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Ao Khlong Jak

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A gorgeous small bay towards the southern end of Ko Lanta, Khlong Jak features steep rocky headlands covered in tropical forest and a fresh stream running down to the middle of the beach. The bay is south of Ao Kantiang and just north of Ao Mai Pai, making it the second last beach along this coast of Lanta.

The beach is simply superb for swimming, free of rocks and with deep blue waters. We reckon it is probably the best beach on Ko Lanta.

Khlong Jak is definitely one of Lanta's better places to stay, too. The vibe is more relaxed and hippy than the touristy beaches which have more of a party feel. Here, more than most places on Lanta, you'll find that you get what you pay for.

Off the beach, following the stream past the road and into the jungle, you’ll find a waterfall originally named Khlong Jak. It is a fair walk up to the falls, taking a couple of hours there and back. The waterfall isn't one of Thailand's best, but it is Lanta's finest. It is far more impressive during the wet season from July to October, as in the dry season it dries to just barely a trickle and can disappoint. Signs along the main road point the way, so there's little risk of getting lost, but you can ask for a sketch map from your resort to play it safe.

Khlong Jak used to be home to only Waterfall Bay Resort, which has reinvented itself as the Andalanta Resort. These days a few other players are now on the bay. Last Beach Resort, which has moved north from its old home on Ao Mai Pai, is about the pick of the budget bunch, although it has only two huts, so booking ahead is advised.

The road starts to become a dirt track as you approach Khlong Jak, so be wary if you're coming by bike. If you're not staying in a resort here, it's still a wonderful beach to visit. The dreadlocked barman at Sunset Bar to the south can occasionally be raised from his slumber to serve you drinks.

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Text and/or map last updated on 30th October, 2013.

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