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Ochheuteal Beach

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It may be difficult to pronounce, but the name certainly hasn't put people off the longest and most popular beach in Sihanoukville. Many actually know Ochheuteal beach as Serendipity, which actually refers to the western patch of sand.

Much of Occheuteal is dedicated to food stalls and small bamboo bars, but the southern stretch is largely deserted, save for a development project, including a golf course, which has seemingly been under construction forever.

While Serendipity has the bulk of the beach hotels and guesthouses, the restaurants and bars stretch for much more of the full length of the beach, with the far end playing host to the on-again off-again joints that offer free accommodation in the low season (you're expected to either eat and drink at the place frequently or help them distribute flyers in return).

Popular with barang and Khmers alike, the weekends are particularly busy with snacking Phnom Penh escapees mingling with backpackers and daytrippers from other beaches.

The seas can get rough here and drownings are not uncommon, so exercise care when swimming — the waves may not look big, but the currents are deceptive. And, without wanting to sound too much like your mother, swimming when under the influence (of whatever) isn't a particularly intelligent thing to do.

Ochheuteal also has more than its fair share of con-men, dodgy moto drivers and other lowlife, so exercise care at night. Staggering down the beach in the early hours of the morning stoned or drunk is not recommended. Rapes, stabbings and muggings have all been reported here, both at the rocky end near Serendipity, but also along the other end of the beach.

Be careful, people! Remember, Cambodia is barely recovering from three decades of war, poverty is desperate and there's a pretty chronic drug scene among Sihanoukville local youth.

Further to the south, over the headland, you'll find the rather tempting Otres Beach.

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Text and/or map last updated on 15th March, 2011.

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