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Ban Huay Kon

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The small village of Ban Huay Kon is the closest point to the Ban Huay Kon / Muang Ngoen border crossing between Thailand and Laos. Aside from the border crossing, there is a border market which runs every Saturday morning -- but that's about where the "attractions" end.

Aside from the border crossing, there is little reason to visit here aside from the stunning scenery, although if you want to hang out in a isolated village, then this is a fine choice.

Basic food is available in the village as is accommodation, on the hill overlooking the village.

We've heard, second hand, of an independent crossing at this border in early May 2008, but it's unclear if the crossing was truly independent, or part of a semi-organised trip out of Chiang Mai. At the moment, it's safe to say the border crossings status for independent travellers is unclear.

That said, should the crossing open fully, it will open up a terrific new route for travel into Laos.

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This is one of the most remote places we've visited in Thailand. It's one of those "the joy is in the getting there" type of places as aside from setting down for the night, there's little in the way of typical things to do.

A weekend market up at the border might be of interest, but we've always found border markets to be disappointing unles you're in the market for cheap ciggies or a new toilet seat.

The most intrepid and determined travellers, who can probably speak a little Thai or Lao, might be able to scope out some freelance possibilities for trekking in the surrounds, but we'd imagine this would be a very rough and ready experience -- perhaps just what you're looking for.

Thinking of crossing the border? We've heard mixed reports about how easy it is. Ask around and if you do manage to cross, do let us know!

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Text and/or map last updated on 11th August, 2009.

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