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Better known as Rabbit Island, Ko Tonsay is a lovely little island about 30 minutes away from Kep by hired boat.

The main beach where the boats anchor is lined with coconut palms, hammocks and lazy chairs, a few dozen huts ($5 a night, shared facilities, $7 if you want a private bathroom) and a handful of fresh seafood joints serving up some outstanding seafood. The seafood is worth a double mention -- it doesn't get fresher than here. When we asked for some crab in garlic and pepper we watched our server wade out into the water and pluck our meal from the crab traps bobbing in the water.

There is no electricity, so at night it is just you, your torch, perhaps a beach bonfire and about a million stars overhead. The rooms are small, so we've had friends who've reported not being able to sleep during dry season due to the heat, but during rainy season, when nights are cooler, you don't need a fan. Avoid going down on weekends, too, since when we last visited, a large group of young Cambodians brought their karaoke machine and blasted pop tunes until wee hours of the morning. Most nights, the quiet is impenetrable, we hear.

There are opportunities for walks to other little bays on the island and the swimming straight off the main beach is excellent. You can hike around the entire island in about three hours.

If you want to get more active, you're on a fishing village island remember, so look into trying to rustle up a fishing trip -- either through the boatman who brought you in the first place, or else through just about anybody else on the island.

When you're heading out of Kep, a return fare on the boat of $20 is payable on the mainland regardless of the number of passengers, so if you're on a budget (or travelling alone) try to rustle up a few people for the trip to split the cost -- boats seat up to eight, though you'll pay a higher proportion of the cost if you ride with all Cambodians.

Overall, if you're after a back to basics island hideaway then you've found it on Ko Tonsay.

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