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Haad Khlong Nin

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Running south after Haad Khlong Khong, Khlong Nin beach is roughly in the centre of Lanta and has a long white-sand beach and good collection of bungalow options from backpacker to midrange.

To the north of the beach, just where the main road turns inland, a small river empties out to the sea. The river splits Khlong Nin into two parts, a small northern segment, called Khlong Toab, and the far longer southern stretch which forms Khlong Nin. In bad weather and after heavy rain, you don't want to be swimming too close to where this empties out.

The small northern section has a few smart resorts wedged in together. As a result of this concentration of hotels, quite a few shops, travel agents and stores are set up around here.

The southern part is a more spread out affair, with bungalows and resorts dotted along its length. While it is hardly crowded, the centre of the southern stretch is fairly built out.

The better swimming at Khlong Nin is to the north, where fewer rocky patches will get in the way of your frolicking, though it is all pretty reasonable. The beach is notable for its huge umbrella trees (bai toey), which Ko Lanta as a whole is famous for.

Khlong Nin has a lively feel to it, with plenty of locals doing business and even more tourists wandering around. This is also the part of the island where there's the turn-off on the road that gives access to the eastern side.

Grazing wise, the beach has no shortage of bars and you'll also find a fair range of beachside restaurants, with more available off the main beach. Somewhat rocky Khlong Toab has a couple of midrange resorts, but little else.

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