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  • Forget time at Lupa Masa

    Forget time at Lupa Masa

    Just 15 metres from the Poring National Park boundary in Sabah, East Malaysia, the forest is alive with birds making their early morning ablutions. Resident-volunteer Graham stares into the forest and gestures to me with two fingers from his eyes outwards. "I don't believe you can count a creature unless you've looked into their eyes," he says. That would make my count the morning after the night before at "eco-jungle camp" Lupa Masa four humans (including Graham) and two birds -- one sleeping.

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  • Great places to stay on Langkawi

    Great places to stay on Langkawi

    As Langkawi increases in popularity, accommodation options, from affordable guesthouses through to luxury resorts, have multiplied. Selections are now diverse enough to suit every possible budget as well as personal preference, ranging from a sunny beachside bungalow to a jungle hideaway. Here's a round up of our pick of the bunch, from tiny budget to budget busting and simple through to sophisticated.

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  • Penang or Langkawi?

    Penang or Langkawi?

    You're traipsing through Peninsular Malaysia and have time for just one west coast island and the two most frequently considered are Penang and Langkawi -- but which should it be? In an ideal world we'd say stretch your leave form for another week and visit both, but if you really only have time for one, here's our take on which you should go for.

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  • Penang on less than $15 a day

    Penang on less than $15 a day

    When you’re travelling in Malaysia on a budget, every last ringgit counts. Penang makes a great budget destination as there's plenty of choice when it comes to affordable accommodation, a wide availability of excellent but cheap food, and fantastic culture, architecture and plenty of things to do that won’t cost you a penny. It's perfectly possible to get by on 50 ringgit a day, with a bit of change even left over for an evening beer.

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  • Nightlife in KL

    Nightlife in KL

    Kuala Lumpur has a vibrant nightlife, which may be surprising to some as the city is the capital of a Muslim-majority country. But KL offers something to suit all tastes once the sun dips, from low-key neighbourhood pubs through to cutting-edge clubs. Whatever kind of place rocks your boat, a near-universal feature is how relaxed and friendly everything is. It's refreshingly easy in KL for strangers to become drinking buddies.

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  • Exploring Taman Negara National Park: A walk in the woods

    Exploring Taman Negara National Park: A walk in the woods

    We were within one final hour's stagger of the river bank, at the base of one of Taman Negara's many animal viewing hides, and Guatamalan Santiago glared into the towering trees' canopy. "There's something there but I can't see it!"

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  • 2011 Best places to stay in Kuala Lumpur

    2011 Best places to stay in Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur boasts an abundance of accommodation, from basic hostels through to luxurious hotels. Finding a room you like may not be a particular challenge, but being able to afford it is another matter entirely. Going by hotel rack rates, KL is undoubtedly one of Southeast Asia's most expensive cities to stay in.

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  • Great places to eat in Kuala Lumpur

    Great places to eat in Kuala Lumpur

    KL is one of world's great unsung culinary destinations. You could stay for a year, eat out every night, and still not exhaust the city's supply of superb eateries. What truly impresses about KL's eateries is how high overall standards are, especially places that are popular with locals.

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  • What to do in Penang

    What to do in Penang

    Whether you are in Penang on your way to Thailand or you've just popped out to renew your Thai visa, you're in for a treat as there's a lot more to Penang than just hanging around waiting for a stamp. Penang boils over with culture and history, amazing buildings, great food and good shopping, there are even wildlife treks and cinemas showing the latest movie releases in English too. Whatever of these you fancy you can pack into the time it takes for your Thai visa application to be processed.

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  • Two Borneo highlights

    Two Borneo highlights

    Borneo - the name alone conjures up images of uncharted wilderness and mysteries hidden deep within the jungle. Unlike most of mainland Southeast Asia which was colonised, populated, and developed over the last couple centuries, Borneo proved impenetrable to all but the hardiest tribes people and the most brazen explorers. Much of modern-day Borneo remains largely untouched and unpopulated, making it one of the world's few remaining truly "exotic" destinations. Nature-lovers flock to Borneo for its biodiversity, but the island's physical geography also offers plenty of physical challenges. Read on to get just a taste of what Borneo has to offer to the adventurous traveller.

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