Media coverage of our Travelfish apps

Chieng Fa

An iPhone or iPod may not be the best device - format-wise - to plan your trip on, but as a tool to take with you on the road, they have a lot of advantages. The Travelfish Angkor guide shows just how useful it can be. Chieng Fa Aug 26, 2010.

The Telegraph (UK)

For travellers to Asia, small company Travelfish ( has unrivalled app quality and coverage. Angkor and Siem Reap and Ko Samet are out now, with Saigon coming soon and major cities like Bangkok and Singapore in the second half of the year. The Telegraph (UK) Mar 29, 2010.

This Week in Travel

"This is the best looking iPhone app that I have ever seen, for anything, not just travel." Gary Arndt, speaking on This Week in Travel Feb 18, 2010.


Travelfish has long been one of the most respected resources for travel in Asia. Their site covers Backpacker information for Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Of course, information provided on a web site is great for preparing a trip, but once you are actually on the road, you'll need to find Internet access to get to it. This is where the new Travelfish iPhone app can help. Their first app covers Angkor in Cambodia, and my oh my what an impressive app it is. In fact, as the title describes, I'm so impressed, that I'm calling it "a new benchmark in iPhone travel content". Scott Carmichael, Editor Jan 26, 2010.

The Jakarta Globe

"the application is very sleek and easy to use" Lisa Siregar, The Jakarta Globe Jan 25, 2010.

Indie Travel Podcast

"I think Travelfish's Angkor app is a valuable addition to your travel planning. It's a steal, if you think about the information you get." Craig Martin, Indie Travel Podcast. Jan 20, 2010

Bangkok Post

"Each section has a good range of information with good illustrations making this a highly useful and practical use of up-to-date technology which may be of value to those travelling to Siem Reap and Angkor."
Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post. Jan 20, 2010

Travel Happy

"Forget chunky guidebooks and dog-eared printouts - Travelfish's new Angkor iPhone app provides a slick new way to get the travel info you need to explore Angkor" Chris Mitchell, Travelhappy. Jan 12, 2010

Project Wander

"Travelfish have set the benchmark for travel apps in 2010 for style, usability and content" Graham Robertson, Project Wander. Jan 1, 2010

Heritage Watch

"The Travelfish Angkor iPhone app is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use guides I have come across. It includes maps, temple descriptions, accommodation and restaurant guides and best of all suggestions to make a positive impact during your trip to Cambodia!" Dougald O'Reilly, founder of Heritage Watch Jan 1, 2010.