Wolverine Camera and Laptop Backpack

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The Wolverine camera and laptop backpack has been designed with wired backpackers in mind. If you're travelling with more electronic equipment than clothes, you'll just love the compartmentalised style of this pack: camera gear here, laptop there, clothes over there. It's all separate and secure -- just how it should be.

Where most trekking packs have a sleeping bag pouch, the Wolverine has a padded lens and camera storage section, with a main section for the camera body and then a selection of smaller padded areas for the lenses and other gizmos like chargers and what not. The zipper-sealed laptop section is also padded and claims to fit up to a 17" laptop, though some reviews make it sound like it can be a pretty tight fit.

Once your laptop and camera gear is all stowed there's still room left for some of your clothes, but, you'll be wanting to travel fairly light -- if you normally travel with your own Egyptian cotton sheets and ten pairs of jeans, then you will need a bigger pack. Another point worth considering, laptops and digital cameras are not built of balsa, so if you fill this pack full of gizmos and gadgets, it will be heavy -- a minority of reviews did mention that the bag gets very heavy, so keep that in mind.

Another point is the pack is noted only as being water resistant -- while that's not PR code for "leaks like a sieve", it does mean if you drop this bag in the Mekong River, chances are you'll have a very wet camera and probably non-functioning laptop. It does come with a waterproofing bag, but even with that on, we'd not recommend chucking this bag into the Mekong.

On the upside, the pack is light (when empty) and it fits within the confines for airline carry-on luggage, so if you loath checking bags, this is a big plus.

Lastly, at this price, the pack is a steal - Amazon.com have it priced south of US$100 which really does represent excellent value.

Where to buy

Amazon.com ship the Wolverine to US addresses only.

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