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Haad Kai Mook

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Centrally located just south of Haad Sai Khao and north of Chai Chet, Haad Khai Mook means "Pearl Beach" in Thai. With a little imagination, the fist-sized grey stones that make up most of the "beach" look just like strings of pearls. Well, not really, but it sounds better than "rock beach."

The advantages of staying here are a quiet atmosphere, decent snorkeling and a handful of intimate boutique resorts with far more style than you'll find up on Haad Sai Khao.

As any seasoned beach goer knows, there are pros and cons to not having sand, but one of the big advantages here is the improved offshore snorkelling. It's actually not half bad -- especially when compare to White Sand Beach. The lack of sand also makes for more reasonable accommodation costs, meaning you could easily stay here while commuting to other (more expensive) beaches.

Despite the almost total lack of sand (to be fair, Remark Cottage has a tiny sandy beach), Pearl Beach's coastline remains quiet and picturesque. Some very romantic places to stay make it a fine choice for couples looking to enjoy each other rather than hundreds of partying tourists, but you'll probably want a scooter as the immediate area offers little beyond Ko Chang's largest supermarket and a good used bookshop.

Another under-appreciated facet of Kai Mook is the eating -- there's some especially fine eating here that needn't cost the earth. One of the island's most romantic dining experiences is offered by Saffron on the Sea, which serves outstanding Thai cuisine on a tranquil seaside deck. Another good choice for a dinner date is Invito al Cibo, an Italian-Thai restaurant known for Italian desserts and great views from its hillside terrace near Koh Chang Hut Resort. Most of the beach resorts offer nightly seafood barbecues, though prices are higher than in other parts of the island.

If looking for a quality sandy beach and/or raging nightlife scene, you're in the wrong place.

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Text and/or map last updated on 22nd November, 2015.

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