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Despite what the airlines may tell you, unless you happen to fly at the pointy end of the jet, your seat is simply not designed for sleeping. The seat in front is too close, the armrests cram your style and worst of all, regardless of how much the airline may protest, the thing at the top of the seat is not a headrest.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Comfort Travel PillowYou know the drill -- you end up spending the night in a fitful sleep with your head bobbing and jolting from left to right as you slip in and out of "airplane-sleep-neverland" and you deplane the next mornign feeling like you've already spent 16 hours on a Lao truck bus.

It doesn't need to be this way!

Eagle Creek designs its product lines to make travel easier and more fun and they've well and truly succeeded with their nifty little comfort travel pillow. The pillow fits around your neck and is easily inflated (just two big breaths) and deflated (no breaths required). Once fitted, your head will loll around a lot less and you'll be better positioned for a good night of sleep (unfortunately it doesn't protect you from the kid in the row behind you kicking your seat all night).

Where to buy

For delivery in the US, try Altrec or Amazon with prices in the US$15 - $20 range.

In the UK, the similar Life Fleece Travel Neck Pillow by Life Ventures, is available through Amazon UK and priced at 9.99.

For delivery in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, check out the Stripy Squidgy Travel Neck Pillow which starts at A$19.95

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