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  • The hidden cost of travel

    The hidden cost of travel

    If you've travelled much further than down to the shops for a pint of milk, you'll know extra costs loom on every corner when you're on the road. You've probably learned, the hard way, that one of those "$1 tickets" never costs just one dollar. So with that in mind, here's our guide to making sure you're aware of some of the hidden costs of travel so you keep to your trip budget.

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  • What does it cost to travel in Asia?

    What does it cost to travel in Asia?

    It seems discussions about the cost of travel are all the rage at the moment, so here's the first part of a series of stories on what it costs to travel around Southeast Asia. In this piece, we'll discuss all the costs you face before you even get out of your home country. Later stories will cover each country individually.

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  • How to manage your money in Asia

    How to manage your money in Asia

    Questions about travel money are among the most popular topics on the Travelfish message board, with people regularly asking about the how's and where's of travel cash. Read on for suggestions about organising your money while on holiday and other money-related tips.

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  • Ten ways to save money when travelling

    Ten ways to save money when travelling

    So you've done the math twenty times but you're still a few hundred dollars short in the budget department. Here's ten ways to save money -- US$1,400 to be exact -- while travelling. Just think how much more you could do, see and experience with that extra $1,400!

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