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Gili Meno

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Situated midway between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, Gili Meno is the smallest and least developed of the three Gili islands.

Peanut-shaped, with a brackish seawater lake towards its western coast, this arid island is ringed by a good selection of places to stay and is the most affordable of the three islands.

As with the others, Gili Meno is encircled by a rather pretty white sand beach, and, as with Gili Air, there is some pretty good snorkelling to be had.

While it is the least developed, it still attracts a regular crowd and is especially popular with families attracted by the fairly safe waters and low country vibe — unlike Gili Trawangan there's not much of a Gili Meno clubbing scene!

Gili Meno is also home to a dilapidated bird park which by rights should either be renovated or shut down. The birds that are left, apparently from a former glory day, are kept in a pretty deplorable state. It's sad to see something that in its prime would have been a worthwhile attraction but is now in such a sorry state.

On the subject of dilapidated, in the southwest corner of the island there are two large and abandoned resorts — the Bounty and the Bougainvillea. We were told both were casualties of the aftermath of the Bali bombing and today their shells make for an interesting wander through — it's a bit of a ghost town like experience.

There are no ATMs on Gili Meno, though money can be exchanged at a couple of agents in the main village. They also advertise cash advance services.

There is a small internet cafe in the village and Mallias Child offers WiFi on a pay by the hour basis.

The pier is just to the north of the village and most boats arrive at the boat landing at the village. From there most places are within easy walking distance, through a walk to the far north of the island will take about 30 minutes without too many bags.

Transport is only by cidomo, or horse and cart — as with all the Gilis, you won't find any motorised vehicles.

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