sale!! Will sell really cheap. They have been great to us, we have put some money into gettign them new parts and we will be honest about what needs to be done. W have a full set of tools, a couple bottles of 2stroke oil, helmets plus ponchos. One bike even includes saddle bags!! (very useful) It's an amazing experience and you gotta try it! Call Aaron @ 01636342784.

    Posted by Kris on 5th May, 2010

  • Hi! Two Aussies here in Vietnam for 2 months, spent the last month riding from hanoi up to sapa and down to HCMC!! Best thing I have done in my life, hard yet so so rewarding. We now have two bikes for sale in Saigon (HCMC) Honda Win Copy (CM 110cc) and a Honda GL luxury sport.

    I brought the Honda Win Copy (VCM 110cc)with only 1200kms on the clock so it was not even run in and for the next 2000 kms I thought the bike had a top speed of 70 in 4th. I spoke to a mechanic and he told me it will do 95! So i have babied the engine unwittingly. It has been run in very well as a result and with only 5030 kms on the clock the bike is still very shiney and needs no work done at all and I have needed to do nothing to it unlike the minsk i brought and later had to abandon. ELECTRIC Start is a huge bonus as anyone who has done a long stop start trip will attest. The headlight is very bright and I have riden at night quite happily, despite the warnings. Doing a trip like this will see you doing some night driving even if unwillingly so get a good light.
    I want 450 US as it is still as new and I have cared for it with love. I was offered used bikes like mine for 600 by locals in Hanoi! I went cheap brought a Minsk for 295 and it was money down the drain plus constant delays at Mechanic shops. Cost 350 by the time it died. Sorry Minsk lovers but I had a bad time. The Vietnamese hate the minsk in the cities as they are noisey tractor like 2 strokes and blow so much smoke you will see in your rear views people holding their mouths and glaring at you if you care to look. I would go as far as to say they are offensive to the locals other than in very remote places where you see locals riding them occasionally.
    The Honda is not in the same condition as it has done 58,000 kms but it is 50cc more powerful and brakes very well. Kickstart and the headlight is acceptable but not great. It looks tired but it is a strong genuine honda and that is very important. Asking price is 350 or nearest offer. I have heaps of great pics of the bikes over the course of our trip and am proud to email them to you on request.
    Contact me (Sam) on 0120 304 3353 or Glen on 0166 942 1690
    They are local numbers so not expensive.
    I don't want to start a war with minsk lovers I know they are legion so please don't take offense with my personal opinions.
    You can also contact us on but ph contact is much preferred.

    Posted by happyhellhound on 6th May, 2010

  • for hassle free motorbike touring based in Nha Trang on the coast , away from the crazy big city traffic try
    Vietnam Motorbike Tours.
    free range custom tours, 1 way trips from the South to the North, See The Real Vietnam On Real Motorbikes

    Posted by jason on 11th May, 2010

  • Hi Anthony. Heard you are the guy to talk to if you want a Minsks in Hanoi.I and 3 more friends will be needing bikes around the 25 of May.

    Need them to carry us all the way into laos etc.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Posted by Mac on 12th May, 2010

  • Hello

    I will be arriving in Hanoi on hopefully the 16th of May with another friend, both by minsk and both wishing to sell them. We have driven them from Siagon and have had an amazing time doing so. Definately recommend it to anyone. The bikes we are selling have been brilliant, and even made it comfortably over the harder HCMC trail roads. We are selling the Bikes with 2 helmets, 3 spare spark plugs, any extra 2 stroke oil we have left, padlocks and chains, and a full tool kit. Both Bikes also have panier carriers. Also of course helpful advice about the route, mechanical information etc.

    For more info contact us on
    +84 (0)1659417150

    or e-mail us at


    Looking forward to any responses, Dave

    Posted by David Goslyn on 14th May, 2010

  • Hi all,

    I am in Hoi An at the moment and looking to have my Minsk serviced here. Does anyone know of a good reputable place for this. I Have read here that Anthony may know of some one.


    Posted by frankief on 16th May, 2010

  • Hi,

    My husband and I did the ride from Hanoi to Saigon in April/May. We bought a great Minsk from Chuong's in Hanoi, along with spare parts, service manual etc. Not that we needed it, we never broke down!

    I can definitely recommend seeing Vietnam this way, rather than the normal tourist trail. Such a great experience in a beautiful country.

    When we arrived in Saigon we sold our Minsk to Kevin Raven. He gave us a great price for it because it was in such great condition. He also showed us the other bikes he had for sale. They all looked great and he was selling them for a very good price. Kevin was very good with us and has a lot of knowledge about the bikes and traveling Vietnam.
    If starting in Saigon, I would give him a call.

    Posted by Melissa on 21st May, 2010

  • Hey guys. im planning on doing the trip from hanoi to saigon, was just wondering what the best month it would be to do this? also how long it should take me? thanks heaps guys. hope everyone enjoys their future rides.

    Posted by graham on 25th May, 2010

  • Hey Graham
    Some people did it in two wêeks but I would never try it: I don't want to just ride 6 hours a day and don't have breaks to sêe nothing. I think a month is a gơod average if you want to enjoy as much as possible.
    For the gơod month, depends if you like very hot weather or cơoler (a little bit). HOT: From May to September. The rain happens mostly in the morning in vietnam so I would eaven care of the rainy season.

    Posted by greasygabriel on 25th May, 2010

  • I wanted to say: "wouldn't even care about it"

    Posted by greasygabriel on 25th May, 2010

  • Hi, we're about to head off from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh on 2 Honda bonus (125cc). We're tossing up the options of Highway One or the Ho Chi Minh Trail to start our journey. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Posted by Iona on 26th May, 2010

  • Take the hassle from touring VN

    Vietnam Motorbike tours offers free range custom tours
    riders and travelers wanting to see the Real Vietnam.
    Quality bikes, top guides, Great hotel stays
    back to base support,
    book your tour and start the adventure of a lifetime

    from 1 day to 20 day Top Gear Tour

    part profits help local poor families

    Posted by jason on 29th May, 2010

  • I did the trip myself. I have to say that it was amazing. No need to do travel packages as it is really easy to do it yourself and more of a travelling experience.

    If you have any problems, there are mechanics everywhere to help you out. I was lucky enough only to have 2 flat tires(cost me 80000 dong to repair) and tightened the chain. I rode my Honda win from Hanoi to Sapa then all the way down to HCMC.

    Bought the bike for $450 with spares which i didnt need and a helmet in Hanoi and sold it for $400 in HCMC.

    Be sure to give it a clean and have a mechanic to check over it when you arrive in HCMC or Hanoi. Helps to sell the bike.


    Posted by Rob on 29th May, 2010

  • If you are starting from saigon call Kevin raven He is the biggest stockest of minsks and hondas and an average of 9 customers a week cant be wrong
    He would also like to thank the aussie who ordered 11 bikes and did not turn up , not even a courtesy call . May the flys of a thousand camels infest every orafice on his body

    Posted by johny sac on 29th May, 2010

  • Mr ravens number is +841677418959
    Good luck to ant and felix in the new companyI am sure together the service will be outstanding

    Posted by johny sac on 29th May, 2010

  • Anthony,

    Thanks for putting me in contact with Ben. We had a great day riding around the HCM trail and in the national park.

    Posted by frankief on 31st May, 2010

  • Hi all,
    We have arrived in Sapa after a Great journey from HCMC and unfortunately must now think about selling my MINSK. It was bought from Kevin in HCMC and has served my wife and I well. This bike has taken the two of us From HCMC to Sapa with only a couple set backs, two flat tyres in one day and that was yesteday. I have also had 2nd and Third gears replaced yesterday because it would sometimes go into neutral from 1st to 2nd and I got sick of it. So now she runs better than ever. It has a new more comfortable seat which I had done in Hue.This bike is perfect for two poeple!

    Price $400 for the lot

    Check out some pics here:

    The bike comes with:

    - side racks whick fold up when not in use;
    - a back rack, excellent for attaching a backpack on a day trip;
    - Tool kit- All spanners, tyre pump, multi-grips, pliers, spark plug socket, tyre levers, screw driver. (everthing you need!)
    - Spares - Spare tube, Spark plugs etc.
    - 2 Helmets, bought new, if you need them.
    A test ride is welcome.

    Contact Frank on:(+84)01222730133; or

    Posted by frankief on 31st May, 2010

  • Forgot to add that bike can be seen in Sapa at the moment or in Hanoi from 7th June.


    Posted by frankief on 31st May, 2010

  • I've suspended further comments and deleted a bunch of commercial postings from this story as the thread is getting unwieldy and we don't permit commercial posts.

    If you're a traveller looking to buy or sell a motorbike, then take a look at the Motorbiking in Asia section of the forum. If you're a dealer, read the FAQ in that same section and please don't spam the site.


    Posted by Somtam2000 on 31st May, 2010

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