How not to get listed on Travelfish

It's easy is a free service. We don't charge for listings and, in fact, it costs us a bit of cash to research and write all our listings.

We don't, and never plan to, list everywhere.

That's not enough for some people though, and they embark on a series of approaches that pretty much guarantee they'll never, ever be listed on

Here are some of the ways businesses have either successfully ensured they'll never be read about on Travelfish or managed to get their reviews removed entirely.

There are no second chances. Once we ban you, that's it.

We don't believe in rehab for spammers.

Spam the forum

Despite the forum having sections specifically set up for businesses to add themselves, that isn't enough for some, so they spam the main forum promoting their business. You spam, we ban.

Spam the comments

As you're probably aware, readers are able to comment on places to stay. For some though, this isn't enough, and they enter fake comments talking up their business. The result? The entire listing is removed. Well done.

Spam Travelfish readers by private messaging

The latest tactic dodgy businesses have taken to is spamming readers via the private messaging system. Full points for imagination, bonus banning points.

The bottom line

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